Monday, February 20, 2006

Bush Announces Magic Energy Source In Colorado

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

We have noticed this for years, whenever Bush appears at any factory to announce a break through or success, it then closes, goes bankrupt or fires much of the staff. Once again, he did this at a lab which does energy research. 22 scientists fired the week he comes to boast about them.

From AP:
Saying the nation is on the verge of technological breakthroughs that would "startle" most Americans, President Bush on Monday outlined his energy proposals to help wean the country off foreign oil.
And who was "startled"? The people at this lab!

From Brad Delong:
The senior biochemical engineer had worked for the laboratory for 22 years, converting biomass, such as trees, into fuels and chemicals, such as ethanol. His computer was disabled and his phone turned off; a manager escorted him out of the building at 3 p.m. "How do you expect, after 22 years, to wrap everything up in a few hours?" Mohagheghi said, adding that he lost his job and some dignity that day. "I didn't deserve to be treated this way," he said.

The layoffs came after President Bush's State of the Union address Jan. 31 sparked optimism at NREL. The president said Americans were addicted to oil, and he vowed funding for renewable energy research. Bush plans to visit NREL on Tuesday to reinforce his dedication to renewable energy.
Just like NASA, Bush announces a huge new initiative and then cuts the budget and staff. Now the Mars merry-go-round is flatter than the Texas Panhandle and of course, Bush knows the energy research using biofuels is a waste of time and effort. But to keep the wolf from his political door, he has to pretend we will all grow a megamillion acres of "sawgrass" which will magically fuel our vehicles! Here is Bush, again:
"Our nation is on the threshold of new energy technology that I think will startle the American people," Bush said. "We're on the edge of some amazing breakthroughs — breakthroughs all aimed at enhancing our national security and our economic security and the quality of life of the folks who live here in the United States."
These pitiful programs are breakthroughs? Shows exactly how badly things will be going in the future.

If the only thing we grew was this weed, after growing, harvesting and processing the entire crop, we will be able to fuel less than 3% of our fleet of cars and trucks! Corn has lots of energy stored in it which is why I feed it to my horse, Sparky, in winter. Gives him a lot of pep. Neigggh.

But growing it uses lots of fossil fuels. This is why they concocted the fantasy of running America's giant fleet of giant vehicles on sawgrass which has very little caloric value and trust me, this means very few calories per lb to be turned into instant fossil fuel! The laws of conservation of energy can't be tipped over like the fantasy of tipping over cows (which is nearly impossible unless one is the Hulk and even then, a dicey matter!).

Trees have tremendous caloric values when you burn them because they store many years of sunlight and water within themselves and when burned or processed, all this energy is released. Sawgrass grows where the soil is poor and it is a poor grass, my cattle or horse would starve to death if all they ate were this poor sustitute.

The whole sawgrass mantra is to do the old bait and switch. Namely, we are supposed to take the bait and they switch us onto the track called "to be eliminated or enslaved". If we are serious about cutting back buying fossil fuels then we should be seeing severe building codes whereby only houses like mine are built in the Northeast, for example, namely facing the winter sun to catch the natural heat and to cope with the severe west winds which are the primary winds in winter, etc. But of course, there is no call for this nor for downsizing our gargantuan vehicles (and our gargantuan bodies!).

No one wants to hear that our way of living must and will end. America just went through one of its biggest building booms in our history and 99% of what was built is nearly useless in the future. This sad state of affairs will become all to obvious in the not too distant future.

But then, I say this all the time. Bush is lying to us, watch what he does, not what he says and obviously, he agrees with me about this biofuel garbage. He just doesn't want any of us to know this.

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