Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Putin Plays Judo With Europe: The Ukrainian/Gasprom Battle

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Russia is led by a ruthless, brilliant man while America is run by a dithering idiot. This week, Russia was emboldened enough to play hardball with former Soviet states. All he had to do was squeeze the gas pipelines going to through the Ukraine. All of Europe shuddered.

From the New York Times:
Ukraine conceded today that it had withdrawn natural gas from its pipeline system that Russia said was intended for export to Europe, but it asserted that it had a contractual right to the fuel under an agreement with the Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan.

Both Russia and Turkmenistan export natural gas to Ukraine, but the flow of fuel from Central Asia passes through Russian pipelines before it reaches the Ukrainian border.

A dispute over pricing and transit fees between Russia and Ukraine, which led to a brief disruption in gas supplies, has set off alarm bells in Western Europe at the peak of the winter heating season. Europe imports about a quarter of its natural gas from Russia, most of it passing over pipelines on Ukraine's territory.
You ain't whistling Dixie! Gads.

Alarm? How about hysterical fear? Russia just purchased the former Prime Minister of Germany. No sooner than he left office, he ran off to Russia to offer his services. Makes one wonder. Hmmm. The New World Order gets to be organized by the most diligent, hard working people and this means the Chinese, of course.

It is amusing, watching this drama unfold.
Meanwhile, the political fallout from Russia's brief gas embargo on Ukraine escalated in Europe and the United States. Austria and other Central and Eastern European countries agreed to seek to diversify their supplies away from Russia. In Washington, the State Department spokesman criticized Russia's use of energy as a foreign policy tool. The shutoff in Ukraine came three months before a parliamentary election here.
Hahahaha! Hahahaha. What can one say? How on earth is Europe going to get other sources of gas? From Uzbekistan?


And this is what the Hubbert Oil Peak is all about. Any country with a big military, nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles which just allied itself with another, even bigger military, population, industrial giant with nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles and if one of them has lots of gas and oil and the other a billion pissed off people, guess what?

Everyone else better duck. Down low.

I love reading the really boring Chinese diplomatic announcements. They are a goldmine of information and if one wishes to detect the various stones being set down on the International Go Board, this is where one looks, at the lovely work of the very intelligent, devious Chinese diplomatic hordes.

This week's little prize is this: From China.org:
China and Russia held talks in Beijing Thursday on issues related to holding large-scale cultural activities in the coming two years, a move to strengthen bilateral strategic partnership.

The Russia Year in China scheduled for 2006 and the China Year in Russia for 2007 were declared in a joint statement during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to China last year.

The two goodwill programs will cover a wide spectrum of areas including culture, education, economy, political systems and traditional customs.

The China-Russia talks on the goodwill programs were co-chaired by Chinese state councilors Tang Jiaxuan and Chen Zhili and visiting Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, who is also president of the organizing committee of the Russia Year in China.
Europe wants to side with Ukraine in defying Russia, denying Russia access to the Black Sea ports? Want to station troops in all the former Soviet States?

Well, China will definitely love to get all that gas and oil. So if Europe doesn't want it, they can poke Russia in the eye and have the energy gluttons in all the earth give them gas. Wait, didn't Europe ship the USA gluttons gas this fall thanks to Mother Nature rapping us on the noggin?

Putin's punching Europe and America in the nose is quite popular just like Hu and Wen slugging it out with Japanese war criminal worshippers. From the BBC:
One sign of what Russians make of it comes from the BBC Russian Service website which is full of hostile comments about Ukraine.

This for example: "For Ukraine the price of $230 is payment for its 'democratic choice'. Why should Russia pay for that choice? You want to join the West? You want to join Nato? Go ahead!!!... If you change course, the price will change. That's normal. That's how all your Western friends behave. So stop crying and howling... At the end of the day the Ukrainian people always has a choice - the West, where no-one is waiting for you, or with us."

Or this with reference to Russian claims that Ukraine has diverted gas meant for Western Europe: "A thief should go to jail. If [Belarusian President Alexander] Lukashenko stole gas from Europe, then the EU would not remain silent about the fact that its gas was being stolen."
As energy supplies tighten, nationalism is on the rise. In Nigeria, attacks on the oil lines happen frequently now and instead of increasing nationalist attitudes, the rulers there are cleaving to the foreign powers sucking up all the natural resources and leaving a corpse behind.

But Russia has different plans. Now that they are no longer on the economic ropes, they are beginning to flex some muscle. No longer the sick man of Europe, they are holding the true future in their hands: controlling the supply of in ground resources.

Just like Schroeder of Germany, it seems Americans working on international trade are considering working for Putin, too. From MSNBC

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered former Commerce Secretary Donald Evans, a close friend of President Bush, a top job at Russian state oil company OAO Rosneft.

A person familiar with the details of a recent trip Evans made to Russia said the offer came at a meeting Evans had with Putin last week at the Kremlin. This person spoke only on condition of anonymity because no public announcement has been made.
Bet it won't happen now that some shocked interpeter blew the whistle. I bet the White House will find out who this person is and well, spy on them, of course.

Putin is a huge judo fan. He said, "This is my basic life philosophy." I have done judo. It means taking the ki, the energy, of one's opponent and by curving the arc of attack, one can easily and without much strain, indeed, meditatively, toss the opposing party overhead and flat onto the ground. Bush doesn't need anyone to toss him to the ground, he falls down all the time all by his lonesome. It is amazing he can even walk at this point! Knowing this, why do the spooks and spies and agents and all the foolish idiots surrounding Bush, how can they stand it? They must have at least one person in all the CIA or NSA or State Department who knows what judo is and can see we are being thrown down on the mat, the more we throw punches, the more we belly flop.

We lost Russia.

We lost China.

We got Japan who is draining us dry of all factories and locking us in eternal debts we can't discharge. And Japan is itsy bitsy and can't fight a war since the people have stopped producing excess sons, and we lost half the planet, two of the few nations that can send humans into space, nuclear rivals we should never had let become best buddies, all because we have a drunken sot trying to wrestle with a KGB judo champion.

Even the movies couldn't make Bush into an Inspector Gadget, winning by being an oaf.
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