Friday, February 17, 2006

China Quickly Closing Deal With Iran---Will Develop Oil Fields

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As expected, China takes the initiative and forges more deals with Iran. Europe, who buys a lot of Iranian oil, played hardball with the Iranians at the behest of the American imperial planners who think diplomacy with a nail studded club is the way to prepare for the downside of the Hubbert Oil Peak. A big problem: China has nukes and rockets. We keep forgetting this fact.

From the Washington Post:
China is hastening to complete a deal worth as much as $100 billion that would allow a Chinese state-owned energy firm to take a leading role in developing a vast oil field in Iran, complicating the Bush administration's efforts to isolate the Middle Eastern nation and roll back its nuclear development plans, according to published reports.

The completion of the agreement would advance China's global quest for new stocks of energy. It could also undermine U.S. and European initiatives to halt Tehran's nuclear plans, possibly generating friction in Beijing's relations with outside powers.
By "isolating" Iran, they made it ludicrously easy for the Chinese to fill the vacuum. No competition! Ideal conditions for making a deal.

Of course, we could break this deal the Hitlerian way: by attacking the Iranians. Hitler always complained about how everyone was hemming in Germany and interfering with Germany and all he wanted was some Lebensraum and security. This involved killing millions of people and putting the rest in chains but then, what can we say? We are the same.

Why Europe went along with this farce puzzles me. Are they that stupid? The entire reason why Iran turned hard edged was because the USA invaded Iraq and openly talked from day one of "the Axis of Evil" that was Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Iran and Iraq hated each other's guts so why they were lumped together, we would have to ask AIPAC, the Israeli lobbying group that owns much of our political system.

The arrest of the traitor, Franklin, who was feeding top secret military information to AIPAC, stopped some of this conspiracy. He handed over papers concerning Iran. Valarie Plame was working the Iranian angle, too. This is all so typically messy.

One other nation interested in knocking Iran down is Saudi Arabia. They are actively encouraging this and they are one of several key countries buying our mountain of debts. This is why Iran is playing a smart game, just like Putin. By defying Europe and America, they are triangulating, forcing Russia and China to finally move in the open and choose sides and of course, they have to side with Iran because to do otherwise would be suicidal.

An iron rule of history is, any empire that takes over the planet instantly causes all potential rivals to side with each other so they can remove the new rulers.

From Marketwatch:
Bears romped through energy stocks this month, trouncing share prices and raising questions about whether the outsized earnings that made Big Oil the star of the 2005 market have run their course.
But investors who bow out of the sector might just rue the day they did.

"The momentum investors are out of the stocks because of the drop in energy prices. But the fundamentals of the sector are still very robust," said Art Smith, an industry analyst at John S. Herold in Houston. "We've seen corrections before. This is just another one."
Crude oil futures for March delivery closed at $59.88 a barrel in New York on Friday -- a 12% downturn so far this month. A mild winter and bulging fuel stockpiles are the main culprits, spoiling big bets last fall that energy prices could only go up in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Isn't it pitiful, our oil prices are totally weather dependent? Right now, Wall Street is betting against a war with Iran. They know we can't afford it so they are ignoring Bush and the neo cons yelling for war.

And I think they are wrong. Bush, unlike Wall Street, sees the hard core figures. He and his oily friends in Saudi Arabia know the Ghawar fields are in trouble. He also knows the next hurricane season just might dwarf the last season. He is willing to force world oil prices back up if this means we take all the Middle East and make it our bitch to use as we will. For we have to have something to sell to China!

And China needs this oil so we need to be the agents pumping it and transporting it to China. And China is determined to not let this happen, no way they want us to have a grip on their necks. They aren't that dumb.

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