Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bush And Europe Wants War With Iran But China Doesn't

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush has dragooned Europe into supporting increasingly violent actions to stop Iran from protecting their own borders from imperialist invasions from Europe and America. His threats to bomb Iran collide with China's growing influence there and with China bidding up the world price of oil because they have a fist full of dollars, a trillion dollars, to bid with and they intend to make this a very expensive auction indeed.

From Associated Press:
European powers, supported by the United States, rejected Iran's request for more negotiations on the Islamic republic's nuclear program, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice saying Wednesday "there's not much to talk about" after Iran resumed atomic activities.

As European countries pushed ahead with efforts to have Iran brought before the U.N. Security Council for its nuclear activities, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused them of trying to deprive Iran of peaceful technology.

"We are asking they step down from their ivory towers and act with a little logic," Ahmadinejad said. "Who are you to deprive us from fulfilling our goals?

"You think you are the lord of the world and everybody should follow you. But that idea is a wrong idea."
Relentlessly, Bush pushes Iran into the role of Evil Empire (tm) but he is missing quite a few necessary elements. One is, Israel got nukes, keeps them hidden, conspires with the USA to keep them hidden but still let the world know, they might have them, and they do this to stop invasions like the one that ran over halpless Iraq, destroying the entire country's ability to exist as a country. Pakistan not only got nukes, far from being punished for it, gets sophistocated weapon systems from the USA which enables them to spend like fiends on military stuff due to money lent by the nearly bankrupt USA, money we get from.....China

China has partial veto powers over us now. Our rulers think Japan can scrub our money problems by taking on infinite debts but we are seeing the limits of that for no system is infinite. China has very definite plans for the Middle East and one of them is to cage the oil there. From Xinhua net:
Arab countries have become the major source of China's oil imports, the Ministry of Commerce said on Wednesday.

In the first 11 months of 2005, China imported 50.52 million tons of crude oil from Arab countries, accounting for 44 percent of China's total oil imports, the ministry said.

The overall bilateral trade volume between China and Arab countries totaled 46.38 billion U.S. dollars, up 39 percent year on year. China's exports to Arab countries were 21.44 billion dollars, up 36 percent, and imports were 24.94 billion dollars, up46 percent.

Arab countries have become China's eighth largest trade partnerand the seventh largest market for China's exports and imports respectively. The ratio of high-tech products in bilateral trade has been increasing, the ministry said.

China's direct investment in Arab countries totaled 390 millionU.S. dollars, and Arab countries funded 1,067 projects in China, involving total contractual value of 1.52 billion dollars.

China and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf are negotiating matters on building a free trade area. The two sides expect to sign an agreement by the end of 2006, the ministry said.
I am putting in the entire item, this is a message direct from Hu and Wen telling us where they intend to place their latest Go stones. Smack right where we want to put ours.

Unlike us, they are not using military force, they are too smart for that. They are placing them in friendly places, making friends with people we have utterly alienated or pushed around brutally for years and years. Not much good blood there for us, just lots of blood. Speaking of which, the Chinese decided today they should announce yet another important Go move. From Xinhua net:
Chinese top leader Hu Jintao and top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) KimJong Il held talks in Beijing, exchanging views on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common concern,and reaching important and wide-ranging consensus.

Kim, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK, paid an unofficial visit to China from Jan. 10 to 18 as Hu's guest. During his stay in China, Kim visited Central China's Hubei Province, South China's Guangdong Province and China's capital Beijing.
In the American news, it is all about how the Chinese sponsored talks have failed, well, what about them cookies? We deep sixed the talks so China deep sixed us in the Korean sector. They, like me, understand the latest signpost in the plan to dominate America will be passed in the next few weeks: $1 trillion in American debts owned by them!

This is dreadful. And hilarious at the same time. In order to pretend we are prosperous, we were forced to ship out all our jobs to drop prices at home so we could buy more with less money since we are earning less money. This created a dual vicious circle of needing to send more jobs out as energy prices soared so we could pretend we were doing OK but this means more money for the Chinese foreign exchange kitty and imagine China, the hour we drop bombs on Teheran, dropping $1 trillion dollars on the foreign exchanges.

Think the panicky Japanese stock market today was a laugh riot, imagine Europe and America and Japan's shock when our entire currency collapses in one day? Mmmm?

Our attempts to get China to railroad Iran at the UN, to disarm them so we can invade just like we did to Iraq, oh, wouldn't Hitler have loved such a system! Forced international disarmament of any country he wanted to loot? Well, China was cut out of contracts in Iraq but they have much bigger ones in Iran and they won't let us cheat them twice. Already, our saber rattling has caused world oil prices to go up $10+ a barrel and rising and the Chinese have said nothing about that for I think they plan to let it rise until we scream "uncle" since we are the ones who are cleaning out inflation by shipping jobs to China so the Chinese can turn this screw forever.

As the earlier article points out, they are doing a great deal of mutual business with the oil pumping Middle East and intend to do more and intend to control our interference and they will pay whatever price the oil sheiks ask for and they know Russia wants expensive oil so it is OK with them since they have been planning to use alternative fuels since the year of Mao's death which is why my dad was one of the very first people asked to come to China back when Nixon opened China's borders.

Solar energy is one of their goals, nuclear power is another. And defeat of America is the top goal. Trust me on this.

UPDATE: From Reuters:
A disruption in Iran's crude oil exports because of a dispute over that country's nuclear program would further crimp the already tight global oil market and lead to higher petroleum prices, the head of the U.S. Energy Information Administration warned on Tuesday.

"The market is so tightly balanced, clearly, we can't afford to lose a large supply of crude to the market," EIA chief Guy Caruso told Reuters in an interview.
Yup. Trade sanctions. That is what we will impose on Iran...Hahahaha. Gads.
Economic sanctions, which could affect Iran's oil exports, are possible but thought to be unlikely.

Iran, the world's fourth biggest oil exporter, has warned that global crude prices would go higher if the United Nations imposes sanctions.
Hey, when are we going to impose trade sanctions on the country that did attack us on 9/11? Saudi Arabia?
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