Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bush Pushes For War With Venezuela

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks to our out of control trade deficit and total dependence on foreign oil reserves, we are now thrashing around, trying to start wars with anyone sitting on oil wells. Once again, the target is Venezuela. Nothing irritates our overlords more than the thought that any oil pumping country gets to keep the profits so the people can get services and build a better country. Look at how the oil overlords are systematically destroying America! Why would they want to allow any country to thrive?

From Reuters:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned on Saturday he could shut his government's U.S.-based refineries and sell oil to nations other than the United States if Washington decided to cut diplomatic ties, as relations between the two countries continue to worsen.

Chavez said he did not want to take such measures after he expelled a U.S. military attache earlier this week on spying charges and Washington responded by ordering out a Venezuelan diplomat in a tit-for-tat retaliation.

"If the U.S. government wants to break relations, then they have to take that decision over there, over there. I could easily order the refineries we have over there closed," Chavez told a large crowd of supporters.
You know, when Israel is caught again and again, spying on us, we don't demand they stop nor do we recall their ambassador or remove Israeli citizens who run Homeland Security. Nothing at all happens except for a parade of politians running to the Israeli lobby to apologize for catching them and promising we will ignore their syping in the future much more carefully.

Well, Venezuela doesn't have a powerful lobby here so they can't play that game. Instead, we spy on them and then use the uncovering of traitors betraying Venezuela, a crime. We demand Venezuela apologize to us for catching our spies! Of course, everything is backwards when it comes to the USA and those who sell us oil.

We are like bank robbers buying gas so we can make more heists. We itch to shoot the gas station owner and not pay. After all, we are well armed! We have nukes! We have the biggest gibbering military on earth, why can't we just hold up gas stations, too?

Venezuela sells most of their oil to the USA. Just this last week, Bush yapped about how we are going to cut purchases from Saudi Arabia by 75% which caused them to yank our leash very hard. All they have to do is call a Fatwa on us and we are history in the Middle East. This is why they can attack us with impunity when it serves them and Bush like when Bush family friend, bin Laden, worked with Bush to drive America into a vast war for oil.

In public, the US government has to pretend we don't lust for Venezuela's oil which is why we keep our little conspiracies hidden from view as we try every trick in the book to undermine and destroy Venezuela's government. The Pentagon already has trumped the CIA which is under legal controls to not assassinate world leaders, now we are using robots to assassinate people and don't be surprised if this is attempted against Venezuela's popular President.

Our refusal to change the way we use energy is at the root of all this. From Associated Press:
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld pushed Saturday for unity in the fight against terrorism, telling a meeting of the world's top security officials that "a war has been declared on all of our nations and on our people."

Rumsfeld pushed U.S. allies to increase military spending to defeat the threat of a "global extremist empire" he said terrorists hoped to create.
See how this is going to be a world war? We want everyone to be hyper-armed because of terrorism? Isn't that insane! Even as we openly encourage an arms race, we race to disarm potential victims of our quest for cheap oil or at least, we get the oil profits channeled exclusively to the very rich in America and Europe.
"The Cold War wasn't won through fate or good luck — freedom prevailed because our free nations showed resolve when retreat would have been easier, showed courage when concession seemed simpler and more attractive," Rumsfeld said.
The fake story that we won the Cold War because we were hypermilitary and military spending is what made us victorious is insanity.

Russia went bankrupt fighting Muslims. They ran out of money! And the USA can't boast on this front, we are way out of money now and the new Bush budget gives more and more money to the military while cutting services to Americans, a total repeat of the Soviet State. We have a military that eats over $500 billion a year and our budget deficit is ....over $500 billion a year! So guess what?

We are following the Soviet path, perfectly. Even to the point of spending futile dollars on Eastern European backwaters, trying to hold them down for our empire.

Which is pissing off Russia, an oil pumping nation! The alliance of several big oil countries are slowly forming around China. China, unlike the USA, pays cash for oil. The USA has to first get loans from China in order to purchase our oil which terrifies our leaders which is why we want to buy that oil from ourselves, and this means war.
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