Tuesday, February 07, 2006

IMF Demands Iraqi People Pay Them Full Price For Oil

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The IMF has seized the oil revenues of Iraq and are ordering huge price hikes for the oil in the ground. Unlike Venezuela, the Iraqis are now totally disowned. Eventually, the IMF plans to take over America, too. We will pay through the nose when this happens.

From Reuters:

Iraq will gradually increase state-controlled domestic fuel prices tenfold in 2006 to meet International Monetary Fund demands, an Iraq official said on Monday.

The move is likely to spark public protests. Iraq already increased prices by 200 percent in December, igniting protests and creating a rift between the oil ministry and the government over external political pressure.

"We have to meet demands from the IMF, they said the prices should be equal to the prices in neighboring countries," another source in the oil industry said.
The royals in Saudi Arabia nearly lost their heads but for the rise in world oil prices thanks to the Bush wars which we launched after Saudi citizens and one Egyptian attacked America. Isn't that a coincidence?

The plan for Iraq is to turn over the oil profits there to Americans. We will administer the oil in such a fashion so that Iraqis get none of the profits and none of the oil for themselves. They will be divorced from their own natural resources. Like making farmers serfs by taking all their crops except for enough to keep them barely alive. This overlord style of running countries is very unpopular with the victims, witness Nigeria which is spiralling down in to civil war over the depletion of oil only for Americans.
Iraq won a crucial loan accord with the IMF in late December and a $14 billion debt swap with private lenders.

The $685 million IMF standby credit arrangement was the fund's first ever with Iraq and is designed to support the economic program over the next 15 months.
The Quislings running Iraq aren't using this money to build anything. We already have seen story after story about the corruption and venality of all parties involved in this Iraq mess, American companies as well as Iraqi, they are all on a looting expedition, they funnel all this money to their own bank accounts in places like Switzerland.

This is why there are IMF riots all the time. When the bankers want their money they always end up conspiring with the corrupt rulers, often put in places of power via American military force or conspiracies, and to pay up always involves squeezing the peasants in a thousand, nasty ways.
Former oil minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Uloum protested against the increase in December and was ordered to take one months leave by the prime minister. Uloum tendered his resignation, which was accepted in January.
He saw the writing on the wall. Under Saddam, the oil blackmarket was encouraged because it was the only way to do business while under the American sponsored boycott, it was one way to earn foreign credit.

Now it is out of control since everyone is in a scramble for themselves. There is no national unity nor a nation, for that matter.

Kind of reminds me of America.
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