Friday, September 30, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The real news is real grim. Despite media/ruling class attempts to sugar coat this mess, we are all about to be reamed out thoroughly by the Texas Mafia and Bush. Namely, due to the hurricanes, there are limited supplies of fuel and they intend to make us bid each other for it as it rises just like in the terrible old days pre-modern times when a crop failure would mean the price of wheat shoots up and millions starve to death.

When a government allows the dealers to make a fortune when weather causes misfortune, we have things called "revolutions".

Yes, revolutions. They explode rapidly, I assure you. France was on top of the world. Diplomatic language was the only language diplomats used. Not English. To run a huge military while goofing around in the court, they ran up huge debts on the public purse while the gap between the rich and poor grew, the upperclasses ruthlessly cut their own taxes and obligations to near zero.

Then the crops failed when a volcano in Iceland blew up and the toxins from it fell on Europe, killing the sheep and causing the wheat crop to turn yellow and give a small yield.

"Let them eat cake," trilled the Queen when she was told there were starving poor at her gate.

The rich didn't starve. Nor did the middle class, who grumbled over the inflation in food prices. But the poor went right off the cliff and they suddenly exploded in anger, taking over cities, emptying jails, organizing themselves very suddenly into a formidable source. The King turned to the middle class to save him and they imposed a new government upon him...way too late.

For the fires of revolution were now raging out of control.

From the NYT:
Natural gas prices set a record yesterday, pointing to sharply higher heating bills for a majority of Americans this winter and soaring costs for makers of plastics and chemicals, which use natural gas as their main fuel and raw material.

According to recent estimates by the Energy Department, Americans are likely to pay roughly $400 more for their natural gas this winter than last year, with average bills jumping to $1,130. Many analysts, however, warn that these figures may prove too low and are likely to be updated when the government issues its winter price outlook next month.

While commercial stockpiles of natural gas are currently above a five-year average, prices are now being driven by the uncertainties surrounding the impact of Hurricane Rita on energy installations in the Gulf of Mexico.
Prices are doubling. No sane government, and this one is definitely insane, would allow this for such a fundamental commodity. Prices will go up over the years but this year, the restraint is entirely temporary. Forcing people to pay all they earn for something that is temporarily tight is insanity.

It requires storming the White House. If the rich oil companies have zero interest in keeping America intact, then time to arrest them and charge them with treason for they are part of hostile OPEC and not Americans!
Consumers are scared. Last month, I warned everyone that the soaring price of fuel which was allowed to raise prices across the planet as desperate, sane governments released oil like crazy to re-bouy supplies, that NG would be a problem and the government should temporarily take over that industry, declare an emergency and then RATION IT. Rationing means each customer, based on their bills previously, gets "x" amount of fuel. First in line has to be homes. Why?

Jobs don't matter if you freeze to death and freezing the elderly who have no jobs to death is pure evil.

So we share the pain. Companies will have to restrict use or buy on the open market which could be "x" amount, say, 20% of the available gas.

From the Washington Post
Gasoline and natural gas prices soared on the futures markets yesterday as traders grew concerned that energy operations damaged by hurricanes Rita and Katrina could be hobbled longer than expected.

Analysts said that if futures prices remain at elevated levels, national pump prices for a gallon of regular could move above $3 a gallon, as they did following Hurricane Katrina. They added that a run-up in natural gas prices likely will mean increases for winter heating bills.
See? This is going to be very bad. If the Bush/OPEC cabal can't see the obvious down side of their "Freeze a Yank, let the North rebuild from tornadoes alone" policy is bad, well, I can only hope the North can see that this policy is dangerous indeed. If we sit here, drooling, and let this happen, well.

Death's scythe doesn't give a hoot.

Giving all our money to the very rich oil barons is pure insanity! And they will kill our economy, even then.
&spades There is a housing stock emergency, too. From AP:
Stocks rallied strongly Thursday as investors grew more confident about the prospects for the economy despite the impact of hurricanes Rita and Katrina.

While many of the hurricanes' long-term effects have yet to be determined, stocks rebounded after two weeks of losses on bullish comments from analysts and the government. However, the markets remain relatively unchanged for the month, and trading was very light.

In addition, the market's gains may be short-term, as investors wait for new economic data that will give Wall Street a better feel for the storms' effects on employment, consumer demand and inustrial production. Next month's third-quarter earnings will also be an important barometer of the economy's health.
Everyone in business is all excited because they imgaine that China and Japan will bankroll us for another economic joy ride. Since our "prosperity" is mostly connected with home building and services surrounding this, they imagine the destruction of so many homes will mean a boost to the building boom. But alas and alack, interest rates are rising. The homeowners who need to rebuild are barely or not insured at all. The government is about to slide into bankruptcy, we are now $8 trillion in debt and rising rapidly. The homeowners don't have jobs, a quarter million hurricane related unemployment applications have been processed with another half a million to go! Amazing.

This is not good economic news. And as a builder, I assure you, it isn't easy work nor is it what secretaries or computer staff or realtors do. The price of building materials will soar, hitting the building market hard, the price of labor in specialized fields will go up (ahem, to my benefit) but most of the grunt jobs in building which is dangerous (ROOF WORK!) or heavy lifting, will go to illegal or legal aliens who will suffer terribly just to get into the door. The average American won't want to do this stuff, they are not crazy like me (I have fallen off of roofs. It hurts a lot).

Aux Barricades!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Right smack in the middle of Hurricane Rita, the mass media and the Bush machine and everyone connected with all the conspiracies and horrors that have overwhelmed America this last five years went into high gear, lying. Unlike Katrina that caught them with their panties around their ankles, this time they had all their levees and defenses up and ready to go. "No damage, no casualties!" they all crowed in a loud chorus even as Rita's bulldozer was flattening huge swaths of buildings and facilities and killing people.

I said during the hurricane, they are lying. And those bastards did lie and why does anyone go to them for information?

I got censored by NOAA over some of my hurricane postings, you know. Big Brother is a big bother! They don't want you to know squat diddly, especially how drought/hurricanes interact and why they are twin indicators of global warming! is the news, we already know that Houston was spared terrible annihilation by the quirk of the hurricane going to the east but all the talk on TV and radio about how it spared the oil fields was pure lies. I saw myself how they showed Houston's far fewer wells untouched and shouted, "See, no damage!" but there are ten times more wells and rigs where the eye of the hurricane actually passed and guess what?

From the Financial Times
Hurricane Rita has caused more damage to oil rigs than any other storm in history and will force companies to delay drilling for oil in the US and as far away as the Middle East, initial damage assessments show.

Oil prices eased on Wednesday over concerns that demand for crude would be hit by the continued shutdown of refineries. US crude fell 27 cents to $64.80 a barrel by 06:444 GMT after losing 75 cents on Tuesday.

ODS-Petrodata, which provides market intelligence to the offshore oil and natural gas industry, said it expected a shortage of rigs in the US Gulf this year.

“Based on what we have right now, it appears that drilling contractors and rig owners took a big hit from Rita,” said Tom Marsh of ODS-Petrodata. “The path Katrina took was through the mature areas of the US Gulf where there are mainly oil [production] platforms. Rita came to the west where there is a lot of [exploratory] rig activity.”

Ken Sill of Credit Suisse First Boston said: “Early reports indicate numerous rigs are missing, destroyed or have suffered serious damage and several companies have yet to report. Rita may set an all-time record.”

The US Coast Guard said nine semisubmersible rigs had broken free from their moorings and were adrift."
This is from the European news! It wasn't headlines in America. Robin, one of our readers, emailed this story to me. Thanks a great deal! I really appreciate it.
Earlier in the day, Ali Naimi, Saudi Arabia's oil minister, said the market had not taken up the 2m barrels a day of spare capacity the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries offered last week. Speaking in Johannesburg, he blamed high oil prices on a lack of industry infrastructure, including rigs and refineries, rather than oil reserves. Rigs, which are movable and are used for exploration and development, were in short supply before hurricanes Katrina and Rita blew through the US Gulf in late August and September.

High oil prices and the desperate search for new oil supplies needed to meet rampant demand from the US and China have made rigs difficult to find and expensive to hire. Rigs cost $90m-$550m to construct, depending on how sophisticated the structure and how deep the water in which it will drill. A rig ordered today is unlikely to be ready before 2008 or 2009, analysts said.
Of course, with oit prices soaring, everyone is treasure hunting. Of course, this is merely one more very strong indicator of being at the Hubbert Oil Peak. A peak is when everyone is pumping oil like mad, the existing wells go down much faster than in cheap oil times because everyone ones to make as much money as fast as possible and so, instead of hanging steady and conserving and being careful, a free for all ensues as everyone tries to get or use as much as possible as fast as possible.

This is why car mileage is so terrible now. Fifteen years ago, the cheapest cars were also very efficient. 50mpg! Now the cheapest cars are all gas guzzlers, even the small ones don't get the milage small cars got fifteen years ago. Expensive cars get the same milage my cheap-o Geo Metros got but whoopee doo. They cost an extra $12,000! So lower income people have to buy the gas guzzlers so they get hit coming and going.

Around 50 rigs now have disappeared or are so damaged they are useless. The backlog for rigs is enormous so few will be restored for years. Indeed, some had their blow out pipes destroyed so they are leaking oil or gas. The pollution from all this is ferocious. Sea life won't recover for at least three generations.

Unlike tankers that sink, oil wells leaking can do this for years and years unless capped and capping them is done only be a small cadre of very hard working, brave professionals. It is a dangerous trade just like building sky scrapers is very dangerous or tunnelling and coal mining. Ergo, it won't be finished for several years. And this is only if there are no more huge hurricanes which flies in the face of predictions of many more such in the next ten years, minimum.

Bush and his cadre have asked us to conserve fuel but has put forwards exactly nothing to deal with this. How will we conserve? Evidently, it is by being priced out of the market and a whole bunch of Americans will soon find themselves locked out of the energy market due to lack of income.

This is a fancy way of saying they will freeze or burn or starve to death in the coming years.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

They overshot their goals. The oil men. They wanted to put Bush in power so they could double or even triple their profits but Bush's bad luck and clumsy handling of the ship of state has brought unbelievable wealth into the hands of the oil sellers. All of them, the traders, the pumpers, the lease holders, the refiners and movers, all are unbelievably rich.

And they got dispensations and tax cuts, why, just two weeks ago, they got a big present from Bush's energy bill which shovels even more money into their maws.

From 40mpg Org:
Fed up with price gouging and federal inaction on energy, four out of five Americans - including 76 percent of Republicans -would support "a tax on the windfall profits of oil companies" if the resulting revenues were devoted to alternative energy research, according to a new Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) national opinion poll conducted for ( and the nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute.

Other key survey findings include: nine out of 10 Americans (87 percent) think that oil companies are gouging gasoline consumers today; four out of five adults (81 percent, including 74 percent of Republicans) say the federal government is not doing enough about high energy prices and America's over-reliance on Middle Eastern oil; almost three out of four Americans (73 percent) believe that recent gasoline price hikes now make it more important that the federal government impose higher fuel-efficiency standards; and four out of five adults say that U.S. automakers should follow the same path as Toyota, which intends that "all of its new cars going forward will use fuel-saving hybrid technology."
Japan has no oil so this is not good, letting oil run up in price so fast. Russia sells oil abroad so they love the high prices. It is giving them a great boost. Ditto Iran.

But all is not well.From TV New Zealand:

More than 100 armed militants on Thursday stormed a US-operated oil platform in Nigeria, the world's eighth largest exporter, in response to the arrest of a militia leader.

Armed with assault rifles, fighters in speed boats invaded the Idama platform operated by Chevron in the southern Niger Delta, while in the capital a judge ordered Mujahid Dokubo-Asari to be held in jail for two weeks pending treason charges.

"Eight boats, each carrying 15 armed people, occupied the Idama flow station. Six government security forces had their weapons taken from them," a source close to Chevron said.

"Apparently the militants are now heading for more stations. The situation can only get worse."

Only 8,400 barrels per day were shut down at Idama, Chevron said, but industry officials said the impact could rise dramatically if the attacks spread.

Commanders of Asari's Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force (NDPVF) threatened to blow up oil facilities across the delta, which accounts for almost all of Nigeria's 2.4 million barrels per day production, unless their leader was released.

"We are going to blow up all flow stations and pipelines from Warri to Calabar if Asari is not back in 48 hours," said Dakuro Princewill, a NDPVF commander, in reference to the eastern and western extremities of the vast wetlands region.
Last month, in Equador, this same sort of thing was happening. It isn't happening in Venezuela because the oil there was captured by the populace so the oil companies can't pump at will and give them nothing like we are doing in Iraq, of all places.

More oil pipelines were blown up this week. This is never, ever, ever reported in the USA which is also why Robert Fiske isn't allowed to visit "the Land of the Free and the home of the brave." Now for really bad news, everyone. I will make this as clear as possible. From Le Monde, France:
"Le pétrole, c'est comme une petite amie, vous savez depuis le début de votre relation qu'elle vous quittera un jour, résume M. Birol. Pour qu'elle ne vous brise pas le coeur, mieux vaut la quitter avant qu'elle ne vous quitte." Aussi adresse-t-il un double message aux pays consommateurs, beaucoup plus ferme que dans le rapport annuel publié à l'automne 2004 : "Economisez l'énergie, économisez le pétrole ! Et diversifiez-vous, s'il vous plaît. Sortez du pétrole !"

Pour Claude Mandil, directeur exécutif de l'AIE, "il y a bien un problème si on se limite au pétrole conventionnel" . Il rappelle cependant que le brut non conventionnel (offshore profond, sables bitumineux du Canada, huiles lourdes du Venezuela...) offre des perspectives prometteuses. "Je ne suis pas alarmiste sur les ressources globales, poursuit-il, même si nous serons de plus en plus dépendants d'un nombre de pays de plus en plus réduit" , comme l'Arabie saoudite, l'Iran, l'Irak, le Koweït et les Emirats arabes unis. Le patron de l'AIE se dit en revanche "alarmiste sur le changement climatique" qui se profile.
OK, got the message? Pleeeease diversify energy systems! Use petrol more economically!

For non Frenchies, here is the English version: From Truthout:
"Oil is like a girlfriend - you know from the outset of your relationship that she'll leave you one day," Mr. Birol sums up. "So that she doesn't break your heart, it's better that you leave her before she leaves you." Thus he addresses a double message to consuming countries, one much firmer than that in the annual report published in the fall of 2004: "Economize on energy; economize on oil! And please diversify! Get out of oil!"

For Claude Mandil, Executive Director of the IEA, "there's certainly a problem if you limit yourself to conventional oil." He reminds us, however, that non-conventional oil (deep offshore, bituminous sands in Canada, heavy oils in Venezuela ...) offers promising perspectives. "I'm not alarmist about global resources," he continues, "even if we are more and more dependent on an ever more reduced number of countries," like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, the IEA boss characterizes himself as "alarmist about the climate change" that is shaping up."
I like it better in French. Of course, viewing oil as one's lover is better than viewing it like a pig looking at swill.

Now, our dear rulers, in between fucking with Girl Friend Olive Oyl, want us to not be restive natives so they watch and gage carefully just how much they can squeeze from us without us reacting unfavorably. This is a delicate operation. From the BBC:
Finance ministers from the Group of Seven leading industrialised nations are meeting in Washington to discuss the economic impact of high oil prices.
At about $66 a barrel, crude prices have risen more than 50% this year.

At Friday's meeting, they are also due to consider enlarging the group to take in major emerging economies such as China, Russia and India.
I would suggest the actual meetings will be very different. According to my Chinese news, China is going to be a "guest" at the meetings and will discuss the delicate relationship between Hu and his fickle mistress, Bush. Bush wants more money. Being a careless whore, he blew through all the money his sugar daddy gave him and now he needs much more.

He has oil. Lots of oil. China wants this oil to be cheap but not Russia. But China is willing to pay Russia more if Russia sells them military stuff but it is even better to get America to sell this military stuff. So many choices! Eeny meany miney moe.

From CNN:

About half that production still hasn't been restored since Katrina hit, and further damage is possible from high seas. So while oil futures were showing some relief, analysts said prices would stay volatile.

As was seen after Katrina, that energy shock could be felt across the full range of businesses and consumers.

Two major airlines, No. 3 Delta Air Lines and No. 4 Northwest Airlines, were forced to file for bankruptcy after Katrina sent jet fuel prices soaring.

And while analysts said they don't necessarily expect other major airlines to file bankruptcy they couldn't rule it out, especially if jet fuel prices stay high longer they did after Katrina.

But it's not just transport companies that will see problems from higher energy costs.

No. 1 aluminum maker Alcoa (Research) warned third-quarter earnings would be as much as 39 percent below Wall Street estimates on lower aluminum prices and higher energy and raw-material costs -- news that sent its stock skidding Friday.

The hit to earnings
And further earnings warnings are likely in coming weeks as companies start to close their books for the third quarter and look ahead to fourth quarter costs and revenue.

"All these companies are getting hit by (natural) gas," analyst Charles Bradford of Bradford Research/Soleil Securities told Reuters, speaking about the metals industry. "The problem is we know what they are getting hit by but it's impossible to put a number on because you don't know (about long-term fuel contracts)."
The snake has swallowed a goat and it will take a long time to pass through the digestive system.

Is this the beginning of the Hubbert Oil Peak?

I would say, not quite.

But we are rushing towards it! The snarly mess in Texas, the evacuation of a city using SUVs and pick up trucks, was a total farce. I saw Sen. Cronlyn crowing about how great it was, only a few dozen needless deaths...but this wasn't due to cleverness but to the fact that we don't know what is going on yet in many places because it is still a violent storm there, and the simple fact that the storm missed the city unlike Katrina! Duh.

Lady Luck rolls her dice and calls the shots yet again. The gas guzzlers made evacuation nearly impossible because they take up too much room per capita, they use up way too much gas, I can drive 40 miles per gallon while 90% of the vehicles I saw on the news were 15 mpg or less clunkers! And you can't use airconditioning when stuck in traffic or when trying to conserve gas to get somewhere.

This need to live inside a perfect bubble is creating the monster that is tearing out our shells from the outside! We can weave and dodge only so long before She delivers the knock out punches. As our cars became bigger and bigger bubbles, we expanded to fill them, growing very fat and inert. The more we move around with cars, the more we look like the bubble we live in.

When it is very hot, the act of turning on airconditioners makes the air fouler and fouler and it raises the outdoor temperature, go feel the air coming out of the exchanger that cools the air inside. Ouch.

We are in a race against time and in the end, we are doomed to lose unless we renounce living in a bubble. Maybe we should all live in tents..heh. I did, for years and years.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It never seems to end, the inhumanity, the incompetence. Already, I have posted here stories about how Bush travels in a bubble that turns on the lights where ever he or Cheney goes and then they flicker out again after they pass through. The tragedy of this Potemkin light show is obvious and sickening.

But it always gets worse, doesn't it?

From the Hattiesburg American:
Shortly after Hurricane Katrina roared through South Mississippi knocking out electricity and communication systems, the White House ordered power restored to a pipeline that sends fuel to the Northeast.

That order - to restart two power substations in Collins that serve Colonial Pipeline Co. - delayed efforts by at least 24 hours to restore power to two rural hospitals and a number of water systems in the Pine Belt.

At the time, gasoline was in short supply across the country because of Katrina. Prices increased dramatically and lines formed at pumps across the South.

"I considered it a presidential directive to get those pipelines operating," said Jim Compton, general manager of the South Mississippi Electric Power Association - which distributes power that rural electric cooperatives sell to consumers and businesses.

"I reluctantly agreed to pull half our transmission line crews off other projects and made getting the transmission lines to the Collins substations a priority," Compton said. "Our people were told to work until it was done. "They did it in 16 hours, and I consider the effort unprecedented."
So, getting water to the hurricane victims was a low priority item, getting electricity to two hospitals whose patients were dying was low priority.

Keeping people from standing in line with their gas guzzlers and stopping price gouging by restoring the gas feed priority!

Gah. This, dear readers, in a nutshell, is what the "Great Die-off" is all about. Servicing the ever smaller pool of energy users while killing off the weak and powerless is what it is all about. Already, the gas we pump in our cars ought to be stained bright red to represent the dead bodies of those unfortunate people living on oil rich lands or fighting to steal this oil.

Indeed, in Iraq, due to the hurricane and the troops being very near muntiny now, the troops are in near "lock down" mode, hoping to limp along which is why the death toll within Iraq has shot through the roof, hundreds being blown up each day now, the attackers operating more and more in the open.

&spades From WLTV:
Frustration is growing among more than 100 sidetracked truck drivers who set out with water and ice for Hurricane Katrina victims but were diverted to a Federal Emergency Management Agency staging area in western Maryland.
FEMA spokeswoman Deborah Wing told the Cumberland Times-News on Thursday that the trucks were moved to Cumberland for possible response to Hurricane Ophelia after water deliveries to the Gulf Coast outpaced demand.

"We are accommodating them as much as we can," Wing said in response to complaints from some drivers and their federally contracted employer that they didn't know why they were in Cumberland or how long they would be there.

Driver Bill Lutz said he and the other drivers felt lost.

"I asked this morning, 'Are we going to follow the hurricanes until the end of the season?'" Lutz said. "I sound angry, and I am, but I hate inefficiency."

Speaking to a reporter Thursday at the Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort, where drivers were taken aboard local school buses for showers, Lutz said his odyssey began Sept. 6 when he left Wisconsin with a load of water and ice for Meridian, Miss.
He said he arrived on time but was told not to unload; instead, the drivers were sent to Columbia, S.C. Barred from unloading their freight there, they were directed to Cumberland, arriving Wednesday evening, Lutz said.

Angie Breckenridge, logistics coordinator for North Carolina-based Vondrak Farms Logistical Services, has been managing the deliveries for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers through FEMA. She told the Times-News that other drivers were dispatched to Allentown, Pa., and another 30 were sent to Missouri.

"I can't get anyone to answer my phone calls," she said.
Time to either deport Chertoff to his home country or arrest him. This lunacy is ridiculous. No one was calling for help from hurricane Ophelia but many thousands were begging for help NOW from Katrina. You service those who are in line first, dudes! Indeed, one can see that Bush and his crew are more frightened of red staters getting riled. New Orleans voted Democratic so they don't count, obviously.

&spades From Business Week:

SEP. 18 5:19 A.M. ET Qatar's Oil Minister Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah warned Sunday that OPEC shouldn't raise production just for "increase's sake," saying there were indications that oil prices were decreasing because of low demand.

Ministers from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries meet Monday in Vienna to discuss ways of stabilizing the market after Hurricane Katrina drove prices to new highs -- including possibly raising the group's production ceiling by 2 percent.

The group is widely expected to increase the production ceiling by 500,000 barrels a day.
But previous OPEC moves have done little to ease market fears over supply, however, and any increase is widely regarded as meaningless because it merely sanctions existing production.
Saudi Arabia's Oil Minister Ali Naimi has said he supports a ceiling hike, but that he also did not see demand for more crude. He did not specify the size of the increase.

"We'll listen to the Saudi proposal but we shouldn't increase just for increase's sake," al-Attiyah said Sunday in Doha, Qatar.

Al-Attiyah said the problems with U.S. refineries being offline since Katrina hit were temporary, but the capacity "will take a few months to get back to full production."

"If there's no demand, how will that affect prices?" he said.

With oil prices about 50 percent higher than a year ago and motorists feeling the increase at the gas pump, the ministers have repeatedly said that OPEC is concerned and are doing all they can to keep the market well-supplied and prices stable.

But concern that high prices have weakened oil demand has dampened prices, which had soared above $70 a barrel on concern about production outages caused by Hurricane Katrina, instability in Iraq and the upcoming winter season.
It is most amusing seeing article after article in the regular press including yesterday's rash of articles, all screaming that OPEC will pump more oil so we don't have to wait in lines to fill the bellies of our beasties, those monstrous SUV/trucks that we love so dearly (more than we love our fellow Americans, that is certain!)

This is typical of the sort of hysteria one expects to see at the Hubbert Oil Peak. Namely, the price soars, the poor fall out of the bottom of the market, people will probably freeze to death in the coming years, the poor will be increasingly without either food or transportation to poor paying jobs and the price will fluctuate wildly depending on any set of factors, mostly upwards.

It will be like starting a car in a very cold winter, the starter making the engine cough and die, cough and run then sputtering out.

&spades Now, lastly, about the mosquito spraying. Some idiot had this bright idea that to save the nonexistent population of New Orleans that has been scattered to the four winds, they should spray the city to kill mosquitoes because of all the stagnant water.

The water, of course, is covered with a pretty thick coating of oil and gasoline! In the old days, they used to put a layer of oil on water, I even remember this!--to prevent mosquitoes from using it to hatch larvae. So I seriously doubt there is any need to spray anything. And lo and behold, here is an article about that!

From Promed Email
Report On Mosquitos - Post Hurricane For New Orleans

US Military Actions On Mosquitoes After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans

By Dean L. Winslow

I served as the US military coordinator for public health and force protection for the combined National Guard task force performing rescue and relief operations in the 13 most heavily affected parishes from 5-15 Sep 2005. Our major logistics hub was being built up at NAS New Orleans, across the river in Belle Chasse, Plaquemines Parish. All 14 000-plus Guardsmen being tasked to go out into the parishes to provide SAR, security, and infrastructure rebuilding passed through Belle Chasse on their way to the Area of Operations (AO). The base also became home to over 4000 military personnel involved with the logistics, command and control and support functions.

Early on, one was struck by the eerie silence and absence of birds as well as seemingly few adult mosquitoes. Since the parish-based vector control systems were not functioning yet, and the civilian contractor responsible for vector control on base had evacuated, we needed to rapidly assess and control the situation.

US Navy SeaBees came in to remove debris and eliminate as much standing water as possible. In addition, Navy and Air National Guard military public health technicians examined undrainable collections of standing water for mosquito larvae and pupae and found none. Light-traps placed around the base early on showed relatively low numbers of adult mosquitoes, but as many as 9 different species were present in one trap.

Louisiana DHH working with an entomology consultant from CDC coordinated with us and prioritized aerial spraying of the most heavily affected parishes, which began last weekend and is continuing.

Dean L. Winslow, Col, MC, CFS
Delaware Air National Guard
Indeed, New Orleans will be lucky if anything can live or grow, besides slime, in the flooded areas for quite a while. Want to kill a tree or lawn?

Pour oil on the ground. Works like magic.

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Friday, September 09, 2005


Art by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

For some time, we arrogantly thought no one had to pay attention to Mother Nature. When the environmental movement was born, and I was part of it from day one, we used to say, "No one fucks with Mother Nature and lives." Well, many people thought they could fuck with Her and now She is moving literally Heaven and Earth. For She IS Heaven and Earth!

There was this commercial for margarine in the seventies where Mother Nature is sitting on a rock, reading to her woodland friends, the advertiser fools her into thinking margarine is butter and suddenly the sky darkens and there is thunder and she growls, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature." This is one commercial I really enjoyed only because of the ending.

The new is very bad today, all over the place so let's start with Mother Nature's business: the earth itself. From IRIS, earthquake maps
Yesterday, the entire planet gave a slight but significant shudder. Virtually every faultline creaked and groaned. Perhaps this is part and parcel with the churning of the somewhat irregular dense material in the center, it is moving faster than the next layer, the Mantle, so there is churning going on.The magnetic poles are near reversing and this will be an interesting experience for us, to say the least. We depend very much on which way the poles are set, you know.

Today, there was another heave of the Australian plate. 7.9-8.1 on the Richter scale. A significant earthquake. It occured in the zone where several similar quakes shoot just before Boxing Day. Already, a 6+ earthquake in the last fifteen minutes shook Chile. The Pacific Plate is being forcibly shoved by Australia. We all know what is going to happen eventually in the not far but really close future: California will have a blow out earthquake(s). It is not probable but inevitable. Everyone is sitting there, studiously trying to ignore this but yesterday, an alarmed scientist yelled about this, really to little avail. California will strengthen their building codes yet again, they announced.

Quite a number of victims of the hurricane are being located in California. Frying pan/fire.

From Yahoo:
Hurricane Katrina may serve as a wake-up call on climate change for developing nations, many of which are vulnerable to devastation from global warming, the World Bank's top environmental official said on Thursday.

Ian Johnson, the World Bank's vice president for environmentally and socially sustainable development, told Reuters the storm's heavy damage in the southern United States would have important implications for poorer countries.

"Just think of the catastrophic impact it's had in a country that's pretty well organized, pretty rich. Transfer that to a country that isn't and may not have the same level of capacity to deal with these sorts of things," Johnson said in an interview.

"Katrina is a terrible tragedy, but maybe it is a wake-up call to all of us to begin understanding what catastrophic events, what damage can occur," he added.

In addition to fostering talks on emissions and promoting clean energy products, Johnson said the World Bank is working with private industry to find ways to protect poor nations from the expected environmental shifts linked to global warming.

"There is a real sense that the train has left the station, and that there is going to be a pretty significant impact of climate change," Johnson said, adding the devastation in New Orleans had increased public sensitivity to these risks.

"Certainly in the press, it seems to have raised questions of the extent to which this is part of a global warming world," he said. "I do think that public opinion is thinking a lot about these issues."
The oceans are dying. The Gulf in particular, is dying rapidly. This summer has been a catastrophe for it. The cleansing hurricanes are helping but not enough for paradoxically, the flood waters, ripe with human waste and chemicals, are flooding into that basin where it will fester since the waters go in a counter-clockwise flow, the Gulf is a cul-de-sac. Even where powerful ocean floods flow like the mighty Gulf Stream, are deteriorating due to human pollution and waste and global warming.

From Xinhuanet:
Typhoon Khanun, the No. 15 strong tropical storm of this year, is expected to hit the central-northern parts of Fujian Province Sunday afternoon, according to weather forecasts.

Typhoon Khanun is approaching the province at a speed of 15 km per hour from the eastern sea region off Taiwan, and the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters has urgedall-out efforts to make preparations.

Typhoon Khanun has so far reached force 12 which is likely to further strengthen and will bring along heavy precipitation to the province, said the provincial weather station.

Liang Qiping, deputy governor of the province, urged officials in the province to work hard to mobilize the local people in making preparations to fight the upcoming typhoon.

The provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters has asked all the ships and vessels operating on the sea nearby toreturn or take shelters in ports before 18:00 Saturday and all the personnel working at the offshore breading fields to get onshore.

The headquarters also urged the people in mountainous areas to prepare against possible mountain torrents, mud-rock flows and geological disasters. Enditem
You won't see a thing about this in any American news format. At all. I have noted that this year, Asia has been positively ravaged by typhoons. We want sympathy and aid from the world and we are supposedly the richest, most powerful country.

We are not anymore.

Today, Beijing firmly announced the North Korean talks they sponsored that we recklessly walked out on, are resuming with the American team firmly in hand to sign the documents the Chinese have prepared for us. They desperately want to fix things with North Korea so they can secure this border. Now they can do it to their specifications because Americans can't drag their feet anymore. We are over the barrel, beggars at their gates.

Like me, they know that all Americans have to do to fix this is to tax themselves. But Bush won't and half the country won't and so we are being sold down the Yangtze River and toodle-loo, Uncle Sam.

From the BBC:
Humans were influencing the climate long before the Industrial Revolution, new research suggests.

Levels of methane rose steadily in the atmosphere in the first millennium, according to an analysis of gases trapped in ice beneath Antarctica.

Much of the greenhouse gas came from huge fires lit by humans as they cleared land for settlements and farming, researchers report in Science.

But natural climate change would have contributed to the emissions, they say.

Greenhouse gas emissions have risen to record levels over recent centuries but little is known about the atmosphere in pre-industrial times.
As the grazing herds of ice age beasts ran from raging fires set by humans, these fires literally drove them into extinction and humans had to scavange the last of the big creatures and domesticate them and fight to protect them from other humans, thus the herding societies were born. The dog, pig, sheep, cows and horses all were protected so they could remultiply. But in North America, there was domestication of only the dog and many animals were wiped out. The bison were able to survive and multiply only because humans deserted the open plains when the earlier herds were killed off and only reentered them around 5,000 years ago or less.

From the BBC:

Higher UK temperatures are causing soils to "exhale" large quantities of carbon dioxide, probably accelerating global warming, scientists report.

They base their assessment on a huge analysis of soil samples gathered from across England and Wales over 25 years.

The team says its findings, if extended to the whole of the UK, suggest some 13 million tonnes of carbon are being lost from British soils each year.

The Cranfield University group reports its work in the journal Nature.

The scientists say computer models used to forecast future climate trends will now have to be revised because the calculations on which they are based will be wide of the mark.

"Our findings suggest the soil part of the equation is scarier than we had thought," Professor Guy Kirk, of Cranfield University, told journalists at the British Association's Festival of Science in Dublin, Ireland.

"The consequence is that there is more urgency about doing something - global warming will accelerate."
You know, in the Carboniferous Age, a lot of carbon was manipulated by the earth. The oxygen levels soared as plants took over and insects finally evolved to eat them, huge insects, dragon flies 1000 times bigger than today, for example. The oxygen was so rich, so much carbon was "breathing" through the dense understory/soil which wasn't broken down by insects because they were still evolving to fill this new niche...A vast swampland. This is where our coal and oil comes from! This time.

From the BBC:
Scientists are only now starting to recognise the astonishing size reached by pterosaurs, the flying reptiles that lived at the time of the dinosaurs.

New discoveries in the Americas suggest some had wingspans of 18m (60ft).

But there was nothing ugly about the way they moved through the air, according to expert Dr David Martill, of the University of Portsmouth.

Their ability to utilise air currents, thermals and ground effects would astonish aeroplane designers, he said.

"Pterosaurs were beautifully engineered," he told BBC News.

"Their skeletons were exceedingly light: their bones were very thin and hollow, and those hollows were filled with an air-sack system. They'd also got rid of their reptilian scales and their wing membrane was very, very thin.
From another period of hyper-global warming/high oxygen/high carbon era. Gigantisim coupled with flying=rich atmosphere.

We know very little about the climate in the far past. We are only just beginning to understand from ice core samples what it was like only 100,000 years ago! Studies! We need more information. Alas, guess what Bush keeps cutting! Recently in the news was this story about how the born again boobies who worship Bush are now asserting dinosaurs existed with humans. They fight science tooth and nail, not understanding that understanding nature is a life and death issue. They imagine if they imagine a universe fit for a nursery school, it will magically do what they desire.

Money for atmospheric/planetary research! Ha. The Space Shuttle is being set back even further in time, the hurricanes ruining all sorts of things down there in Florida. Duh. We can't build space ports where Mother Nature plans to scour clean. And with global warming, all of Florida and the Gulf lowlands are history. Uninhabitable. People will live there, of course, but they are living on borrowed time, the lease on the land held by Mother Nature, running out rapidly.

In this war with Mother Nature, there will be only one winner. And She always wins. This is inevitable. This is why working with Her beats fighting Her.

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