Monday, June 27, 2005



Even as total defeat stares us in the face, Bush bashes the drums of war to egg us all on into a battle with the other half of the Axis of Evil---pay no attention to North Korea, it was tacked on as an afterthought--Iran. After meddling in Iran's internal affairs by openly supporting the liberals there, killing their chances of victory, Bush and the neo conmen working for him celebrated the fact that a far right winger is now running things in Iran.

Time for more war!

Only fly in the disappointment is the sad reality we have no military for invading even Grenada much less hyper armed hyper angry and hyper insane Iran. These are people who run down the street hitting themselves with chains! A thorn in the side of the Sunni Muslims since nearly day one when their founding leader was defeated in bloody battle, the Shi'ites are relentless and strong willed.

This is why they allowed us to invade Iraq. They knew we would get bogged down in Badgad and they knew they would land a great plum: the southern half of the country. And with that, will be the greatest power in the Muslim world in a mere ten years.


From the Islamic Republic News:
At the current rate of production, Iran's oil reserves will outlive those of Saudi Arabia, even though the kingdom's official reserves are nearly twice those of Tehran's, according to the London-based Economist magazine.

Using BP's latest Statistical Review of World Energy, the weekly calculated that Iran's proven oil reserves of 132.5 billion barrels at the end of 2004 will not be exhausted for another 89 years using last year's rate of production. In comparison, Saudi Arabia's 262.7 bn barrels, which represent 22 per cent of the world's official oil reserves, would last for only 68 years.

The reserves of Iraq, Kuwait and the UAE, which are respectively placed third, fourth and fifth behind Saudi Arabia and Iran, were estimated to be able to continue 2004's rate for production for over 100 years each.

Among Iran's other neighbouring states, none were calculated as being able to produce oil longer, with Kazakhstan's reserves expected to be exhausted in 84 years, Azerbaijan's in 60, Qatar in 42 and Oman in 19.

Based on BP's figures, the US will be only able to produce oil for another 11 years, Canada for 15, Russia for 21 and Norway for 8 years. The UK was not listed but production has been declining since 1999 and it is expected soon to become a net importer of oil.
Getting accurate data concerning oil reserves is nearly impossible. So how can you tell what is going on?

Well, the pumpers of wells have to feed information to the refineries and we now know Russia is going to be injecting water into 100% of their wells in a mere five years or less. This means, they are truly 1/2 way done with pumping the oil. It is all downhill from then on. Saudi Arabia is pumping water now at a pretty ferocious rate. The world's oldest continuing pumping field is past its prime and in full decline now.

But Iran, thanks to the long war with Iraq, has plenty of oil in the ground. Like Iraq, the boycott of Iranian oil by the USA, the world's major consumer of oil, has caused much of the oil in southern Iraq and Iran to sit idle meaning when the Saudis slide down the Hubbert Oil Peak chute, the Shi'ites will be holding the fate of the world hostage thus the neoconmen's rush to attack before they can consolidate power.

The Chinese have trumped this little scheme and the successful destruction of American power in Bagdad has been the coup de grace here, we got knocked on the side of the head, but good. Price of oil is now over $60 a barrel. Us nay sayers on the web were right when we jeered Bush and main stream media prognostrications that oil would be dirt cheap by this summer.

From the BBC:

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said earlier the union saw no reason to change its policy towards Tehran.

UN inspectors were at work in Iran on Monday, Iranian officials said. The International Atomic Energy Agency would neither confirm nor deny the claim, saying it did not comment on where its inspectors were at work at any given moment.

Mr Solana said Germany, France and Britain's effort to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons would continue. "We don't have any reason to change at this time," he told reporters.

President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced Iran will continue pursuing a peaceful nuclear programme.

On Sunday, a spokesman for Mr Solana was reported as saying that it was "to soon to say" what would happen next. "For EU-Iran relations to reach their full potential, progress is necessary on a number of issues, including human rights, non-proliferation, counter-terrorism and the Middle East process," he added.
Europe needs Iran's oil. They need Iran's oil very much when Saudi Arabia finally goes into the pit of no oil. So they want friendly relations with Iran. There is no reason why they cannot have this. Even a nuclear Iran doesn't harm Europe, indeed, privately, the Europeans probably hope they do get nukes soon so the American destructo machine can't grind them down, too, like Iraq.

From Itar-Tass, Russia:

A strong fire broke out near Yusufiya south of Baghdad on Saturday. Iraqi militants committed an act of diversion on the oil pipeline that supplies crude to the oil refinery in Al-Dorah, a Baghdad suburb. Firefighters are fighting the blaze, a governmental source in Baghdad said.

Police detained 20 Iraqis in neighbouring settlements. They are suspected of involvement in the armed resistance movement and complicity in the blast.

The damage inflicted to the Iraqi oil industry in 2004 as a result of over 250 acts of diversion is estimated at 12 billion dollars. Despite of urnget measures taken by Ibrahim al-Jaafari’s government to step up security at Iraqi strategic economic facilities their security, particularly of oil pipelines cannot be provided.
Every day, the outraged Iraqis blow up the pipes being used to steal their oil. It costs us a billion a week and the deaths of many Holly Charettes to keep this bloody oil flowing and the battle rages. Europe notices this and wish heartily we would stop using this hamfisted method to "secure" oil resources for our gaping maws.

And again, there is China. China will not extract us from Bagdad. They love it that we are in Bagdad and it is killing us. And they love the fact that we are now hopeless and helpless and have to come to Beijing, hat in hand, begging at the gates of the Forbidden City.