Friday, November 04, 2005

Abiotic Oil Is Idiotic as Intelligent Design


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like the Easter Bunny or Santy Claus, bizarre wishful thinking keeps on trucking. The most recent example of this is the whole "Abiotic Oil" idiocy.

From the WorldNetDaily:
In a dynamic debate regarding the origins of oil, best-selling author of "Black Gold Stranglehold: The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil," Craig Smith, told CNBC's "Squawk Box" yesterday: "We can get all the oil we need for dozens, if not hundreds of years to come."

Debating peak oil vs. deep oil perspectives, Smith went head-to-head with Matthew Simmons, author of "Twilight in the Desert" on the cable news outlet's program. Smith, CEO of Swiss America Trading Company, contends that oil is not a fossil fuel. Rather, he believes it is being producing deep within the earth and is brought to attainable depths by centrifugal forces of the earth's rotation. In contrast, Simmons argues that oil is a finite resource and that Saudi Arabian oil supplies are dwindling, putting the world in a possible economic and political crisis.
One can pretend fossil fuels are really magical ooze that just happens to appear and unlike any other form of wet stuff, it burns! Magma burns when volcanoes erupt so the wishful thinking of these people is, why not have oil come the same way? Just bubbling out of the earth, just ignore the carbon chains that is what makes oil burn. These same clowns are the people who ignore 99% of all scientific data about how all us living things are interrelated and evolved over immense time frames. Nope, according to these chidlish minds, we magically appeared suddenly 6,000 years ago and all living things were capriciously created out of nothingness by a busybody god that had fits of irritation.

One can see why people fall for such schemes. Being a responsible resident on planet earth means interacting with nature in a sensible way, not devouring all planetary resources like some giant out of control squid! These fantasies are dangerous for they signal to these people that it is OK to behave irresponsibly. And we are seeing already the beginnings of the Great Die Off, namely, many species including our remaining nearest relatives, the Great Apes, are on the ropes and many just might not make it and become extinct.
"Black Gold Stranglehold" advances the argument that technology and education are needed to increase production and exploration efforts.

"The problem is," according to Smith, "if you believe that we are getting oil from decaying dinosaurs and debris from the forests then obviously there's only a finite supply. We don't embrace that. We believe that the earth is creating oil as we speak and that with technological advances and the ability to put human resources together with natural resources, and the wonderful capital markets we have here in America, we can get all the oil we need for dozens, if not hundreds of years to come."
The real oil that really exists will last for dozens of years if we don't keep abusing it by wasting it, a very unlikely prospect. If we keep sucking it up in greater and greater amounts, no, this won't go on for hundreds of years. Nor dozens, for that matter.

Earth no longer creates the vast amount of undigested organic matter which it made millions of years ago. There are several reasons for this. One is, a younger earth was a much warmer earth and the atmosphere was quite different from today's. There was no grass, for example. Grass evolved after the dinosaurs died off, for the most part. The mammalian era is all about eating or exploiting grass and the biggest feature of this era is the great plains and savannahs which are long stretches of grass that gets eaten! It doesn't form vast mats of organic matter to be crushed by rocks and turned into oil. It is eaten very efficiently by horses and cows and other grazers. Goats and sheep graze to the roots, the larger mammals eat the longer shoots, humans kill forests like mad in order to extend this grass culture for the basis of many diets we eat is from the grass family: sugar, corn, wheat, barely, rice and oats, for example. Even in the jungles,the multilayered community of living things strips all fallen organic matter down to near zero as swiftly as possible. There are areas of peat which are artifacts of glacial melt, namely, when permafrost melts, the locked layers of organic matter heat up and even catch fire. But the peat areas are small in relation to desertifcation, for example. Certainly, it can produce only tiny amounts of oil over millions of years. Certainly nothing to crow about.
Smith and co-author Jerome Corsi's interview last week on "Coast to Coast AM with George Noory," sent "Black Gold Stranglehold" racing up the charts to land at the No. 10 position on Amazon's non-fiction best-seller list. With enormous oil conglomerate profits making headlines, "Black Gold Stranglehold" has opened the dialogue regarding the United States and its need for independence from foreign oil producers.
There seems to be a lot of people who want to believe the world is a ball of oil and we don't have to change a thing, all we need to do is wait for all that abiotic oil to erupt to the surface and surprize us. Or perhaps they imagine that all you have to do is poke holes everywhere and gushers will just shoot into the air.

From the Independent:

Britain could be left paralysed by energy shortages, a health crisis and gridlock on the roads if the predicted Arctic winter strikes with severity.

Prolonged sub-zero temperatures after nearly a decade of mild winters could result in the death of tens of thousands of people, with fears that the National Health Service faces the prospect of a full-blown winter bed shortage for the first time since Labour came to power in 1997.
The gist of this article is that the North Atlantic Oscillation which is a form of La Nina, is going to happen this winter and thus, it will be cold...which, by the way, hits home here in NY, too. Grrr. The North Sea Oil rigs are running out of oil very rapidly because the Britsh government and the oil companies decided to pump like crazy this year because of high oil prices. Now that patrimony is gone and there is no abiotic oil coming up these holes, is there? So now they are discussing how to deal with the inevitable deaths that will now occur.

An extra 8,000 deaths per degree Celsius below normal is the prediction. Quadruple this for US people. Congress, far from passing bills extending heat aid, are cutting everything as much as possible. They are in a fury of cutting programs to the poor for they didn't kill enough of them during the hurricane season, I am guessing. Funny, that.

I still wonder why, when we drilled our well for water, no oil showed up. Not that it would have been good. I need the water. But heck, according to these abiotic people, there is black gold in them thar holes.

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