Friday, August 26, 2005


Picture on left courtesy of Earl Bockenfeld

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As oil prices climbed to nearly seventy dollars this week, unrest grows. At one gas station, a self-centered man decided to become a criminal so he tried to steal the gas, his feeling of entitlement, I suppose. When the station owner ran out to stop him, he ran him over, killing him. This story is a metaphor for America.

For we are running over a lot of people in our quest to secure oil.

This week's other story about Robertson suggesting we murder the duly elected leader of Venezuela simply because he interfers with the oil company's dominance of that country, is another sign of how mental illness is destroying American minds thanks to the Hubbert Oil Peak. The other photo here is about an anti-oil company, anti-Bush demonstration in LA hosted by a hip hop star. Of course, he wants cheap energy. And the right to be very fat. And drive all over the place, mindlessly.

This lust is a problem.

A million spoiled enfants, Americans are taking their rage out on the employees working at low wages for the oil companies. This rage will be directed towards the GOP which is why various articles in the news fret about this. Unfortunately, the realistic solution, to retrofit our country so it can survive the really deadly downslope of the Hubbert Oil Peak, isn't popular. Nor will it ever be popular. Even as everyone complains about the high cost of fuel, very few are changing anything at all. So the true weight of all this is like a feather balanced on the scales of desire. Obviously, despite the pain, we want to gain.

Just yesterday there was this news story about a very obese woman who was angry with her doctor because he told her very forcefully that her gluttony was going to kill her. Her feelings were so hurt, she filed a complaint about him and he was disciplined by the board that controls doctor's licenses. She didn't want to be told bad news, she wanted to be catered to.

This childish attitude about reality is where things can go off the rails hugely.
King Henry VIII was part of a new movement in politics in his time: the absolute monarch who could defy even the Church and create anything he wanted and he wanted to slough off an undesirable wife and so he started his own religion. He killed more than one wife in his quest for the perfect spouse and he ate like a pig, feeling that there should be no limit to anything he desired.

As his body deteriorated, he suffered from dietary diseases and was increasingly enraged and murderous as reality closed in on him. When his bloated, monstrous remains collapsed, his country was on the verge of collapse. After many struggles, his daughter, Elizabeth I, took over. She was a strict eater because of her loathing of what happened before but she was very vain and her vanities put England into serious trouble repeatedly (refusing to marry was at the top of the list). Her reign was glorious but vain. Everything fell apart upon her death.

The world isn't limitless and the price we pay for our appetites can be severe or even fatal. The recent energy bill passed by the lunatics running this nation was one big fat, vain, ugly exercise in childish denial. It made things significantly worse. One of the things Americans could do to recapture all our money that is flowing out of our pockets now is to tax oil companies heavily.

Instead, we cut their taxes even more!

So all our wealth will slither into the oil companies' hands and they will use it to drive us all into madcap wars as they use American lusts and vain delusions to whip us into neo-fascist wars of conquest to give them control of all the world's remaining oil. They will do this as cheaply as possible, note how they still won't bother with giving our troops armor! This isn't accidental, it is deliberate.

They want us dead, in the end. This is why Cindy Sheehan's quest in Texas, the heart of the oil/ruler conspiracies, troubles them so greatly. They need to direct American anger to the targets they choose and the Antiholy Wars that are raging are a side issue because they also want to kill Christians in Venezuela (and Mexico and Canada!) if this is needed in order to control world oil.

In other words, we took over OPEC or rather, the Saudis and Bush have conspired to change America into the OPEC strong arm enforcer. The entire world is mad at us for this. This is why we are increasingly unpopular. We parade our gluttony and vanity by the mere fact that we are growing huge, massive, our massive cars aren't disappearing, we cling to them just like we cling to our lust to eat nonstop. We don't want any limits.

This week, Chuck Hagel, a Republican Senator who wants to be President, talked about changing our approach to oil by conserving and using alternative energy systems. Unlike me, when I talk about this, I am bracing and full of confidence, and I tell everyone, change isn't bad for us! It will probably save us from ourselves!--he looked scared. Like he was giving us medicine without the sugar.

Well, we don't need sugar. We need the bracing effects of a dash of bitter medicine. It won't hurt!

Hagel won't go far with this. He can't ask for belt tightening when the very rich want to lord it over us. Like Queen Elizabeth's successor who wanted to ape his family's bad habits, the reaction can be severe. This is what the Puritan ethos was all about! The commoners chopped off the head of the king! The English went on to create an empire and was able to go back to wild spending, unfettered appetites which still run strong today in the royal family. Despite the death of the empire, they live as if they rule the earth, which they do, via the American oil companies. Like the Saudi royals.

Limits are coming! The earth isn't a ball of oil!

When the limits come, it won't be pretty. I expect American lust and gluttony to drive us to use nuclear weapons to reduce competition and gain power over resources. The desire to pull that trigger to get what we want, the outlaw ethos, is very strong and will grow stronger.

The greatest temptation is always the powerful abusing the weak. Ask any child molestor.

Ask any ruler.

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