Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another Gas Pipeline Blown Up Near Chechnya

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

A Russian gas pipeline blew up today. Right on the border of Chechnya, a province Putin has laid to waste, torturing and murdering hundreds of thousands just like we are doing in Iraq. Just like the failing war in Afghanistan that is getting worse and worse and which destroyed the Soviet Union, the ongoing battle over energy and religion heats up more and more.

From the BBC:
Two explosions have ripped through Russia's main natural gas supply pipeline to Armenia and Georgia, halting supplies to the two countries.
The blasts occurred close to the border with Georgia early on Sunday morning.

A spokesman for Russia's emergency situations ministry said officials were examining the possibility of sabotage, although it was too early to say.

Georgian energy officials say there are 24 hours worth of gas in the pipeline, as cold weather grips the country.

The daytime temperature in Tbilisi on Sunday was -7C, well below the January average, and Georgia relies on Russian natural gas for most of its heating.
The rebels, hiding in their caves and crevasses, hiding in the open cold, know what they are doing. The perfect time to strike is now and they struck.

This doesn't require huge logistics or leadership, this is classic "hit when the opportunity shows itself" which is why wars with people are dangerous. Namely, if someone wants to fight, they will, and if they have no army, navy or airforce, they use other means to fight. And if one wants the fighting to stop, one must negotiate some sort of useful peace.

But the Christian religionists want one thing: total domination of all Muslim lands so we can remove all their wealth and make ourselves fat and happy. This long range looting expedition is a turning of the historic tables when Muslims swept across the planet, doing the same thing, for themselves, back when the stirrup was invented.

It was a close fight for a long time, even up until 1500, the Turks, for example, ran right up to Vienna and besieged it unsuccessfully. Alas, for them, they suddenly became a backwater when Europeans circumvented the Great Steppes and the Middle East to sail around Africa and the discovery of gold in the New World meant all the wealth now flowed directly to Europe instead of being intercepted by the Muslim empires which stretched across all the major trade routes with India, China and the spice islands.

So the relative power of the Muslim empires sank and they rotted internally, losing industry and financing, going into debt (Hey! Does this ring a bell, America?). As they weakened, Russia, Germany, France and England all began to chew the Ottoman and other Muslim empires apart, the contest over the corpse igniting WWI and WWII. Remember, the Archduke was shot visiting lands recently wrest away from Istanbul.

Then Allah bestowed a tremendous gift on the True Believers: oil and gas. Now, the desperation to steal from Muslims shot right through the roof only the Muslim nations, no longer empires, broken up by European/American fiat, had a weapon of great potency, if they could sell the oil on their own terms, they could retake their lands and reassert their powers if they could play the aliens off of each other.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, the American/Anglo empire eagle/lion sprang upon the Middle East and sank its fangs deep.

Afghanistan, though, showed the road to victory in this jihad. And bin Laden, whose family consorts with the invaders, knew the mind and spirit of the invaders all too well, actually, exactly well, and he is the voice of the revolution sweeping Islam, for unlike the appeasers to the Christians, he waves the flag of Islam and explains how to fight back, Mao-style.

And if you don't think this man read Mao, well. Power grows out of the barrel of a gun and revolutionaries swim in the sea of the peasants. OK? And the Red Sea stretches across half the globe now, the sea of anger and fury against foreign religion/foreign invaders is extremely high and note that not one person has turned in any Jihadists we are hunting despite all the bounties we offer!

The convergence of these forces see saw the planet. Russia dearly would love to entertain the desert tribes but they are fighting Muslims themselves so they can't. China, ditto. So both play the bribery game which is remarkably like 1900 when this identical situation sprang up starting with the Crimean war on to WWI and WWII. We are the British Empire in this replay of those two dangerous wars and of course, if we think this won't end with WWIII, we are nuts.

It can and it will. 100%. This is because it isn't the Suez Canal which the French built and the British immediately wanted nor the Orient Express which Germany built to circumvent the Suez Canal's influence, the confluence of energy/trade/population pressure is so very close to the conditions which will start WWIII it is fearsome to watch.

The wild commentary today in the NYT speculating about how we should somehow ooze into Iran and make it part of our empire coupled with our military screaming every time any oil nation or nations like China buy so much as a pop gun is another sign our empire is terrified of the forces we are unleashing and hoping to control all of the military junk we unleased on the planet and this includes nukes which we and only we used on civilians already, we want it to all go away via us crushing the weapons, the people, everything in our fat path.

The jihadists sense our fear, like hunting wolves, they can smell our sweat. They listen in on us, using the internet, they know our fearful leaders who cower in deep caves and hide in public behind masses of military goon squads, fearful of their own citizens, unable to poke so much as a finger out the front door for fear some outraged citizen might snap it off, these cowardly men cowering in fear are being pushed around by virtually unarmed peasants far away. The sense of power and glory this sheds on the jihadists can't be ignored.

They are, quite frankly, triumphant. Half a billion people watch them and cheer them on and pray they succeed! Isn't that lovely? And we think we will bomb them all into submission. Putin utterly laid to waste Chechnya and since then, the fighting has gotten worse and worse and the strikes closer and closer to the heart. Putin sweats in fear at night in his bed because these wolves are hunting him just as surely as they are hunting Bush.

Time to spy on fellow Americans. Like Quakers.
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