Tuesday, August 30, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Unlike the previous hurricane where the media studiously ignored spectacular pictures of oil drilling rig failures, this time they couldn't stop the photo showing this huge rig wedged under a high bridge.

All the oil dealers saw it and went crazy and now the price of oil is way way up and it is going to climb and climb because transportation of all sorts is dead in the water in the Mississippi lowlands and this means no oil or gas production, PERIOD.

The reverberations from this will be immense this winter. We will be short of winter oil and possibly even natural gas!

More: we don't know the status of the oil rigs in the Gulf but this picture shows clearly, we will be lucky if half are useable. The multilevel mess here is hard to minimize. This hurricane struck in the heart of our fuel systems. We have systems in New Jersey and in Texas and in California but guess what?

What if, as I fully expect in the next two years, California has its big blow? You know, the blow out of the earth's crust. Already, our economy is teetering on the edge of disaster and unlike the Florida hurricanes which messed with some vegetable harvests and tourism, this one hit a major industrial city complex that sustains our entire economy! The connection between New Orleans and Chicago has been intimate and huge since La Salle. The entire Civil War was over this river for the northern states could do just fine if they controlled the Mississippi river! So they had to fight the states that left the union simply because this was literally life and death for Chicago and its surrounding region.

And guess where Lincoln hailed from?

The headwaters of the Mississippi river.

This is also why the economy of the entire Mississippi basin went into a severe tail spin during the Great Flood and the bankruptcies from that flood took down one bank after another. This was like a small hole in a very big ship. It takes a while for the Titanic to sink!

Last election (sic) we were promised oil would halve in price. Many voters in red areas which are mostly rural or exurban, believed this utter lie and trooped to the polls to support their executioner. Then they waited happily for the oil to drop in price now that Bush controlled all levels of the government. Their bitter dissappointment is showing up in the polls now. After this hurricane, Bush is toast. He is at a vacation resort, talking about crap while New Orleans drowns!

But then, I am not President. Even though my ability to predict the future is very high, people don't want to take the measures we must all take to prevent this sort of mess.

New Orleans isn't habitable. A million people have to be cared for, a long time. Not one week. The flooding will continue until it ends and the last Great Flood went for months. There are more hurricanes waiting down the line in the Atlantic....Mother Nature isn't through with us, not at all.

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