Thursday, July 28, 2005


Congressional pigs flying high today

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Today the energy bill that was launched with big hooplah is finally oozing across the end zone and will be happily signed by our dictator, Bush, despite his collapsing popularity, there are no enraged mobs storming his fortress of solitude in DC. So he will cut more taxes for the oil barons, give more goodies to the oil barons and laugh his way to the bank yet again.

From the Washington Post
Congressional negotiators completed work yesterday on a $14.5 billion package of tax breaks as part of a major energy bill that provides far less support for alternative energy and efficiency than many lawmakers had urged.

The tax package -- negotiated behind closed doors by lawmakers -- would award 58 percentof the total benefit over 10 years to traditional energy industries, including oil, natural gas, coal, electric utilities and nuclear power. About 36 percent of the total would go for renewable sources of energy, energy efficiency and cleaner-burning vehicles. The Senate had sought considerably more in tax incentives for conservation and alternative sources of energy in its version of the energy bill approved last month.
OK. Enlighten me, everyone. Why do the oil companies need tax breaks?

Crickets chirping.

Obviously, they don't. Record profits, record amounts of loot. The money is pouring in! They are suffering from a tidalwave of money pouring in from all over America as people turn their pockets inside out to pay for oil! And they need tax breaks?

Give me a break.
The Bush administration had sought a $6.7 billion tax package, but the Joint Committee on Taxation said the 10-year net cost would be $11.5 billion. The bill would generate an estimated $3 billion in revenue to partly offset the $14.5 billion in tax breaks.

Despite the costs, White House spokeswoman Dana M. Perino said President Bush supports the energy bill, which he has sought passage of since he took office in 2001. "While we may not agree with every last detail, this is a really good bill that's good for consumers, good for business and good for the environment," Perino said.
Good for what environment?

Oh, I forgot. The great battle between the Empire of the Roaches and us. Bush and Cheney know their people well, don't they? This is why the air is nearly unbreathable in summer unless we get wind coming out of Siberia and Canada which is clean, still. When the air moves up from the bulk of the USA, gack. Choke.

Cockroaches don't need much oxygen. They have lived here on our planet for hundreds of millions of years.

Cockroaches don't give a fig about taxes but their human allies hate paying taxes and this is why America is going bankrupt. Our rulers and their buddies want tax cuts even though these same clowns have pushed us into an oil war that we can't afford. The bill for that baby is heading towards the trillions.

This stupid bill gives tax breaks to people making "energy efficient" buildings without defining what this is. A glass tower is, by definition, not energy efficent on any scale but you can bet, they will get the tax cuts. Poor people get nothing. They don't pay enough in taxes to be helped and this is all Federal taxes, not property taxes. Heavens, if they gave tax breaks for energy efficient houses that came out of the property tax, my bill would be around zero!

You will never ever see that, I guarantee you.
The measure would allow utilities less time to deduct the cost of natural gas distribution lines that connect homes and neighborhoods. The industry said the measure would encourage more rapid expansion of pipelines to newly built communities and the replacement of lines that are aging.
This one item alone shows how insane the bill is. Giving a tax cut so gas companies can build more gas lines to "newly built communities" which are the notorious McMansions popping up all over farmland in America? What a ridiculous thing.

The logic of the Hubbert Oil Peak applies to natural gas. It, too, is going to run out. When it does, all those pipes will be worthless. This doesn't address the matter of building houses that are energy efficient and comfortable and useful. Not one of these houses will be built with an eye to the sun, the wind or the temperatures. They will be built, helter skelter, facing all directions, the windows randomly set. Insane.

Like the same bill won't change CAFE standards, either. Try finding a Geo Metro that gets 50+miles to the gallon like my gallant little car did for almost 200,000 miles. You can't. No car does this. Even if you want milage, it ain't there no more.
In an effort to encourage the expansion of the electrical grid, the bill would allow more rapid depreciation of assets used in the transmission and distribution of electricity.
To the bitter end, one stupid provision after another. This bill will go down in history as an example of stupidity and craven lust. Since when do we need to "extend the electrical grid"? Huh?

Oh yes, those McMansions again. As our exurbs balloon with the mad housing bubble, they need roads, gas lines and electrical lines since virtually no new houses are being built with solar arrays or anything. So the energy companies want us to foot this bill for them, too. This drives down the overhead for expanding our suburbs.

Which is the exact opposite of what we should be doing.

Instead, we are seeing these same men and women kill Amtrak. We are doomed.

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