Wednesday, January 25, 2006

As USA Bleeds To Death In Iraq, China Cleverly Moves In To Start Taking Over The Oil Fields

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The "shock and awe" method of doing business is proving to be a very expensive failure. The Chinese are using the more effective "a fist full of dollars" method. This means, as we retreat along a bloody trail in Iraq, the Chinese move into the vacated spaces and take over. If we try to compete, we have to borrow money from China, first.

From Azzaman via Buzzflash:
China is keen to train Iraqi personnel working in the oil sector and other fields, a foreign ministry statement said.

The statement, faxed to the newspaper, said the Chinese were willing to provide training in the spheres of telecommunications, power generation and diplomacy as well as oil.

The pledge to provide the training came following a meeting between Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zaibari and the Chinese envoy in Baghdad.

“The (Chinese) ambassador has expressed his government’s willingness to develop relations with Iraq … and provide the country with assistance in the training of Iraqi cadres,” the statement said.

It said initially China would provide training for 80 Iraqi oil personnel “and donate X-ray machines” to help the country control its borders and combat violence.

“China is keen to do whatever it takes to press ahead with the Iraqi reconstruction,” the statement quoted the envoy as saying.
The Chinese aren't crowing about this in Xinhua net news but then, it is probably not finished, they like to announce things after official visits but I expect that detail will be arranged soon enough.

On the giant World Go Board, this would be a very significant spot to put a Chinese stone. If you think of things with chess images, this is a Bishop parking itself catty corner to a castle. Since China has moved into Iran and occupies the entire grid, there, taking the heart of Iraq is a grand, aggressive move. No longer shy about their foreign dealings, the Chinese are no longer the inept diplomats but rather, very highly trained and quite focused.

It is amusing the Chinese will instruct Iraqis on "diplomacy". The head reels. We know what this means! Chinese diplomats will meet with and instruct Iraqi ones on the fine art of triangulation leading to strangulation. China knows that being too obvious and forwards means one becomes a target but if one trianulates, one can muffle any opponent's moves because one is playing with more than one chess piece or Go stone.

Russia is just relearning how to triangulate. Slowly, Putin has struggled to control the urge to simply dictate to others and many of his moves seem clumsy compared to the smooth Chinese operations.

But he is learning, quickly. Unlike Americans, who are led by right wing idiots working for a man who must be the stupidest world leader ever since since the Roman Empire and King George III of England. We think,bellowing like a mastadon in a tar pit and lashing out at everyone is great diplomatic skills and will make us all powerful.

This delusion is killing us, literally. Not one Chinese soldier has died in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet the biggest winner in these wars has been China. And as I keep saying, China doesn't mind the sudden rise in world oil prices since the USA has to bleed much more red ink now due to this while China has a gigantic kitty of petrodollars to bid for oil and the only way we can bid for oil is to first go to China for loans, a win/win/WIN cycle for China and a giant loser for America.

Why our leaders want this doesn't baffle me.

They are criminals, traitors and psychopaths. All good reasons to remove them just like Hitler was removed. Ahem.
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