Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bush Praises Nuclear Bomb Countries, Pakistan And India---Diplomat Blown Up In Pakistan

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Both India and Pakistan secretly made nukes and now Bush is praising both countries and wants to help them develop their nuclear powers even more because we need to make money off of them and we want to sell them missiles and jets, too! An American ambassador is blown up in Pakistan and the place seethes with anti-americanism. India merely wants to pull a "Japan" on us and suck our economy dry.

From Al Jazeera:
The US president and the Indian prime minister have agreed on a civilian nuclear deal.

The deal, announced on Thursday in New Delhi where George Bush is on a visit, is expected to give India access to Western technology, as well as bilateral economic ties and co-operation in space travel, agriculture and health, officials on both sides said.

Under the deal, India has agreed to separate its civilian and military nuclear programmes and place the civilian plants under international inspections.
Hahaha. A fig leaf the size of a clover leaf! We get to watch their civilian program but not their military!

Bush openly proclaims he is doing this so India, a very poor country using oxen to pull stuff, is going to use only esoteric forms of power so America can continue to suck up the world's oil supply like a pig in slop. This is insane, of course. Just like asking Africa to go high tech so we can suck their oil, too!

From the Financial Times:
Once dependent in its foreign policy almost exclusively on the US, Riyadh has been diversifying its friendships in recent years, with Asia, where demand for Saudi oil is at its highest, emerging as an important strategic partner. Saudi Arabia supplies China with about 14 per cent of its oil needs, and it is the source of 25 per cent of Indian oil imports.

The king's tour to China, India, Pakistan and Malaysia - for which the royal entourage of cabinet ministers, businessmen and even a women's delegation filled five aircraft - marked the most-high profile move in the reassessment of Saudi ties with the outside world.

In India, the Saudis pledged greater co-operation on terrorism and discussed possible Saudi investments. Perhaps most important, the visit helped balance the kingdom's relations in the region, where Pakistan has been one of the Saudis' closest traditional allies. The trip to China, meanwhile, was the first by a Saudi king since diplomatic relations were restored in 1990, and included crucial discussion about the construction of an oil storage base.
Looks like the nuclearization of India and China won't help us, will it? The Saudis see Iran tightening bonds with both countries and realize they better do the same or all that money will flow to their ancient enemies, the Shi'a (Shiites).

It gets much funnier. From Financial Times:
The Opec oil cartel on Tuesday hit back at President George W. Bush, criticising the US and other consuming countries for pursuing energy policies that threatened energy security and the global economy.

Moving away from oil made it more difficult for producing countries to invest the billions of dollars needed to ensure enough output to meet future demand, the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the group that control’s 40 per cent of world oil supplies, argued in the commentary of its monthly Bulletin magazine.

The group’s comments came in direct response to Mr Bush’s repeated calls for the US to reduce by 75 per cent its “addiction” to oil from the Middle East by 2020. European countries have also looked to encourage alternative fuels to oil, but have been less hostile to Opec and the Middle East, arguing it was unrealistic to believe consumers would reduce their dependence on the region that controlled the vast majority of the world’s oil reserves.
This explains why Bush has to pretend to be working for energy independence while actively preventing it from actually happening. So he touts various companies or research and then cuts their funding behind everyone's back. When we bloggers exposed this scam, he had to scramble to restore funding but he will cut it the minute we turn our backs.

He has to kiss ass in the Middle East and seems to enjoy the tongue jobs he gives. Shudder.

This sort of menacing talk is exactly why we must change the way we live. Think these guys mean well? Think they are our friends?

Why America tolerates this sort of talk is exactly why our empire is dying rapidly and when dead, won't see the light of day for quite a while. We have become weak, feeble, we kow tow and beg, grovelling on the ground and then turning on third world peasants, snapping at them, biting them. Only they have decided, across the planet, to bite back, hard.

Meanwhile, Iran continues to rally the world against us, successfully. From Alert Net:
Iran may have no interest in fomenting full-scale civil war in Iraq, but could stir trouble for the United States and Britain there if it felt threatened by international action to curb its nuclear ambitions.

Washington and London have long accused Tehran of playing a destabilising role in Iraq by backing Shi'ite militants and sending infiltrators and sophisticated bombs across the border.

Tehran derides the charges, but has also hinted in the past that it has the potential to inflict pain on its Western foes locally if they tighten the screws over the nuclear issue.

"If these countries use all their put pressure on Iran, Iran will use its capacity in the region," Ali Larijani, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, has said.
They are so certain of themselves, they can threaten us. Like North Korea, they don't need the whole world on their side, just one or two key, nuclear powers like China.

Europe is already getting restive after American strong arming them to attack Hamas. Support of the American/Israeli attempts at killing off the Palestinians is causing a huge backlash. In desperation, the European governments are trying to put a lid on all this by going after Holocaust deniers but they won't go after deniers of the Palestinian ghettoization the Jews are imposing on the natives of that region.

All these threads are part of a huge tapestry. We have to look at the design carefully instead of induging in wishful thinking.

Which takes me back to the stupid switchgrass business. Right now, thanks to global warming, the grasslands in the midwest are on fire, have been, off and on, all winter. Winter! This is amazing and bodes ill for us. So much for the switchgrass harvest, not that it means anything, this is a stupid idea, very stupid.

But then, 90% of the ideas about how to deal with the downside of the Hubbert Oil Peak are dumb. If you want to see the future, look at pictures of India, China or Japan circa 1860. (Hint: think "Rickshaws")

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