Thursday, January 19, 2006

Chinese Claim Success At Creating Super Conducting, Non-circular Nuclear Fusion

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Faustian quest for eternal energy continues. The Chinese have, since the death of Mao, made it a number one priority to make China self sufficient with new energy technologies. This quest for the Holy Grail is also fraught with grave dangers.

From Xinhua net:
It was learned from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) that it will have completed the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) which aims to explore infinite and clean energy resources of nuclear fusion by this March or April.

By then, Hefei will become the first institute in the world to have built an all-superconducting non-circular section nuclear fusion experiment facility, which is generally known as an artificial sun.

The energy resource crisis has begun to threaten the world, as oil, coal and other types of non-renewable energy resources will be used up in a century. Scientists recommend the extraction of deuterium from sea water and the ignition of nuclear fusion of this element in temperatures as high as 100 million degrees Celsius. In nuclear fusion, deuterium abstracted from one kilogram of sea water will be able to produce as much energy as that of 300 liters of gasoline.

Invention of a facility that can withstand the temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius and control deuterium and atomic fusion to ensure steady and continuous energy output equals to invention of an artificial sun, which can provide infinite and clean energy like the sun, as sea water is virtually inexhaustible.
The ultimate energy source is the black hole which spins at a terrific speed and all matter is crushed unbelievably. Interrupt a black hole by crashing another one into it and you get spectacular explosions that rip apart whole galaxies and sends energy tornadoes across hundreds of trillions of miles, thousands of light years. Whew.

And we are sorely tempted by the Dark Arts, the lure of eternal energy flowing, alas, this is what the Universe is all about and our fates: for if energy is eternal, then this means all will be consumed in the fiery furnace of a new Big Bang.

Aside from all that, the work on fusion isn't all that innocent. The energy we attempt to harness is truly a dangerous genie. Any interruption can cause an eruption. Malicious humans, nuclear war, meteors from space, earthquakes, sheer neglect, and of course, the unknowns that multiply as the system is made ever more complex: these are why we can't access this energy on this planet.

If we built colonies on other objects, then maybe yes, for then it wouldn't matter if the system collapses and everyone dies, it won't mean the end of all living things, a serious matter we can't ignore.

Our desire of energy is, like all gross appetites, never ending and never assauged. As soon as we build a system providing energy, our lust for more exceeds the provisions. This iron clad rule of human nature won't change if we have endless energy and of course, this merely puts off for a short while, the end of humanity.

We are a successful organism which has to either leave this planet or destroy it. If we want to live in a bubble, we can build bubbles but not on this delicate, lovely and possibly singular entity. Until we find other earths, we have to assume this is the only one and act accordingly.

Except this collides with the greatest force on earth: greed.
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