Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bush Isn't Going To Replace Oil Pumped Out Of Strategic Petroleum Reserves

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush decided it was pointless to replace the oil we ran down this winter. I always thought the SPR was a stupid concept, pumping oil out of the ground only to put it back into the ground again! If we are having "hard times," the plan should be rationed fuel, not pumping in and out, oil that shouldn't be pumped in the first place. A top scientist claims we hit the Hubbert Oil Peak mid December last year. I agree.

From Reuters:
Congress is requiring the Bush administration to add almost 300 million barrels to the U.S. emergency oil stockpile, but the White House on Monday did not seek money to buy the crude in its proposed budget for the 2007 spending year sent to Congress.

In sweeping energy legislation signed into law last year, Congress required the administration to boost capacity of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to 1 billion barrels from its current 727 million barrels.
I got this from From the keep up with all the updates concerning the Hubbert Oil Peak. From Princeton, Prof. Deffeyes:
In the January 2004 Current Events on this web site, I predicted that world oil production would peak on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005. In hindsight, that prediction was in error by three weeks. An update using the 2005 data shows that we passed the peak on December 16, 2005.
He goes on to note that Saudi Arabia keeps claiming they will up their oil pumping again and again with great fan fare which is then echoed stupidly here in America on TV only the rate of pumping has gone DOWN the last two years there.

No you should know why prices are so high and not coming down! All it took was Saudi Arabia losing 2% of their capacity to change the world from an oil glut situation to an oil deficit situation. The North Sea oil wells are running out rapidly. Over 600 men have died over the years, providing this oil for the rigs have a tendency to collapse when under stressful storms, they blow up or the helicopters transporting people crash, etc. Like coal, the oil we consume often is mixed with blood, metaphorically speaking.

Actually, the oil flowing out of the Middle East swims in oceans of blood and pain!
So what are the policy implications? Numerous critics are claiming that the present world economic situation is a house of cards: built on trade deficits, housing price bubbles, and barely-adequate natural gas supplies. Pulling any one card out from the bottom of the pile might collapse the whole structure.
Of course. The Punch and Judy show we watched in DC today on nearly every front including the "I shot the Lawyer but not the trial judge" Cheney was whimsical and unedifying. No one talked about anything important. Everyone patted each other on the back and assured each other, all was well, there is nothing a little tweeking and of course, with solemn faces, promises to stay within some sort of budget, this is so sad.

I was in despair for the last 30 years as Americans raced after the will-o-whisp of easy money, easy living when we should have been ants, preparing for winter, working hard. Look around where you live. Are your winter windows facing south? Are the walls more than 8" thick with insulation (hint, the number of houses with that is slightly above zero)? Can you walk to work? Room for a veggie garden and some chickens? If the public wells stop pumping, do you have water?

So many things to consider.

America gambled. We hoped to reel in a big fish, Iraq, and claim all that oil for ourselves so we could sell it and make a lot of money from the Europeans. This is rapidly slipping through our fingers. And our naked attempt at repeating this with Iran has been firmly squelched as of today by the Chinese. Going into that country=World War Three and we won't win it, either.

Bush got away with killing New Orleans. Some people were yelling at Chertoff, Bush's foreigner executioner, the skull faced man who presided over the doom of so many innocent civilians. From Associated Press:
Acknowledging delayed aid and fumbled coordination, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Wednesday the federal response to Hurricane Katrina fell far short of providing immediate help to the Gulf Coast that could have saved lives.

Chertoff's Senate testimony came the same day a House panel released a scathing report concluding that deaths, damage and suffering could have been decreased if the White House and federal, state and local officials had responded more urgently to Katrina.

"There are many lapses that occurred, and I've certainly spent a lot of time personally, probably since last fall, thinking about things that might have been done differently," Chertoff told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee about the Aug. 29 storm.
Within about two days BEFORE the hurricane, I thought of a zillion things Chertoff could have done and I yelled about it all here on my own blog. This psychopath needed months of people yelling at him to think up some of the things he should have done spontaneously and instantly. So, Congress is yelling at him today but no one is firing him. He still is in charge of eliminating us. I cannot fathom why the vast majority of Americans aren't really scared by this! What if the New Madrid Fault blows again? This is going to happen, sooner or later! What if California finally releases all that pent up pressure from the Pacific plate? Will happen, the only question is , this year or in five years?

In the old days, Chertoff would have been long gone. Why the lassitude these days? One by one, "excess" cities will be removed and not replaced. The refugees will scurry about, seeking shelter, note how little interest there is in the fact that many were evicted from hotels today, survivors of the hurricanes this year? The news of the lack of interest in recharging the oil pumped out of the strategic reserves is proof our ruling class feels they must hide things from the masses. So they report it on the back pages and hope the readers or watchers only note the glitzy, loud, persistant commercials. Buy useless or hopeless junk! Buy now!

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