Friday, August 19, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

There has always been a direct connection between high oil prices and war in the Middle East. No matter who or why the war is for or about, this always causes oil prices to climb for obvious reasons. When Bush and the Texas oilmen conspired with Blair to start a totally uncalled for and obviously illegal war so they could steal oil and control OPEC, one of the unspoken in public but touted loudly by extention in the media before the war was that oil would become very cheap again as it was when Russia entered the international oil markets and blew out the price supports of OPEC.

The gamble was a swift victory and happy Iraqis handing over the oil without question. This premise turned out to be wishful thinking. A rule of war is, once launched, it stops when it wants to stop not when one wishes it could stop.

So, as the price of fuels skyrocket, first the rulers lied to us and said, there is no inflation. Then as inflation began to set in selectively, they claimed that it was only a few sectors, in food and fuel and transport. No worry. Then the fire of inflation destroyed the value of manufactured goods and the rulers yelled that this is great! No one gets to make a profit and everything sold at fire sale prices means no inflation! Whoopee.

As the destruction continues apace, they said each month, the price of oil would drop. And besides, if you play tricky fiscal manipulation games, the price of oil during the last two major wars in the Middle East were higher, adjusted etc. The horrible fact that the price rises in the past affected only oil unlike today with all the privatization of all energy systems, any time now that the price of oil goes up, all other energy sources rise instantly the same degree amplifying the effects, is not mentioned for some odd and obviously infuriating reason.

And the price isn't going down. From the BBC, of course:
fEcuador's state oil company says it is suspending crude oil exports following five days of protests in two provinces that have slashed production.
Hundreds of demonstrators in Sucumbios and Orellana have occupied oil installations and airports.

They want more of the country's oil money to be spent on infrastructure and new jobs. Ecuador is the fifth biggest oil producer in South America.

The government has declared a state of emergency in the region.
Iron clad rule in American media: thou shalt not ever talk about South or Central American news except if the spooks in Washington want to run fake stories---holds steady as all the American media ignores this news that directly impacts on all of us!

From the Washington Post:
President Bush and members of Congress are facing an uncomfortable political reality this summer: They have little to offer Americans to ease their pain at the pump.

With gasoline prices nearing or topping $3 per gallon in some cities, Bush and lawmakers would be thrilled to call for steps big and small to quickly take the pressure off motorists financially -- and themselves politically. The president's advisers cite high gasoline prices as one reason for Bush's sagging approval ratings, while lawmakers home for the August break are feeling the heat from anxious constituents.

But the prices are an economic and political problem for which Washington has few, if any, policy remedies that would be effective or practical in the near term, according to many energy experts and elected officials.
Time to replace these helpless, stupid numskulls! Of course, the media can't teach people anything since they refuse to cover the real news in America so voters vote for idiots because everyone has been dumbed down. Here is my Senator, Schumer:
Sen. Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.) is one of several Democrats who support releasing oil from the U.S. strategic petroleum reserve. He warned this week that the soaring prices are "taking money out of the hands of working families." The idea is to pour U.S. oil into the world market to push down prices. But energy analysts warn that this move would draw down reserves whose stated purpose is to protect national security, not to manipulate prices. In any event, they note, the price drop would be uncertain and would perhaps amount to as little as a few cents per gallon.

"Gas prices are clearly reaching a level where it's a political problem for people," said Daniel Yergin, chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Associates, but "unless you empty [the reserve], it is a very temporary expedient. It does not affect the basic supply-and-demand problem."
Tapping the oil reserve might help but I remember my Senators voting for the damn war and this is the root cause of the price hikes. And the war is spreading not contracting.

From the BBC:
At least one missile has been fired at a US Navy ship docked in the Jordanian port of Aqaba, officials said.
The rocket missed the USS Ashland, but hit a nearby warehouse killing one Jordanian soldier and injuring another.

In a second attack minutes later another missile, also launched from Jordanian soil, was fired at an airport in Eilat, in neighbouring Israel.Israeli and Jordanian authorities are working together to track down the unknown assailants.
The puppet governments in all the Middle East do our bidding and the more they work with Israel the worse it gets with their own very angry population. Saudi Arabia, a very harsh, right wing police state, a totalitarian state, claims they killed the head of al Qaeda two days ago. Well, this Hydra simply grows new heads as the unhappy population struggles with their despotic rulers.

Of course, this struggle is despot vs despot. No happy ending in sight. But it is part of the great fire that is consuming this most explosive region on earth, literally and metaphorically explosive.

From a Wisconsin TV station:
Three Republican lawmakers say Wisconsinites deserve a gas tax holiday for the rest of the year.
It would cut pump prices by 15 cents a gallon and take $170 million out of the state budget.
The legislators want to cut the 30 cent-a-gallon tax in half from Sept. 1 and Dec. 31. They figure it will save about $100 on average for a family with two cars.
Regular unleaded prices hit an average $2.64 a gallon in Wisconsin on Wednesday, up from $1.94 a year ago.
Rep. Robin Vos, Pat Strachota and Don Pridemore want the governor to call the Legislature into special session to approve their plan.
The lawmakers said funding shortfall would be covered by $181 million that would accumulate in the transportation fund over the next two years.
Smart move. Destroy the highway funds so you can't fix roads and bridges! That will be great. Lots of gas and no roads. Other desperate measures will be suggested, that I know. Like extending gambling even more so gamblers can pay for everything. Great.

Back to the WP article:
Lawmakers also cannot easily suspend or reduce the 18.4-cent-per-gallon federal tax on gasoline. That money goes straight into a trust fund for covering highway and mass-transit upgrades. When gas prices climbed in the 1990s, some Republicans were quick to call for lowering the tax. This time, however, Congress has boxed itself in by passing the largest-ever transportation bill just before leaving for the August recess.
Yup. As I and many others pointed out, the highway robbery bill is a big, fat porker of a pig, just what we don't need now. The dessication of Amtrak continues while throwing all our money and efforts into extending the inefficient highway systems is just another sign of the raging insanity that possesses us today.

Five years ago, higher CAFE standards for vehicles was suggested in Congress and both parties screamed like banshees. As well as deluded Americans who thought the world was a big bag of oil we could tap forever (bad analogy, empty bags collapse!). We cut support for alternative energy systems, we cut everything. As I noted just two days ago, the hysteria over a 4.7 cent tax hike in gas taxes to pay for future systems was screamed down by a chorus of hysterical ninnies claiming it would kill commerce and the economy back when gas was retailing for just 95 cents a gallon.
Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) and others say Bush should take a harder line with Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing nations, and demand that they release more oil and help push down the price of oil, which hit a record $66 per barrel this week. But skeptics say that approach has not worked in the past. "We have to realize they have the oil, and it's a seller's market," Beauprez said.
Heh. Taking hard lines with our owners is stupid. The Chinese, Japanese and Saudis own our asses. They are our new bosses. We can squirm and scream but note that it is all fake since they own our politicians! Look at the yuan garbage. Everyone, everyone was screaming about it then the Chinese manipulated it by 2.1% and now all the professional screamers shut up and the news media went on to new topics, equally stupid.

I noted here that there was little sane analysis of the currency manipulations because our rulers don't want us to have a clue about this subject. This is how they make the most money with the least effort and they control the currency values so they can make 100% profitable bets on a daily basis without blushing with shame. They don't want us to know how they milk the currencies of the world to make them rich and us, slaves.
Bush, who signed into law a new energy policy earlier this year, has told audiences that the measure will not pull down prices now, but will set the stage for the United States to rely less on foreign oil in the future and more on domestically produced alternative fuels and on hybrid vehicles.
The energy bill does none of that. The support for alternative fuels is crap. The hybrid vehicle stuff, useless in the long run. The energy bill is stuffed with junk subsidizing extending exurbia which votes for It makes us more fossil fuel dependent, extending gas lines, for example, even though gas is reaching its Hubbert Oil Peak right now in America and is already in decline in Canada.

Soon enough, the Canadians will panic and decide to cut us off to preserve some fossil fuel for themselves in the future.

Meanwhile, we plan to drill in the last resorts for oil, we will eat up the very last of our seed corn for the future. We plan to leave not one drop of oil for our great grandchildren.

The Real Dark Ages will be very unpleasant for them. This ticks me off.

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