Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tribe In Pakistan Blow Up Pipeline And Shoot Rockets At Troops

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

So long as Pakistan is run by a Quisling overlord installed by the CIA, it is OK for them to have nukes but the country teeters on the edge of chaos. Today, mountain raiders blew up another gas line and when troops came in to fix it, they shot rockets at them, forcing them to flee. Meanwhile, the Pentagon plans more wars based on using Quislings to serve our empire stealthily.

From the BBC:
Tribesmen have blown up a gas pipeline in Pakistan's troubled southern province of Balochistan, officials say.

Armed militants also fired more than 200 rockets at a major base belonging to the Pakistani security forces in the area, they said.
Across the planet, tribal people who live where the energy is being sucked out of the ground are getting angrier and angrier, watching their patrimony dissappear while they get to be poor. As the price of energy skyrockets, the need to cheat the very poor who live where it is, grows. The chief offender is the American empire which uses more energy from poor tribal areas than any country on earth.

When Bolivia or Venezuela, for example, have real elections and a native from the lower classes is elected, they end up taking over the energy systems and use them to extend health care and education, for example and nothing, absolutely nothing enrages the imperialist more than the idea that some desert tribe has wealth.

When the Saudi Royals took over the oil wells there, we raged. But then Faisal was "unexpectedly" murdered and voila! The status quo returned except we had to share a percentage with the murderers of the previous king.

The American plan, now that we are definitely running out of easy credit from China, is to revert to the Cold War style of oppressing peasants, namely, to send in assassins, professional spies, buying the services of rulers, dirty tricks, swift palace coups like in Nepal, etc. From the Washington Post:
The Pentagon, readying for what it calls a "long war," yesterday laid out a new 20-year defense strategy that envisions U.S. troops deployed, often clandestinely, in dozens of countries at once to fight terrorism and other nontraditional threats.

Major initiatives include a 15 percent boost in the number of elite U.S. troops known as Special Operations Forces, a near-doubling of the capacity of unmanned aerial drones to gather intelligence, a $1.5 billion investment to counter a biological attack, and the creation of special teams to find, track and defuse nuclear bombs and other catastrophic weapons.

China is singled out as having "the greatest potential to compete militarily with the United States," and the strategy in response calls for accelerating the fielding of a new Air Force long-range strike force, as well as for building undersea warfare capabilities.
China will chop our chicken head off using the sharp axe called "economic advantage". We already lost to China. True, their trade deficit with us isn't like Japan which has a huge deficit thanks to huge trade barriers they have erected, the Chinese trade deficit is due to them having cheaper labor because, as Marx assured us, labor is wealth. The Chinese plan is to never ever confront us directly, militarily. Unlike the comfortable American attitude towards world wars, namely, they are strictly fought far from our own homes, the Chinese have vivid memories of WWII which was fought the longest on their own lands, starting in 1932.
In the 2001 strategy, the U.S. military was to be capable of conducting operations in four regions abroad -- Europe, the Middle East, the "Asian littoral" and Northeast Asia. But the new plan states that the past four years demonstrated the need for U.S. forces to "operate around the globe, and not only in and from the four regions."
Namely, we need to reinvade many South American nations that are one by one, slipping the leash, thanks to China. Just yesterday, the Chinese successfully approached Morales of Bolivia to make a deal concerning the energy systems there. They slyly said they aren't going to provide military aid but we all know how this operates! The Pentagon is very alarmed about this but can't go to Beijing and ask for another $100 billion so they want this assassin/stealth team style palace coup force that can wiz in and murder people like Morales, hopefully paying one of his generals to seize control for us.

Like we did in Pakistan. Aren't we popular there? Our huge embassy there sits in an isolated desert, surrounded by miles of defences so they can't shoot rockets at us and the military scours the land, seeking anyone sneaking up to our embassy to nail us. Meanwhile, we can't walk the streets in that country without millions of people screaming at us and throwing things at us. Hearts and minds!
Yet, although the Pentagon's future course is ambitious in directing that U.S. forces become more versatile, agile and capable of tackling a far wider range of missions, it calls for no net increases in troop levels and seeks no dramatic cuts or additions to currently planned weapons systems.
Lovely. The plan is to use rockets and missles and spies to protect America from all the outraged tribal people who hate our guts because we send in teams of assassins and coup supporters who destroy democracy and steal natural resources! Only this doesn't work as Atta cheerfully showed us.
For example, the active-duty Army will revert by 2011 to its pre-2001 manpower of 482,400, with the additional Army Special Operations Forces incorporated in that number, defense officials said. The Air Force will reduce its strength by about 40,000 personnel.

Moreover, the review's key assumptions betray what Pentagon leaders acknowledge is a certain humility regarding the Defense Department's uncertainty about what the world will look like over the next five, 10 or 20 years, as well as its realization that the U.S. military cannot attain victory alone.
Alone. Nope, we conspire with the shredded remains of the huge British "sun never sets" empire, the parts that have overwhelmingly Anglo/Saxon settlers who have completely destroyed the natives, those places support the American Empire's struggle to steal from peasants who are darker skinned or speak other languages.
"Things get very fuzzy past the five-year point," Henry said of the review in a talk last month.
We can't peer five years into the future? What ails them? Blind as bats, they set us off in a direction that isn't going to end with America ruling the world. The Brits thought they could do this with the Expeditionary Forces using many natives, often moving them from Nepal to Africa and Africans to China, to hold onto power with minimum cost to the home islands. Then WWI broke out and the system had to be scrapped.

From the Olympian:
The Pentagon is seeking broad congressional authority to spend tens of millions of dollars on military assistance to unspecified foreign countries or "indigenous forces," authority that traditionally has rested with the State Department.
Here we go, off the cliff. No longer does the State Department, using the CIA, pull coups and do assassinations, now our military gets to decide if and when they do this sort of dirty stuff.

So why are we walking down the exact same path Britain strolled, straight into WWI and WWII? Isn't this a wilful blindness to history that can't be tolerated?
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