Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Several weeks ago in the Chinese news I read about plans to use the stream of American money for buying oil reserves in preparation for the inevitable showdown between China and Japan/America.

Aside from my blog, nearly no one noticed this startling news so the Chinese released it yet again.
The Chinese newspaper quoted Li Yang, a senior economist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a former member of the monetary policy committee under the central bank, as saying the plan to use foreign exchange reserves to build up strategic oil reserves is reasonable.

But Li said the biggest obstacle to the plan is coordinating the actions of various government ministries and departments.

China had foreign exchange reserves of $659 million as of the end of March. Some economists have recommended that China diversify its reserves, which are still heavily weighted in U.S. dollars.
Maybe the Americans are truly asleep at the wheel. Maybe the Chinese should send Bush a memo saying, "Mao determined to strike at the USA this year." Well, indeed.

The reserves, by the way, are $659 billion not million. This is the mystery money that matches the USA trade deficit, the budget deficit, the Pentagon budget/war amounts. Isn't that peculiar? I would suggest the Fed created an extra trillion dollars which is why they quietly voted to raise the debt ceiling to $8 trillion last month in Congress. This phantom money sloshes around the globe and it is directly impacting on global oil prices. On top of this, the desire to spend money subsidizing American appetites is fading in China. The peculiar attacks on China by Japan has alarmed and annoyed the Chinese who know a cat's paw when they see one.
China already plans to build a strategic oil reserve, though this plan is believed to be making slow progress.

Niu Li, a researcher on global oil issues with the State Information Center, was quoted in the Shanghai Securities News Tuesday as saying the government should speed up this plan to shift reserves into oil in order to reduce investment risk.
The USA is already building reserves even as this drives up the world price of oil. Innocently, we pretend our country has nada to do with world oil prices choosing instead, to finger the Chinese who use much less than we, an action which fools only Americans. This seems to be the whole point to much that goes on in DC these days. Not to persuade or inform anyone but to misinform the average American. Confused and befuddled, even as the web now after years of diligent work by us Hubble Peak prophets, is finally lighting up with interest, the media and the rulers continue to mess with people's heads such as the silly press conference Bush blundered through today, announcing nearly nothing and denying everything. Usually, Presidents did these question sessions when they had something new to add to the public discourse.

But that was back when we had a democracy.

Monday, May 30, 2005

NY BILLIONAIRE Tilts at Windmills

Denmark's largest windfarm in Horns Rev

The Culture of Life News has talked about this before, the inability of people understanding exactly what the Hubbert Oil Peak really means. It doesn't mean that we can use fossil fuels if we want, it means we will be in a desperate race against time to retrofit our fuel hungry culture so that we can survive the downside of the great fossil fuel collapse.

This isn't a choice issue, it is which desperate measures will we use? And how quickly shall we use them?

NY State joined other states like like Colorado encouraging renewable energy systems:
A policy was adopted last year by Gov. George Pataki and the state Public Service Commission requiring 24 percent of New York's electricity to be generated by renewable resources by 2013. With dozens of wind-power projects already in the planning stages, some industry experts estimate that western New York could be home to more than a thousand turbines over the next several years, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reported Sunday.

Already, residents in Steuben, Yates and Livingston counties are tangled in battles over proposed wind farms there.
Into this steps yet another self centered billionaire, Mr. Golisano.
Golisano, the founder of the payroll processing company Paychex Inc., told the newspaper that while he's not opposed to wind power, he's concerned the massive turbines could essentially alter upstate's landscape in scenic areas such as the Finger Lakes.

"I'm very concerned about what it's going to do to a beautiful place of the state and the country," said Golisano, who owns the Buffalo Sabres.
Well, I think sports stadiums are a blight on the landscape! Yet billionaires seem addicted to erecting these things all over kingdom come! I have seen wind generators stopped all over the NE thanks to rich people whining about the landscape. If anyone looks at photos of wind farms especially the sea ward ones, they are nearly invisible. compare this with photos of conventional energy generators:
cDirty, ugly, squat, dangerous for all living things, coal burning plant that is also causing global warming....and we worry about esthetics? Maybe it is because these monstrosities are all in poor neighborhoods?
c And what about the blight of coal mining? One of the world's most dangerous jobs is coal mining. How many people die, get sick with black lung, suffocate, mining coal? And the landscape! The mountains of West Virginia: coal mining or wind mills? Which are worse (this is not a quiz, this is sarcasm)?

Billionaires don't care about this. They do care about what matters to themselves and they will destroy us all in order to pamper themselves. It is nearly impossible to get Americans to understand they have limited choices and really limited time to make changes. To have multi billionaires using their money and power to twart reality and to market lies is really aggrevating. I am very happy NY state has decided to do something sane. We all can only hope they don't get steamrollered by a spoiled rich man.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


The last 48 hours has been a catastrophe for America. More than a dozen soldiers blown up. It is curious that there are as usual, zero pictures and near zero headlines. Even yesterday, the dead soldiers were buried in the body of the stories put out by all the major media. Today, it still is a secondary headline.

This refusal to look is pathetic. Like children hiding under the blankets when lightning is blasting outside.

As Culture of Life News said yesterday, Bush told Karzai of Afghanistan to basically eat dirt and die. This poor man was frantic when he came and resigned when he left. He left in despair. Now comes this news from England:
DEFENCE chiefs are planning to rush thousands of British troops to Afghanistan in a bid to stop the country sliding towards civil war, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

Ministers have been warned they face a "complete strategic failure" of the effort to rebuild Afghanistan and that 5,500 extra troops will be needed within months if the situation continues to deteriorate.

An explosive cocktail of feuding tribal warlords, insurgents, the remnants of the Taliban, and under-performing Afghan institutions has left the fledgling democracy on the verge of disintegration, according to analysts and senior officers.
So "secret troops" from England will fix all that, no? Let's review history here: as America fills all those empty Soviet bases as detailed here on this news blog, now we have to bring in many more hard core troops to fight in Afghanistan. So much for the "elections" getting a mandate to rule.

Elections that end in civil war or worse are not mandates. They are Potemkin politics. The gloss is wearing thin indeed.
An MoD source told Scotland on Sunday: "We are going into an area where there's a civil war going on. It's dangerous and it's somewhere new.

"People within the MoD are now saying we will have to deal with this and go into the south of the country. What they are saying is, don't do it piecemeal. We will have to do it properly."
No kidding it is dangerous. But it most emphatically is not new at all.
But American military experts last night claimed an increase in the British presence in Afghanistan would inevitably threaten the numbers committed to Iraq.
OK, guys. This is now officially insane. This "war on terror" has now run exactly as many days as WWII in Europe. We fought a two front war with two tremendously powerful empires and we won it! Now two rebellions of countries we took over are sinking our ship? This isn't a two front war, it isn't even a one front war, this is more like the Warsaw ghetto rebellion. Of course, we could nuke everyone and declare ourselves victors but then that would make us even worse war criminals, butchering virtually unarmed civilians who just so happen to object to this foreign religious crusade.



The three pigs got smart. When the wolf huffed and puffed they put up a windmill and a meter and got rich. So it is with wind energy.
Wind power could generate enough electricity to support the world's energy needs several times over, according to a new map of global wind speeds that scientists say is the first of its kind.

The map, compiled by researchers at Stanford University, shows wind speeds at more than 8,000 sites around the world. The researchers found that at least 13 percent of those sites experience winds fast enough to power a modern wind turbine. If turbines were set up in all these regions, they would generate 72 terawatts of electricity, according to the researchers.
Yes, there is a lot of untapped natural renewable energy out there!
That's more than five times the world's energy needs, which was roughly 14 terawatts in 2002, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
The researchers readily admit that existing buildings, land rights and other obstacles would make it impossible to set up turbines in every single one of the identified regions. But they point out that even 20 percent of those sites could satisfy world energy consumption as it stands today.
According to the map with the article, America is one of the windier places on earth. We are blessed with so much wind, 75% of the world's tornadoes happen here in America! So we have an excess of wind.

Here in the Northeast where I live people already tap wind energy in the hills. A college in MA proposed a wind tower just up Greenhollow Rd which is the road nearest to my mountain. It was turned down because they wanted to build it in NY but funnel the energy to MA. So my town voted it down. Moral to that story is, if you don't give the big bad wolf a share of the profits he will tell you to go blow. Heh.
"There is really a lot of wind out there that can be utilized for electricity generation," said Archer. "The 72-terawatt finding quantifies how much wind power is available.... It's like when people say how much oil is available on a global scale. It doesn't mean all of it will be extracted."

If anything, the 72-terawatt figure is likely to be on the low side. Most of the 8,199 wind-monitoring stations that contributed data to the map are concentrated in highly developed nations. So the researchers had to make broad and often conservative estimates for countries in Africa and Asia, and for other regions.

"They are probably significantly underestimating the total potential," said Christopher Flavin, CEO of the Worldwatch Institute, an environmental research firm.
Couple this with solar energy and it is easy to see that if we begin a big building spree now we can switch over...like a number of European countries are already doing.
Of the regions that are well-marked by the map, North America and parts of Northern Europe both have a high number of ideal spots for setting up wind turbines. To date, Northern Europe -- and Denmark in particular -- has made the best use of that potential. Approximately 20 percent of Denmark's energy consumption is fulfilled by wind power, according to the Danish Wind Industry Association.

The United States, on the other hand, generates less than 1 percent of its electricity with wind power.
In England, they are already talking about doing something serious about this. The government wants to encourage wind farms but just like in America, people find many things to object to and try to stop any developments. People think the present system is going to go forever. They can't understand that this present system is coming to an absolute end. And that the time to set up the alternative systems is today, not when the crisis is raging.

This is a politcal fault. People will change only if the media and the rulers decide it is time to rouse them. And advertisers have to want this, too. Right now, they don't and they can't so nothing happens.

Culture of Life News is happy the words, "Hubbert Oil Peak" have at least appeared in print and on TV even if it is only glancingly and I want to thank the National Geographic for being quite forward on this issue for they made this a front page big issue.

We all hope to see more action on this. I would like to put together a lobby group to visit DC and talk about all of this. If anyone is interested, we will discuss this some more.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Saudi Arabia Talks Down the Price of Oil


Unable to pump or process more oil, as a favor to Bush, the Saudis are talking as if they are pumping more oil. If hot air were useful as energy, this lying could fuel a million SUVs. We all saw the Bush/Arabian Prince kiss up and this is the result.
Saudi Arabia's oil minister said Tuesday that the kingdom has enough oil in the ground to meet global demand for decades to come and that there is no plan to curb daily output, even as rising inventories help ease prices below $50 a barrel.

Ali Naimi said the world's largest petroleum exporter will not reach peak output anytime soon and that it is in Saudi Arabia's financial interest to try to bring down very high prices, which hinder economic growth and sap demand.

"I stand here to tell you that Saudi Arabian reserves are plentiful, and we stand ready to raise output as the market dictates," Naimi said at a conference that brought him and U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman together, publicly, for the first time.

The Saudi royal family has to share oil profits with the populace. They also have extensive property and business dealings so they, of course, are conspiring against their own people to drop the price of oil which is bad for the people in their country. Accelerating pumping is very bad for them since this burns right through the resource faster. In the end, when it all runs out, the system will collapse in a disasterous way. Just recently, the Saudi princes suddenly allowed non-Saudis to apply for citizenship further diluting the power of native Saudis. There are many odd things at work here but let us note, this is typical of international rich people. They betray their host nation every chance they get.
Naimi's message was conciliatory toward the U.S., the world's largest energy consuming nation, his words failed to impress the market. While prices have come down from a high above $58 a barrel early last month, light, sweet crude for June delivery rose 36 cents on Tuesday to settle at $48.97 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

No kidding it didn't impress anyone with half a brain. If the Saudis want to pump more oil, all they have to do is do it. They haven't so they can't.
Saudi Arabia now pumps 9.5 million barrels of oil daily, with the capacity to produce 11 million barrels a day. By 2009, the country's daily production capacity will be 12.5 million barrels, Naimi said, reiterating an earlier pledge.

"I can assure you that we haven't peaked," Naimi said in response to a question. He added that Saudi Arabian production instead is headed toward a plateau where it "can maintain 12.5 million or 15 million for the next 30 to 50 years."

Earth to Naimi: Saudi Arabia has been at a "plateau" for the last 20 years. It can't increase it to 15 million bpd. And the nature of Hubbert Oil depletion is, once it starts to decline, the decline increases faster than the rise.
The speeches came the same day the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries released its monthly oil report, which trimmed forecasts for world daily oil demand for the year by 80,000 barrels a day to 83.94 million barrels. The OPEC report cited weakening economic growth and high prices.

The report also said OPEC would have to pump at its highest-ever rate this winter because of sharply weaker oil output from non-OPEC producers.

This is how the Hubbert Oil Peak works. The cumulative amount pumped declines industry wide starting with the weaker, smaller fields. In America, we still pump oil in Texas and California, both states have pumped oil for the last 75 years but they are on their last legs and the great North Slope fields are in definite decline. Over all as well as individually, they are pumping less each year, year after year and the new discoveries don't make up for the drop in pumping older wells.
Oil analyst James Burkhard of Cambridge Energy Research Associates said oil prices are cyclical, but cautioned that "it's not inevitable that we'll see prices fall from where they are now."

"The key variable is demand growth," he said.

World oil consumption rose by 3.5 percent in 2004, according to the International Energy Agency, which is forecasting demand growth to slow to 2.2 percent in 2005.

A change from the disasterous rate of 3.5% a year to a "mere" 2.2% still means more than doubling the amount needed every ten years which is impossible. The oil traders know this which is why all the hot air in the world won't bring down prices. This is why Ameria is ruinously spending $300 billion fighting Muslims over who controls the oil. The Saudi hostile take over of Iraq is floundering.


The Saudi Princes hate one group of people more than they hate Jews: the Shi'ites. This hatred is personal and goes all the way back to one generation away from the Prophet's death. He insisted on mulitple wives and got this and this immediately caused a family crisis: too many sons, too many different mothers.

To this day, the crisis rages. The USA, to help Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, invaded Iraq illegally, as Mr. Galloway helpfully pointed out to the American Senators, and now the USA is bleeding to death and going bankrupt trying to hold onto this hot falafel and to do this, we made a deal with the Shi'ites in our rear who could block our access to the ports very easily. We basically let them take over 2/3 of the country. We then turned around and started our moronic verbal attacks on Iran. Both the Jews in Israel and the Saudi Princes want to see Iran destroyed. The Saudi Princes know that thanks to expensive oil and Pakistan's nukes, they can possibly run the New Muslim Empire using American Praetorian troops if only they get rid of these scary, old enemies. They are more than willing to make a deal with the devil. This is because they assume they have an iron grip on the American steering wheel and one wonders if this isn't just an illusion or is a nasty surprise for us all. After all, "born again" America was totally silent as they watched their hero literally slobbering kisses all over a person they hate. This odd crusade against Muslims is directed only towards Muslims who don't give us control of oil.
For his part, Mr. Kharrazi appeared eager to put the United States on notice that Iran expects to wield influence in Iraq, especially in the long term, that will match or outstrip the United States'. At one point, standing beside Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iraq's new prime minister, Mr. Kharrazi fielded a reporter's question about the competition for influence in Iraq between Washington and Tehran with a reminder of what he described as the geographical realities.

"Let me add that the party that will leave Iraq is the United States, because it will eventually withdraw," he said in English, referring to the 138,000 American troops here. "But the party that will live with the Iraqis is Iran, because it is a neighbor to Iraq."

Iran/Iraq will become one state. One that is also as powerful thanks to both state's oil wells being run by the Shi'ites while on top of that, unlike Saudi Arabia, the Shi'ites will run their own industries and country. They will remove the Americans when the union is complete. It is laughably easy: just go passive while forcing frantic American troops fight the increasingly angry Sunnis. After we spend another trillion on trying to subdue the people there, we will be escorted to the door and booted out.
"We will build relationships between Iraq and other countries according to Iraqi standards and Iraqi national interests," he said. "We would like to see relations between Iran and the United States that are characterized by peace and love, and by a sense of their shared interests. But our relations with every country will be fashioned in a way that is independent of the positive or negative feelings they may have for any other nation."

Sounds like the Wen/Hu visits paid off. Prior to this, the Iranians did awful diplomacy. They talked more like the Americans. Now it is all smooth latte all the time.
In the 25 months since American troops swept Mr. Hussein from power, Ayatollah Sistani has refused to meet with American officials, leaving them to guess exactly what political preferences - or directives, as many Iraqis see them - he hands to the leaders of Shiite religious parties.

"Diplomacy for Dummies" has a sub chapter about this. "Do not fight someone else's wars."

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

China's Energy Policy Saner Than America's

Chinese mine workers
Once again, Chinese coal miners die. Their situation is quite dire. Recently there were stories about how miners get fined if they don't enter dangerous mines. This is beginning to cause considerable headaches for the Chinese rulers who need labor peace in order to attract American capitalists. The people who pretend using coal as our main source of energy forget that most coal is harvested via dangerous, up close, human labor.
China produced 1.95 billion tons of coal last year but official media say it can safely mine only half that rate. The death rate in Chinese mines is 100 times that of pits in the United States.

The administration also pledged to arrest mine operators running illegal pits and supported high levels of compensation for families of victims as a deterrent.

"We are cracking down on all kinds of illegal mining operations, and rectifying mines that failed to meet work safety standards," Li said.

"Increasing the level of compensation is increasing the cost of accidents," he said, adding he hoped the high cost would make mine operators realize that paying for better safety would be cheaper. Some areas have recently put the level of compensation paid to families at 11-15 years worth of victims' salary.

The government has had trouble shutting down unsafe mines, especially amid a nationwide shortage of coal, which is the main source of energy in power-hungry China.

America's miners have a long history of dying while organizing. The very famous Joe Hill, executed for leading a mine strike, springs immediately to mind.
China is working to quadruple its 2000 GDP (gross domestic product) while only doubling its energy consumption by 2020, said Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan Tuesday at the ongoing Fortune Global Forum here.

In the last two decades of the 20th century, China quadrupled its GDP when its energy consumption was doubled.

To achieve the goal, he said, China will put equal emphasis on energy development and preservation, with priority given to preservation, and bring under strict control industries of high energy consumption, while developing energy-efficient housing andfuel-efficient motor vehicles, said the vice premier.

The government will readjust the structure of energy resources,support the development and application of clean coal technologies,accelerate hydropower, nuclear and gas power projects and other clean energy programs, and the development of renewable energy projects, Zeng said.

China will also push forward international cooperation in energy industry when it tries to resolve the energy problem on domestic resources, Zeng added.

According to Zeng, China has favorable conditions for rapid, sustainable economic growth, such as the continuously upgrade consumption structure, rapid industrialization and urbanization, huge market potential, sufficient labor supply, high level of individual savings level and improved infrastructure.

This stands in stark contrast with the Bush plan to use fossil fuels to make other fuels as if the problem is us using oil in unaltered forms. Bush wants more refineries, too. As if the problem is we need more gasoline. Culture of Life News knows the Chinese have been interested for years in solar and wind energy. They understand that power to villages and towns in the more desertfied parts of the country can be dealt with this way. They know that running wires everywhere in a grid is old fashioned and useless in the long run.

This is one reason why they invited my father and mother to go there over and over again, helping with establishing solar energy production factories and other things. Long term plans are a luxury they can afford since there are no real elections in China. The Chinese methodology has good sides and bad. If a lunatic like Mao controls things, it can be terrible. If talented people like Wen and Hu runs things, it can be good. It all depends on who is the leader.

Elections in America are increasingly a bizarre affair that has little to do with making sane choices. The media circus has undone democracy so badly there is mass dissinterest in even voting now as participation drops each election and the voting process is so compromised now it can't be trusted even a little bit. So we have the worst of democracy: the populace has to be bribed coupled with the worst of despotism: a ruling elite runs things into the ground as they put more and more insane people on the throne.

Now to money matters:
On Tuesday, the administration will offer its latest verdict on China's foreign exchange policies. It will either anger China by accusing it of manipulating its exchange rate to gain an unfair trade advantage over the United States, or it will anger Congress by giving China a clean bill of health.

The report to Congress, already one month late, will come as many Republicans and Democrats are clamoring for restrictions on Chinese imports as well as expressing skepticism about trade-opening deals in general.

There is a graph in the article showing clearly that China is not increasing their purchase of American government debt instruments but are on a holding pattern. You can bet, they will change this depending on the report which is why the report is late.
If the Bush administration changes course, it would be required by law to open "consultations" with Chinese leaders and then to take some kind of action if China refused to change its policy.

If the Bush administration points the finger at China, it may simply harden Chinese opposition.

But if it gives China another clean bill of health, Congress will be more likely to pass legislation demanding tougher restrictions on Chinese imports.

Meanwhile, in China, none of this mamby pamby stuff:
China never yields to outside pressure on yuan
Reform of RMB exchange rate system is matter of China's sovereignty and any pressure and speculative exploitation of the issue or any attempt to turn the economic issue into a political one will not be conducive to resolving it, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said during his meeting with guests from the US Chamber of Commerce Monday.

Wen said as long as conditions are ripe, the Chinese government "will take the initiative to advance the reform of the exchange rate system without any pressure from outside the country."

"If conditions are not available, the Chinese government will never hastily take any action, regardless of how great the pressure from outside is," Wen said.

Pretty uncompromising, I would judge. The fact is, the Chinese don't have to do anything if they don't want to do anything. Seeing the eager greedy faces of the Fortune 500 in China today begging to do business, well, connect the dots. The display of anger in America is like a peacock spreading the feathers to impress the female: all show. This way, Congress and Bush can go to the voters and claim they did everything.

Meanwhile, Bush is pushing Congress to pass the next NAFTA which is CAFTA. After that, FUCK USA WORKERTA. Obviously, they imagine the American worker will allow this to continue forever. Flat earth becomes scorched earth. We shall see.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bush Fails to Understand Conservation of Energy

Lucky America! Bush, the oily kisser of Arabs, decided to tell us how to solve our problems yet again!
biodiesel, an alternative fuel made from soybeans that is cleaner-burning and American-made,but carries a higher price tag that regular diesel fuel. It is often blended with conventional transportation fuels as an extender.

Bush tells us that buying fuel made from corn which is grown by using tons of fertilizer made from fossil materials and harvested and processed using energy from fossil fuels (It has to be cooked!) will save America!
"Biodiesel is one of our nation's most promising alternative fuel sources and by developing biodiesel you're making this country less dependent on foreign sources of oil," he said.

"Americans are concerned about high prices at the pump and they're really concerned as they start making their travel plans, and I understand that," the president said. "I wish I could just wave a magic wand and lower the price at the pump. I'd do that. But that's not how it works."

We know that logic doesn't exist in Bush's world but the jarring information here that biofuel is more expensive than regular diesel makes this entire speech insane. How do you find relief this way? It is like finding relief from a headache by chopping off one's head.

The logic of energy use escapes Bush's logic circuits, too. To produce the energy harvested from corn involves so much energy it is a net loss function which is why it costs more than straight diesel.
Bush urged Congress to enact energy legislation that he says addresses both supply andconservation issues in a bid to make the United States less dependent on foreign nations, particularly those in the volatile Middle East, for its energy needs.

Americans have done anything but conserve fuel. After 9/11 Bush and Cheney famously said no one is going to change our energy habits and like children eating candy, America devoured energy like there is literally no tomorrow. At this rate, there will certainly be no "tomorrow". The iron laws of conservation of energy can't be upended with verbal tricks like the neo cons are doing with the concept of evolution. There is no Deux ex Machina to save us. No heavenly SUV is going to drive up to us and take us on a magic carpet drive.
His focus Monday, though, was on the part of the plan that boosts support for conservation and fossil fuel alternatives _ such as hydrogen, biodiesel and clean coal technology. Separately, Bush has also offered proposals to speed construction of nuclear power plants and oil refineries.

Not a peep about solar energy. Not a breath about wind energy. No huge plans to retrofit homes with better insulation and windows and doors. Nada. More coal burning, though!

And as usual, we run smack into the iron laws of conservation of energy: burning 50 million years of sun stored energy will release incredible amounts of CO2.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Time for the Energy News!


Finally we have time to launch another web page! Had enough? No? Good!

This page will be devoted to energy issues. This is a very pressing matter. Too many good stories get buried on the too busy Breaking News page.

Thank you,

Elaine Supkis,
Editor, Culture of Life News.