Monday, May 30, 2005

NY BILLIONAIRE Tilts at Windmills

Denmark's largest windfarm in Horns Rev

The Culture of Life News has talked about this before, the inability of people understanding exactly what the Hubbert Oil Peak really means. It doesn't mean that we can use fossil fuels if we want, it means we will be in a desperate race against time to retrofit our fuel hungry culture so that we can survive the downside of the great fossil fuel collapse.

This isn't a choice issue, it is which desperate measures will we use? And how quickly shall we use them?

NY State joined other states like like Colorado encouraging renewable energy systems:
A policy was adopted last year by Gov. George Pataki and the state Public Service Commission requiring 24 percent of New York's electricity to be generated by renewable resources by 2013. With dozens of wind-power projects already in the planning stages, some industry experts estimate that western New York could be home to more than a thousand turbines over the next several years, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reported Sunday.

Already, residents in Steuben, Yates and Livingston counties are tangled in battles over proposed wind farms there.
Into this steps yet another self centered billionaire, Mr. Golisano.
Golisano, the founder of the payroll processing company Paychex Inc., told the newspaper that while he's not opposed to wind power, he's concerned the massive turbines could essentially alter upstate's landscape in scenic areas such as the Finger Lakes.

"I'm very concerned about what it's going to do to a beautiful place of the state and the country," said Golisano, who owns the Buffalo Sabres.
Well, I think sports stadiums are a blight on the landscape! Yet billionaires seem addicted to erecting these things all over kingdom come! I have seen wind generators stopped all over the NE thanks to rich people whining about the landscape. If anyone looks at photos of wind farms especially the sea ward ones, they are nearly invisible. compare this with photos of conventional energy generators:
cDirty, ugly, squat, dangerous for all living things, coal burning plant that is also causing global warming....and we worry about esthetics? Maybe it is because these monstrosities are all in poor neighborhoods?
c And what about the blight of coal mining? One of the world's most dangerous jobs is coal mining. How many people die, get sick with black lung, suffocate, mining coal? And the landscape! The mountains of West Virginia: coal mining or wind mills? Which are worse (this is not a quiz, this is sarcasm)?

Billionaires don't care about this. They do care about what matters to themselves and they will destroy us all in order to pamper themselves. It is nearly impossible to get Americans to understand they have limited choices and really limited time to make changes. To have multi billionaires using their money and power to twart reality and to market lies is really aggrevating. I am very happy NY state has decided to do something sane. We all can only hope they don't get steamrollered by a spoiled rich man.