Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Exxon Warns Us, We Will Always Need Oil From Other Nations, China Warns They Want 50% Car Ownership

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Exxon mulitbillionaire executives tell us we will always have to import oil. Of course, if we all drive SUVs! Meanwhile, China sets a goal of 50% car ownership by 2050. This means, if the population stays relative to the USA, they will own many more cars than we since there are four times more Chinese than Americans. This process will accelate the effects of the Hubbert Oil Peak by many magnitudes.

From ABC News:
The United States will always rely on foreign imports of oil to feed its energy needs and should stop trying to become energy independent, a top Exxon Mobil Corp. executive said on Tuesday.

"Realistically, it is simply not feasible in any time period relevant to our discussion today," Exxon Mobil Senior Vice President Stuart McGill said, referring to what he called the "misperception" that the United States can achieve energy independence.
From Bush and his oil buddies on down, I see a peculiar form of fatalism. "We can't change our lifestyles or how we transport ourselves so we might as well relax and keep pumping that good ol' oil!" is sheer insanity. Instead of conserving the world's natural resources for important uses since it is needed to produce many medicines and paints, containers, materials, oil has many non-burning up uses and here we are, burning it up at a mad rate! This is also destroying the environment. Using oil for other purposes impacts the environment but burning it is destroying the eco-system in a number of deadly ways, the most important being the relentless rise of CO2 and ozone levels rising during summer.

Pretending we are helpless babies and can't change won't change the Hubbert Oil Peak. It will happen whether we bother to install saner transportation/heating systems. I heard yesterday that the TV pundits are telling the gullible that Saudi Arabia is going to increase oil production by 20%! Indeed. When the Golden Goose flies around the world in 80 days.

Already, just to maintain present production, Saudi Arabia has to pump tremendous amounts of seawater into the empty chambers where the oil sat for 200 million years. Ten years ago, the Saudis pumped 10 mil barrels a day, now it is 9 million. They upped it to 9.5 mil but that is still less than in 1989.

The Gwahair oil fields are the oldest "great discovery" oil fields on earth and this isn't some bottomless pit. It isn't tapping into the earth's mantle. Time to change is here. And now. And the Chinese are shoving us along with this news: From Xinhua net:
He Chuanqi, head of the research team who compiled the report, told Xinhua that to attain this goal, China should follow two stages of social transformation. It should first turn into a city-based industrialized society from the present agricultural one, and then step into a knowledge-oriented society with rural and urban areas developing at the same rate.

By 2050, 80 percent of the urbanization work in China will have been completed, the researcher said.

He added that the social transformation will also bring great changes to peoples' life-styles, as 80 percent of the population would have access to information industry services, 50 percent could afford overseas travel and 50 percent would own private cars.
We will have some serious competition for all that oil. I suspect the Chinese feel, why let the Americans suck up all the oil? We might as well party, too!

And so they shall. We set a very nasty example here, when world oil was cheap, we ran out and tried to consume as much as humanly possible. We decided, it was OK to pretend this very limited resource is unlimited. This brainless mindset set the scene for an epic destruction of the environment and a squandering of our grandchildren's patrimony.

Indeed, what we are bequeathing them is a badly designed, poorly set up society that needs very cheap energy to function and on top of this, a mountain of debts so they can't borrow money to retrofit this mess so it can be even slightly functional.

One last news tidbit: Japan just bought Westinghouse's nuclear plant division. The Chinese wanted it but failed to get it. And this all dovetails into the whole screamathon over Iran's nuclear power plants. America is losing control of everything, one itemm after another, thanks to our giant trade deficits with absolutely everyone.

And high-tech Germany has a big trade surplus with the world, too. It is socialist, isn't it, with strong unions? Heh. Unlike us, racing to end up like Bangledesh.
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