Thursday, December 08, 2005

Very Cold, Now Snow Coming, Price of Energy Jumps

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

In Iraq, in China, lowly peasants, people of the land, lowly workers, people without power directly engage in battles with people who want to steal their pitiful belongings, steal their land, steal their resources, steal their culture. This hamfisted violence is causing more and more retaliatory fighting which is threatening the power and control of the planet by the world's biggest empires. And lurking in the background is more potential uprisings, anger about the Hubbert Oil Peak effects.

From Yahoo:
Despite President Bush's optimism on Iraq's reconstruction, the country appears set to pump less crude in 2005 than last year's disappointing showing and far less than under Saddam Hussein.

The only bright spot for Iraq's oil sector, hampered by unrelenting insurgent attacks on its infrastructure, is that near-record oil prices have softened the blow by boosting export earnings.

"The general integrity of Iraqi oil infrastructure appears to us to be heading backwards rather than forwards," London-based Barclay's Capital said in a report issued Thursday.
Great. Because of the stupid war, Iraq pumps less oil but this it OK because the lack of oil means prices can go through the roof so the ever important profit magins of the oil giants is doing just fantastic! The money is literally pouring into their laps! Hoozah!

Of course, world oil prices shot up this week because a big nasty blizzard is coming to my house. Hoozah again. I watched the jet stream make a deep detour over California and said, "By Friday, we will be dumped." And sure enough, this southern route storm is going to mess things up just great here. More reason for all those oil buddies of Bush to have a very merry xmas/holiday. They can close their mega churches because Jesus loves them and not us Northeasterners.

From Organic Consumers:
Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 by the New York Daily News
Oil For Bronx Poor is a Foreign Gift
Santa Claus, make way for Santa Chavez
by Juan Gonzalez

Poor residents and nonprofit groups in the South Bronx are about to receive a huge Christmas gift from Venezuela's firebrand President Hugo Chavez: Eight-million gallons of heating oil at bargain-basement prices.
Two months ago, in an interview with the Daily News during his visit to the United Nations, Chavez first made the startling offer of cheap fuel for this winter from his oil-rich country to a handful of poor communities in the United States.

At the time, critics of the radical populist Chavez, the Bush administration's biggest nemesis in South America, scoffed at his proposal. But the Venezuelan leader is about to deliver.

"The first shipments of low-cost fuel from CITGO will begin arriving in mydistrict by late next week," U.S. Rep. Jose Serrano (D-South Bronx) said yesterday.
I am hoping Santa Cheney will leave me coal for xmas. I will be very naughty and nasty. Braaack. F-you, Cheney, now where is that coal?

Of course, the energy crisis as we drive up and up the Hubbert Oil Peak, grows greater and greater. In China on a daily basis, the poor men who plunge into those black death-traps die hideous deaths, 100 at a time, even today, more died, they drown, they suffocate, they burn in explosions. Meanwhile, in Iraq, many die too, in explosions and suffocation, torture. As the energy bubble people who desire endless energy murder and stomp on helpless people, we want more, we need more! And the bodies pile up.

From Mehr News:
The Chairman of the Majlis Energy Commission, Kamal Daneshyar said here, on Friday, that preparatory measures have been taken to sell oil in euros instead of dollar, adding that such a measure is quite positive and should be taken as soon as possible.
Speaking to the Persian service of Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), he went on to say that Iran should at the first phase sell its oil in both Dollar and Euro, and then gradually move toward Euro as the mere source.

As for the probable consequences of such a decision, Daneshyar said that when such a measure is taken, the United States would soon realize that it is not the one who can always inflict economic damages on the Islamic Republic and that Iran can also get even with it.
The Europeans don't want their currency tied to oil any more than the Japanese want the yen tied to the yuan as it rises. Everyone uses currency to play games, not to sustain fair trade! Of all people, America needs everyone to remove the dollars we print and store them either overseas, in bonds that won't be sold ever on the open market or in gold which is shooting up in price as we shovel our inflation overseas.

The price of BTUs continues relentlessly climbing. All BTU forms go up and up. Firewood, coal, pellets, electricity, you name it. The price of killing peasants is going through the roof. The Pentagon made noises today that staying the course will cost us another $100 billion this year. Already, Congress must vote for another $50 billion for this damn war. They cut $50 billion from American welfare/education/health programs and to celebrate this, gave themselves a pay raise which the press barely mentioned and of course this: From the NYT:
The House of Representatives today passed the last and biggest piece of a total of $95 billion in tax cuts, a move that reflects both the ambition of House Republicans leaders and their willingness to let the budget deficit widen in years to come.

The bill passed by a vote of 234 to 197. It extends a long list of tax cuts at a cost of $56 billion over five years. The biggest provision would extend President Bush's 2001 tax cut for stock dividends and capital gains for two years at a cost of $20 billion.
We are going bankrupt. I see no sanity anywhere in Congress or our other rulers who seem bent on destroying us just as they recklessly cause the deaths of thousands of peasants all over the earth. Speaking of which, unlike the American peasantry who are all in a fog about gays kissing and what to call that pagan wonder, the Tannenbaum, are fighting back in true hand to hand combat. From the Washington Post:
Paramilitary police and anti-riot units here have opened fire with pistols and automatic rifles for the past two nights on rioting farmers and fishermen who have attacked them with gasoline bombs and explosive charges, according to residents of this small coastal village.

The sustained volleys of gunfire, unprecedented in a wave of peasant uprisings over the past two years in China, have killed between 10 and 20 villagers and injured more, residents said. The count was uncertain, they said, because a number of villagers have disappeared and it is not known for sure whether they were killed, wounded or driven into hiding.

The tough response by black-clad riot troops and People's Armed Police in camouflage fatigues deviated sharply from previous government tactics against the spreading unrest in Chinese villages and industrial suburbs.
Peasant unrest, as I keep pointing out, is a healthy sign. Unlike here, when the government seizes property or pollutes or in general, runs riot, people bellyache but they bow to the superior power and quietly retreat. The good people of New Orleans, scattered hither and yon, have driven out FEMA from the destroyed remains of their neighborhoods but this doesn't do a bit of good as FEMA frankly is looking to leave, anyway, and blame them. The rest of America shrugs their shoulders. Tough luck.

Pure capitalism is raising hell in the Chinese countryside as well as underground. Classically, when these forces team up with the teeming workers in the cities, we get revolutions. Every time. Trust me on this. This is a sign of energetic populations. Meanwhile, Ford and GM announced they are closing many American factories. Merk was made the same announcement today. All over, all I see are announcements of workers with good jobs being kicked to the curb. Yet the media and the lunatics in DC all scream the economy is doing just great, all we have to do is cut more taxes and go shopping more!

Insane. No one can buy a revolution. They just happen. Like a mine explosion. Boom.

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