Monday, January 30, 2006

Fake Congress Wants Fake Hearings About Real Oil Crisis Only Oil Companies Don't Bother To Show Up

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, then I am a Congress critter. The latest proof our Congress is dead came tonight, surprised? Not me. Hearings about obscene profits and oil price gouging: not one oil company is bothering to show up for this fake hearing. They say, why bother? It is all a farce, anyway. Here, have a campaign contribution.

From Reuters:
Officials from six major oil companies have refused to testify this week at a Senate hearing looking into whether oil industry mergers in recent years have made gasoline more expensive at the pump.

With oil companies reporting record profits from higher energy prices, consumer groups have complained that mergers in the industry have stifled competition.

Exxon Mobil said on Monday it earned $10.7 billion in the fourth quarter of last year and $36.1 billion for all of 2005 -- bigger than the economies of 125 countries.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which is holding the hearing on Wednesday morning, said it asked representatives from Exxon Mobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Valero Energy and the U.S. units of BP and Royal Dutch Shell to tell their side of the story.

"All declined the invitation to testify," the committee said in a statement on Monday, without providing details.
And what will the American people say? Are we freeer than the Chinese? Or heck, the Palestinians? Of course, the people in such places are more motivated, I fear. Americans seem to believe that if we stop little Mary from having a baby seriously out of wedlock, especially in stables, we will be strong and rich. We think, if we do all sorts of useless, goofy things, we will get good jobs and not be up to our eyeballs in debt and of course, the oil companies who are lording over the entire planet are American!

Wave that flag and go die in Iraq! So why have there been no hearings about the utter lack of WMD in Iraq? And why the news that Bush has violated Congressional laws about spying on Americans has caused exactly nothing? And recess appointments go ahead without a peep? And an Israeli citizen is running homeland security so secretly, despite not one but two al Qaeda (al Qiada) tapes from number #1 and #2 (all the threes are dead or in prison) can't flush this right wing Zionist out to hold a press conference?

And we ran over the debt limit, leaving it deader than a New Orleans doornail and not so much as a peep from the press, the Democrats, anyone? I hear an echoing chamber. Helllllooooo.....helllooooo.

Are all our Congressional Pinnochios in the belly of the whale, wailing faintly? I don't hear you!

The lack of alarm, the sonombulence across America this winter, is it due to the amazing, warm winter? No snow on my mountain, it was nearly sixty today, sunny, like April weather, no winter this winter. I dread what will happen next for I know Mother Nature. She is, beyond doubt, the most dangerous Goddess/ruler of the universe. She wields the scythe of extinction.

From the BBC:
Rising concentrations of greenhouse gases may have more serious impacts than previously believed, a major scientific report has said.

The report, published by the UK government, says there is only a small chance of greenhouse gas emissions being kept below "dangerous" levels.

It fears the Greenland ice sheet is likely to melt, leading sea levels to rise by 7m (23ft) over 1,000 years.

The poorest countries will be most vulnerable to these effects, it adds.
Yup. And the amphibians are dying and one expert says, why bother trying to save them, just give up. Mother Nature might extend that "give up" part a little higher up the food chain.

Tuvalu is going underwater. From Grist
Some see things differently, though. The increasing intensity of tropical weather and the rise in ocean levels and temperatures -- all documented results of global warming -- are threatening to sink this island nation. Its citizens face the possibility of being among the first climate refugees. "Our whole culture will have to be transplanted," says former assistant environment minister Paani Laupepa, now assistant secretary for foreign affairs.

The islands are not going to go under immediately. But "even if we are not completely flooded," says Laupepa, "in 50 to 70 years we face increasing storms and cyclones, damage to our coral reefs, and flooding of our gardens." Crop damage and decreased fish catch would mean "importing more food ... and more health and diet problems," he says.
The photos at this site should be looked at. They are from a year ago. The ocean is popping up in the middle of the island as it submerges. It is worse today. The first big storm this coming hot typhoon season will pretty much wipe out everything, permamently.

This is America's responsibility, we are the #1 polluters of the planet, especially with fossil fuels, we are the planetary #1 consumer of fossil fuels and Congress just wants the oil companies to ease up a tad so voters won't revolt so we can toodle along the present, destructive, impossible path. La-la-la.

It is too bad we lost all control over ourselves and our government. It is turning rapidly into a machine run by very greedy and very angry individuals who have a bottomless pit of desire to own and control everything. And they hate us and want us dead.

Isn't that lovely? And they own our own politicians. So, what next?

I don't really need to say, we can change ourselves, one at a time, and stick together, and make a lot of noise like today, flooding the Senate, demanding they listen to us. But then, on Nov. 8th, 2001, when I went to the Senate to push for counting the stupid votes as they ought, I was the only one doing this. Totally alone. And on line, I begged people to join me. I drove all night to get there. Slept in the car at a rest stop. On my own dime.

Alone. And that, my friends, was a turning point for America and I was alone.

Remember: to fight, one has to go out and stake out a place and stand there and refuse to budge.
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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Deadly Cold Wave Grips Europe, Drawing Down Reserves

Photo from AFP/Aris Messinis
By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Europe is now suffering from the intense cold that swept in from Siberia. Hundreds of people have frozen to death or died in snow or ice related accidents in this freakish coldwave. It is snowing in Greece and Italy while the canals are freezing over in Holland. Meanwhile, in America, it is super warm.

From Reuters:
The bitter cold has spread to the far south of Europe, regions which normally enjoy milder winters.

In Greece, more than 400 villages and towns were cut off after 36 hours of continuous snowfall and hundreds of snow-clearing vehicles struggled to keep main routes open.

Ports across the country stayed shut as icy gale-force winds swept across the Aegean, casting a carpet of snow over the islands.

A Cambodia-flagged cargo ship sank in the northern Aegean amid a snowstorm on Tuesday, the Merchant Marine Ministry said. All but two of the 16 mainly Turkish crew were rescued by the coastguard and rescuers were search for the missing.
A hyper-dynamic weather system is causing huge problems. Two years ago, we saw snow in parts of India and Bangladesh, for example, people froze to death in Calcutta, of all places. The earth is like any system which is set to move faster and faster, this is what happens when energy is increased, of course.

When the hurricanes hit us, Europe drew down their energy reserves to prop us up so we wouldn't flood the world with ever cheaper petrodollars. Every country trading with us, virtually all of them run surpluses which is why our trade deficit now yawn at nearly a trillion a year (shaking my head in disbelief) so Europe didn't want us to devalue the dollar any more than Japan or China, so they kept us afloat.

Now, they are paying the price in spades with little reserves left to use in this crisis. Meanwhile, at home, we ignore them all with studious indifference, checking our fingernails. Today, Bush held a brief press conference which he actually said he didn't want to talk about New Orleans, why ask questions, who cares?

Should be his motto.

Europe has chosen the road of free trade except when it hurts and doing this has enabled them to join Asia in destroying our industrial base but this business of subsidizing America until everything is sucked out of Europe and into our own maws has a bad drawback, namely, the Europeans could be left holding a big bag of worthless paper and have nothing to show for it all.

I suppose they could ask for all that gas and oil back but I doubt we will give it to them. We already ate it.
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Oil Companies Are Destroying Burma

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Even as we screech at the Palestinian peasants, we exploit peasants brutally all over the globe. One place we never ever hear from, aside from Nigeria, is Burma. The military coup that runs the place are totally insane. They just moved their capital deep into the hinterlands to prevent revolutions. Oil companies kill peasants, stealing their lands, polluting their farms.

From the BBC:
Burma's decision to shift its seat of government has left many analysts at a loss to explain the move.

After all, why go to the huge trouble and expense of relocating thousands of officials to a remote mountainous region, when there is a well-established political infrastructure in the port city of Rangoon?

Information Minister Kyaw Hsan said the site of the new capital, near the town of Pyinmana, was a more strategic location for Burma's military rulers.

"It is centrally located, and has quick access to all parts of the country," he told reporters on Monday.

But analysts outside the country were unconvinced.
The BBC has pictures of the work going on that were sneaked out of that police state. Even as America pretends to want democracy to spread so long as no one really votes or has any influence outside of our chosen Quislings, we ignore our own, self-installed dictatorships. The oil companies fear, above all things, a nationalist government in any country they are draining dry. We will assassinate, create riots in the streets, attack openly, any and all possible challenges to oil company power. The need to keep a death grip on all oil across the planet is costing us half a trillion dollars and is endangering us here at home, as we saw on 9/11. But we consume 24% of the world's oil and so, we need to be utterly ruthless and brutal.

Here is another English Newspaper, the Independent:
One of America's most powerful oil conglomerates looks likely to get its comeuppance in court over its overseas business practices after spreading a trail of misery through a small rainforest village in the Tenasserim region of Burma in November 1994.

The prospect of an avalanche of suits against big corporations has so spooked the Bush administration - always a good friend to the oil industry - that last month the Justice Department filed a brief in the Unocal case denouncing the Alien Tort Act as "an obscure provision" and arguing its application posed a direct threat to, among other things, the war on terrorism.

When the Union Oil Company of California, or Unocal, started working on a gas pipeline project there, it contracted out security operations to the Burmese military regime; and that was when the horror began.

According to court documents, Burmese soldiers entered a house in the village, broke into the rice storeroom with an axe, kicked the woman of the house and pushed her down some stairs. After a brief hunt for her husband, the soldiers came back and kicked the woman again, knocking her unconscious and pushing her into a lighted fireplace. They kicked her infant daughter into the fire too.
When the Chinese tried to bid for Unocal, they were rebuffed by puffed up American legislators who feared the Chinese would take over our oil.

We obviously have tremendous influence on Burma. We could, say, boycott all that oil. Heh. Fat chance. Instead, we point to the budding democracy in Iran (which has tremendous problems, what with the winning team acting like they are Republicans and doing all that cheating stuff!) and scream, they should be boycotted and the neo cons put in zillions of editorials screaming that we need to free the people of Iran. Meanwhile, we silently stand by, watching our stooges in Burma torment the people there!

In 2003, humanist organizations tried to strike back using lawsuits designed to force American oil companies to stop oppressing people in oil pumping countries.
What is new is the legal approach to challenge the corporations. The Alien Tort Act was first revived about 20 years ago to chase down disgraced generals and deposed despots such as Ferdinand Marcos but it was adapted in the 1990s to pursue corporations.

Rick Herz, a lawyer with Earth Rights International, said: "The principle is the same, since corporations are persons under the law.

"Aiding and abetting - that's a direct liability. Companies like Unocal argue that they are not responsible for the actions of their subsidiaries and contractors, but notions of liability through joint venture or agency are basic tort theories, common throughout the United States and the rest of the world." Another suit, against ChevronTexaco over the deaths of villagers in Nigeria who had opposed its plans for a series of oil platforms, is also close to coming to trial.

The prospect of an avalanche of suits against big corporations has so spooked the Bush administration - always a good friend to the oil industry - that last month the Justice Department filed a brief in the Unocal case denouncing the Alien Tort Act as "an obscure provision" and arguing its application posed a direct threat to, among other things, the war on terrorism.
We all know, the Justice Dept thinks not only various acts and laws are obscure and even obscene, they think the Constitution is a dirty rag to wipe their feet with.

Well, nothing much has changed since this article appeared overseas three years ago except for things to get worse and worse. The resolution to take all the oil out of the planet's crust has only accelerated. China, rebuffed from buying Unocal, has simply gone over our heads and using the fistful of a trillion dollars, is outbidding us across the planet.

From Xinhua net:
The government is expected to relax controls over retail oil prices in its domestic market soon, bringing them more into line with international prices, a National Bureau of Statistics official said.

Li Deshui, head of the National Bureau of Statistics, told a media briefing in Beijing yesterday that he believes the government will allow retail oil prices to rise in response to market forces in the near future, despite the flow-on inflationary effect on the economy.
See? This is today's news in China. The ruling elites think this will work. We shall see if the Chinese people protest this. We know, Americans are getting very dicey about oil price hikes. Breathlessly, the media reports any drop in prices, no matter how minute. But the constantly escalating prices are devastating whole industries such as the auto makers here.

And here is Iran and China, drawing closer, thanks to American efforts to isolate the Iranians. From Xinhua net:
Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing held talks here Thursday with visiting Iranian chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani.

They had an exchange of views mainly on Iran's nuclear issue and other related issues concerning the growth of bilateral relations.
We can kiss our "we need to go to war with Iran" goodbye. The Israelis were really nice to the Chinese for a long time, funnelling information and weapon systems from America to China. Now, that pipeline is down and China is reconsidering their relationship with Israel, namely, they don't need them anymore, they have much nicer contacts and since Israel has no oil and the Chinese have no popular demand to support the annexation of Palestinian lands such as we see in America, they are free to join forces with the Iranians or the Palestinians who are anxious for a powerful friend and who are a potential portal for all sorts of things including mischief and tying down America in futile, dangerous wars over dust.

The consolidation of influence and power on the World Go Board continue. Relentlessly, China plunks down one stone after another, right alongside ours. And they don't have to kill anyone while doing this.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

As USA Bleeds To Death In Iraq, China Cleverly Moves In To Start Taking Over The Oil Fields

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The "shock and awe" method of doing business is proving to be a very expensive failure. The Chinese are using the more effective "a fist full of dollars" method. This means, as we retreat along a bloody trail in Iraq, the Chinese move into the vacated spaces and take over. If we try to compete, we have to borrow money from China, first.

From Azzaman via Buzzflash:
China is keen to train Iraqi personnel working in the oil sector and other fields, a foreign ministry statement said.

The statement, faxed to the newspaper, said the Chinese were willing to provide training in the spheres of telecommunications, power generation and diplomacy as well as oil.

The pledge to provide the training came following a meeting between Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zaibari and the Chinese envoy in Baghdad.

“The (Chinese) ambassador has expressed his government’s willingness to develop relations with Iraq … and provide the country with assistance in the training of Iraqi cadres,” the statement said.

It said initially China would provide training for 80 Iraqi oil personnel “and donate X-ray machines” to help the country control its borders and combat violence.

“China is keen to do whatever it takes to press ahead with the Iraqi reconstruction,” the statement quoted the envoy as saying.
The Chinese aren't crowing about this in Xinhua net news but then, it is probably not finished, they like to announce things after official visits but I expect that detail will be arranged soon enough.

On the giant World Go Board, this would be a very significant spot to put a Chinese stone. If you think of things with chess images, this is a Bishop parking itself catty corner to a castle. Since China has moved into Iran and occupies the entire grid, there, taking the heart of Iraq is a grand, aggressive move. No longer shy about their foreign dealings, the Chinese are no longer the inept diplomats but rather, very highly trained and quite focused.

It is amusing the Chinese will instruct Iraqis on "diplomacy". The head reels. We know what this means! Chinese diplomats will meet with and instruct Iraqi ones on the fine art of triangulation leading to strangulation. China knows that being too obvious and forwards means one becomes a target but if one trianulates, one can muffle any opponent's moves because one is playing with more than one chess piece or Go stone.

Russia is just relearning how to triangulate. Slowly, Putin has struggled to control the urge to simply dictate to others and many of his moves seem clumsy compared to the smooth Chinese operations.

But he is learning, quickly. Unlike Americans, who are led by right wing idiots working for a man who must be the stupidest world leader ever since since the Roman Empire and King George III of England. We think,bellowing like a mastadon in a tar pit and lashing out at everyone is great diplomatic skills and will make us all powerful.

This delusion is killing us, literally. Not one Chinese soldier has died in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet the biggest winner in these wars has been China. And as I keep saying, China doesn't mind the sudden rise in world oil prices since the USA has to bleed much more red ink now due to this while China has a gigantic kitty of petrodollars to bid for oil and the only way we can bid for oil is to first go to China for loans, a win/win/WIN cycle for China and a giant loser for America.

Why our leaders want this doesn't baffle me.

They are criminals, traitors and psychopaths. All good reasons to remove them just like Hitler was removed. Ahem.
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Bush Sabre Rattling Over Iran Might Drive Oil Prices Beyond $100 A Barrel

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush's sabre rattling has rattled world markets. America is trapped between a rock and a hard place of our own devising. Iran is calling our bluff and bluster making us look even more idiotic to a world which is astonished at our raging stupidity.
Meanwhile, China continues to make inroads in the Middle East, securing Chinese control of oil and refining facilities.

From Associated Press:
A surge in oil prices last week to almost $70 a barrel on concerns about the restart of Iran's nuclear program only hints at what may lie ahead.

Prices could soar past $100 a barrel, experts say, if the U.N. Security Council authorizes trade sanctions against the Middle Eastern nation, which the West accuses of trying to make nuclear bombs, and Iran curbs oil exports in retaliation. A sharp global economic slowdown could follow.

That's the dilemma the United States and European nations face as they decide whether to act. But Iran would also pay a hefty price if the petro-dollars that now represent 80 percent of export revenues are reduced, potentially stirring civil unrest in a nation with a 14 percent unemployment rate.
Never ever play chicken with a country that has a military graveyard that has a central fountain that pours out red colored water to look like blood. A country famous for suicide charges. Like North Korea.

These sorts of countries might be insane but that simply means one shouldn't poke at them to see if they will attack, right? Assuming the Iranians desire our sort of lackidasical, couch potato approach to reality is unreal. Namely, the Muslim world right now is very, very motivated and our society just wants to live inside a huge energy bubble and simply suck up all world resources in exchange for pieces of paper called "dollars".

As I have pointed out, the Chinese are intent on using their trillion dollar reserves to bid up the price of oil. They are willing to go all the way up. Here we are, deliberately driving up the world cost of oil and the only way we can buy it ourselves is to go further into debt to the Chinese. Isn't that a lovely thing? We won't nationalize our own oil companies so we can at least reap the profits for ourselves like "insane" Venezuela. Putin did this for Russia. But instead, we cut taxes on the oil companies who now enjoy massive, Midas level profits.

Japan has a trillion dollars to play with, too, and they are buying too, like the Chinese. From Associated Press:
Toshiba Corp. (6502.T) has won a bid for Westinghouse, the U.S. power plant arm of British Nuclear Fuels, for almost $5 billion, the Financial Times reported on Monday, a move that will expand its overseas operations but has raised concerns about the cost of the deal.

British Nuclear Fuels Chief Executive Mike Parker and Chairman Gordon Campbell decided to sell Westinghouse to Toshiba late on Saturday night, the FT said. Other suitors for Westinghouse included General Electric Co. (NYSE:GE - news) of the United States and Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (7011.T).
More and more, Americans no longer own American companies. We are losing our grip on our own nation. This is being encouraged by our rulers and our political leaders who suck up masses of bribes called "campaign contributions" which means they ignore or enable or reward the destruction of American industry and American control of industry.

Ever intent on their own private Go game, China plonks down yet another significant rock right in our backyard called "Saudi Arabia". From Xinhua net:
Three Saudi companies announced last week that they are about to complete forming a joint-stock petrochemical company with a Chinese partner, Arab News reported.

The Saudi group announced that part of the $1.76 billion company's capital will be offered in an initial public offering (IPO) and the rest will be distributed among the three companies and their Chinese partner, and the three Saudi companies are MIDROC, Sara Development Co. and House of Invention (HOI) Co.

The new company is set to establish an $6 billion petrochemical complex in the Jubail Industrial City, located in Eastern Province, and is expected to create 2,500 new jobs for Saudi nationals.

The production capacity of the new complex is expected to be two million tons of basic and secondary petrochemical products annually.
The Chinese influence in oil countries continues to shoot upwards. They use the profits from all this to extend alternative energy systems in China for they know they are in a race against time, the need to secure renewable systems is a high priority item in the long run. To do this, they need to tap into the profit flow from oil so as we coast over the Hubbert Oil Peak and then head down hill, the price of oil will shoot up and they want to be there with their basket to capture the profits for themselves. They need it for China. They won't translate it to America. The American fake trade with China, funded 100% by China, will be terminated at that point since we will be bankrupt and China won't need us as customers anymore.

Americans who dream that this Chinese free trade will continue forever are insane. And stupid.

From Associated Press:
Japan's benchmark stock index fell sharply Monday morning as the market's unease continued over a criminal probe into prominent Internet company Livedoor Co.

The Nikkei 225 lost 227.27 points, or 1.45 percent, to end morning trading at 15,469.42 points. During the session, the market fell as much as 2 percent.
One can disregard most of this article. The Japanese stockmarket is sliding down hill because of the sabre rattling in America. Namely, they fear that their fake free trade will collapse when America can't buy squat diddly due to oil prices sailing to over $100 a barrel. So they have the jitters. Unlike the Chinese, they really do depend on the American/Japanese trade of goods for debts system to keep afloat since much of what they sell are very expensive items, not cheap stuff like China who can find markets all over the earth. Not everyone can buy the Japanese stuff except for the reckless, debt addicts in America.

A cold chill is blowing down GOP necks. From Newsday:
A growing number of Republican voters are frustrated by congressional spending and scandal, according to GOP leaders from across the country who worry that an "enthusiasm deficit" could cost the party control of Congress in November.

Some rank-and-file Republicans wonder what happened to the party that promised to reform Washington after taking control of Congress in 1994 for the first time in 40 years.
The GOP stronghold is in exactly those places that celebrate NASCAR driving, energy guzzling, goofy, grasshoppers hating ants culture. They thought the whoopsie doodle dandy war in Iraq would deliver cheap gas so the party could rage on, to hell with the environment! The failure of this epic theft is leaving them feeling nasty and the back to back hurricanes which are brewing yet again already! Scare them a tad but not enough to stop their own madness and sign the Kyoto Accords. They sense something scary is about to happen and clinging to Bush won't make the monster go back under the bed.

Dispirited and dejected, they now want to moon about, hoping a miracle will happen, or worse, angrily go and start WWIII by bombing Iran in a fit of final madness.
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McCain Frets About Oil Imports But Is Way Behind On Getting Solar Energy To Arizona

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My parents used to lecture about solar energy while living in Arizona. They did solar energy research there. You would think Arizona would be number one on solar energy implementation but it is #45 on the national solar energy use list which is insanity and then along comes Senator McCain, baying that we need to wean ourselves off of foreign oil? Where's he been at this last 30 years?

From Associated Press:
A top Republican lawmaker said Sunday that America must explore alternate energy sources to avoid being held hostage by Iran or by "wackos" in Venezuela — an apparent reference to Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's populist president.

Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record), a potential presidential contender in 2008, said recent action by "Mr. Chavez" and by Iran's leaders make it clear that the United States will be vulnerable as long as it remains dependent on foreign energy.

"We've got to get quickly on a track to energy independence from foreign oil, and that means, among other things, going back to nuclear power," McCain said on Fox News Sunday.

"We better understand the vulnerabilities that our economy, and our very lives, have when we're dependent on Iranian mullahs and wackos in Venezuela," said McCain, who challenged President George W. Bush for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000.
Yeah, the "wacko" in Venezuela who is giving cheaper oil to the Bronx and Mass and other interested states? The one who is spending money from oil on the infrastructure and not on mega yachts? Eh?

From the NYT:

At a time when energy prices and industry profits are soaring, the federal government collected little more money last year than it did five years ago from the companies that extracted more than $60 billion in oil and gas from publicly owned lands and coastal waters.
You know, Nigeria is melting down over this sort of thing, namely, thanks to Americans imposing a very corrupt government on them, the oil profits all flow to the USA, not to Nigerians.

McCain particularily steams me. My family has lectured until our faces were blue, about instituting a massive solar energy drive for Arizona which is blessed with more sunshine per year than anywhere in the USA. We got sun up the yin-yang in Arizona, nearly every day, every year. Endlessly. It is probably the most consistent thing going in Arizona!

Yet the state rates #45 on promoting solar energy use? Cloudy NY state beats Arizona? Huh?

Talk about insanity. The deep south is nearly united in refusing to invest or encourage solar energy. Instead, they burn coal, coal! This month, we see coal miners dying all over the place as they frantically dig coal, 60% of which is used to produce energy in the south for airconditioning! This is lunacy.

From Make Democracy Work:
In the United States the current energy bill has billions of dollars in subsidies, but for every dollar in tax breaks for renewable energy like solar and wind, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group calculates there is $3 for nuclear, $3 for coal, and $8 for oil and gas. None of it is paid for, so the subsidies add to our burgeoning debt that we’ll pass on to our children. In the House, Rep. Jeff Flake, calling it “corporate welfare,” was the only Arizona Republican to join Democrats Ed Pastor and Raul Grijalva opposing the bill. The libertarian CATO Institute has joined the Sierra Club in arguing we’d be better off with no subsidies than this bill.
Refering to the Energy Rip-off Bill recently passed. They gave tax credits to oil companies just as they were registering record profits and their profits are shooting to the stars this week thanks to their oil buddy boy, Bush, sabre rattling.

This summer my kids and I have been biking to summer activities, while I go on to ASU and then return to get them. Despite a few hairy moments crossing busy intersections and a couple tumbles, the kids are having fun, getting some great exercise and learning to be safer cyclists.

My disappointment is that we’re the only family biking to these activities, even though I’m sure other families travel less than the three miles we do.
In the sixties and seventies, there were legions of bikes on the streets in Arizona, I used my splendid 10 speed which was made specifically for my size, it fit like a glove, to careen about town. Last time I was in Arizona, I saw not one cyclist anywhere. Lots of SUVs belching around town. Phoenix is much worse, it is flat, for crying out loud, and there are no cyclists to be seen hardly anywhere and kids who rode everywhere when I was a child are missing in particular.
Unlike our competitors, the United States is far too fat in our energy use. Japan, which imports nearly all of its oil, produces more solar power than the United States and Germany combined. For each dollar of economic output, the United States consumes three times as much energy as Japan and twice as much as France and Germany. Much of their fuel efficiency and movement towards cleaner fuels are ingrained in the culture and encouraged by subsidies.
Yes, the Japanese are scared and are working hard to not only use solar power but to manufacture it. The USA seems to have forgotten what "industrial manufacturing" means. We just want things to magically appear for us.

Arizona, which is mostly a right wing, red state, thinks they might end up producing 5% of their energy use via solar panels by 2020. Gack. Talk about lax, lazy, slow poke, stupid. By then, if that sun-blessed state isn't producing at least 50% of their energy use via solar power, they might as well turn off the lights and evacuate because the place will be intolerably hot due to global warming and will have virtually no fossil fuels left except at very high prices. Try bicycling when it is 120+ outside.

I used to do that. Heh. Sweat city. But then, I didn't use airconditioners, either, so I was aclimated to the climate. No bubble for me, no sirree.

Meanwhile, I suggest to Senator McCain, wake up, dude, the cock is crowing and it ain't Clinton's.
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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another Gas Pipeline Blown Up Near Chechnya

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

A Russian gas pipeline blew up today. Right on the border of Chechnya, a province Putin has laid to waste, torturing and murdering hundreds of thousands just like we are doing in Iraq. Just like the failing war in Afghanistan that is getting worse and worse and which destroyed the Soviet Union, the ongoing battle over energy and religion heats up more and more.

From the BBC:
Two explosions have ripped through Russia's main natural gas supply pipeline to Armenia and Georgia, halting supplies to the two countries.
The blasts occurred close to the border with Georgia early on Sunday morning.

A spokesman for Russia's emergency situations ministry said officials were examining the possibility of sabotage, although it was too early to say.

Georgian energy officials say there are 24 hours worth of gas in the pipeline, as cold weather grips the country.

The daytime temperature in Tbilisi on Sunday was -7C, well below the January average, and Georgia relies on Russian natural gas for most of its heating.
The rebels, hiding in their caves and crevasses, hiding in the open cold, know what they are doing. The perfect time to strike is now and they struck.

This doesn't require huge logistics or leadership, this is classic "hit when the opportunity shows itself" which is why wars with people are dangerous. Namely, if someone wants to fight, they will, and if they have no army, navy or airforce, they use other means to fight. And if one wants the fighting to stop, one must negotiate some sort of useful peace.

But the Christian religionists want one thing: total domination of all Muslim lands so we can remove all their wealth and make ourselves fat and happy. This long range looting expedition is a turning of the historic tables when Muslims swept across the planet, doing the same thing, for themselves, back when the stirrup was invented.

It was a close fight for a long time, even up until 1500, the Turks, for example, ran right up to Vienna and besieged it unsuccessfully. Alas, for them, they suddenly became a backwater when Europeans circumvented the Great Steppes and the Middle East to sail around Africa and the discovery of gold in the New World meant all the wealth now flowed directly to Europe instead of being intercepted by the Muslim empires which stretched across all the major trade routes with India, China and the spice islands.

So the relative power of the Muslim empires sank and they rotted internally, losing industry and financing, going into debt (Hey! Does this ring a bell, America?). As they weakened, Russia, Germany, France and England all began to chew the Ottoman and other Muslim empires apart, the contest over the corpse igniting WWI and WWII. Remember, the Archduke was shot visiting lands recently wrest away from Istanbul.

Then Allah bestowed a tremendous gift on the True Believers: oil and gas. Now, the desperation to steal from Muslims shot right through the roof only the Muslim nations, no longer empires, broken up by European/American fiat, had a weapon of great potency, if they could sell the oil on their own terms, they could retake their lands and reassert their powers if they could play the aliens off of each other.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, the American/Anglo empire eagle/lion sprang upon the Middle East and sank its fangs deep.

Afghanistan, though, showed the road to victory in this jihad. And bin Laden, whose family consorts with the invaders, knew the mind and spirit of the invaders all too well, actually, exactly well, and he is the voice of the revolution sweeping Islam, for unlike the appeasers to the Christians, he waves the flag of Islam and explains how to fight back, Mao-style.

And if you don't think this man read Mao, well. Power grows out of the barrel of a gun and revolutionaries swim in the sea of the peasants. OK? And the Red Sea stretches across half the globe now, the sea of anger and fury against foreign religion/foreign invaders is extremely high and note that not one person has turned in any Jihadists we are hunting despite all the bounties we offer!

The convergence of these forces see saw the planet. Russia dearly would love to entertain the desert tribes but they are fighting Muslims themselves so they can't. China, ditto. So both play the bribery game which is remarkably like 1900 when this identical situation sprang up starting with the Crimean war on to WWI and WWII. We are the British Empire in this replay of those two dangerous wars and of course, if we think this won't end with WWIII, we are nuts.

It can and it will. 100%. This is because it isn't the Suez Canal which the French built and the British immediately wanted nor the Orient Express which Germany built to circumvent the Suez Canal's influence, the confluence of energy/trade/population pressure is so very close to the conditions which will start WWIII it is fearsome to watch.

The wild commentary today in the NYT speculating about how we should somehow ooze into Iran and make it part of our empire coupled with our military screaming every time any oil nation or nations like China buy so much as a pop gun is another sign our empire is terrified of the forces we are unleashing and hoping to control all of the military junk we unleased on the planet and this includes nukes which we and only we used on civilians already, we want it to all go away via us crushing the weapons, the people, everything in our fat path.

The jihadists sense our fear, like hunting wolves, they can smell our sweat. They listen in on us, using the internet, they know our fearful leaders who cower in deep caves and hide in public behind masses of military goon squads, fearful of their own citizens, unable to poke so much as a finger out the front door for fear some outraged citizen might snap it off, these cowardly men cowering in fear are being pushed around by virtually unarmed peasants far away. The sense of power and glory this sheds on the jihadists can't be ignored.

They are, quite frankly, triumphant. Half a billion people watch them and cheer them on and pray they succeed! Isn't that lovely? And we think we will bomb them all into submission. Putin utterly laid to waste Chechnya and since then, the fighting has gotten worse and worse and the strikes closer and closer to the heart. Putin sweats in fear at night in his bed because these wolves are hunting him just as surely as they are hunting Bush.

Time to spy on fellow Americans. Like Quakers.
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The New York Times Wonders If It Is OK To Bomb Nations That Aren't Attacking Us

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Aside from the total lack of rage over Americans spying for Israel, the NYT keeps pushing hard for disarming Iran, a country that has never invaded anyone, ever. Rioting Shi'ites at Mecca isn't an invasion or otherwise European nations could bomb London because of rioting soccer fans, no?

From the NYT:
DIPLOMATS around the world keep repeating the mantra: There is no military option when it comes to slowing, much less stopping, Iran's presumed ambitions to get the Bomb. The Europeans say so. The Chinese, who need Iran's oil, and the Russians, who make billions supplying Iran's civilian nuclear business, say so emphatically.

Even the hawks in the Bush administration make no threats. When Vice President Dick Cheney was asked Thursday, in a television interview, if the United States might ever resort to force to stop Iran, he handled the question as if it, too, were radioactive.

"No president should ever take the military option off the table," he said, carefully avoiding the kind of language he once used to warn Saddam Hussein. "Let's leave it there."
Wait! Wait! Cheney is not being coy or acting as if talking about using bombs is "ratioactive" (how fey of the Times to use that word!) but rather, just like before we attacked Iraq illegally over fake charges of WMD, he said the exact same thing: the military option is NOT off the table. Namely, we are going to attack if we want.

The Bush doctrine remains "shoot first, ask questions later", aka "the Hitler Doctrine".

The only thing left is to wrangle some allies in this second act of WWIII, make certain all of Europe is behind this, them being the same folks who brought us WWI and WWII. Dying empires are very stubborn, aren't they?
The problem is not that Washington lacks targets. Many of Iran's nuclear facilities, or at least those that American intelligence agencies know about, are in plain view or in underground sites whose construction was recorded by spy satellites. The problem is the global consequences of an attack to cripple them.

"The irony is that this is the opposite of Iraq," said John J. Hamre, a deputy defense secretary from 1997 to 1999. "We know a lot about what they have because the international inspectors have been there." Those inspection reports have helped Pentagon planners who, in imagining every contingency, have already mapped out Iran's most vulnerable facilities.
Arrgh. As I have pointed out in the past, even under Clinton, we used UN inspections as a Trojan horse in Iraq and now Iran to map out their facilities so we can attack them! This is why Saddam correctly kicked out the inspectors. They were spies, not inspectors! They allowed Americans to misuse the information. Once we guaranteed they were disarmed, we invaded Iraq! We knew exactly that they had nothing. When the cry began for us to find the WMD we pretended were there, we desultorily sent over some chumps to pretend to look and after unenthusiastically finding exactly nothing, we slunk away and pretended it was to bring democracy to Iraq, yup. That's why we went there. Like, invading Saudi Arabia would be evil, they might vote for bin Laden if there were an election!

All the big wigs in our imperial palaces, Democrat or Republican, are bent on sucking the world dry of all fossil fuels because this is extremely popular in the Western nations who are consuming the planet at a mad rate. This is why we are still buying and making gas guzzlers, why we are so fat, why we are unable to sign the Kyoto Accords and why we are now desperately pushing for the next stage of WWIII.
Several American officials, when promised anonymity, said they thought that in 5 or 10 years, Iran will most likely have a weapon.

"They have read us pretty well," Mr. Hamre said. "They have skated right at the edge of controlled pugnaciousness."

The debate among the West, Russia and China is whether, together, they are willing to skate to the same edge in hopes that, in a repeat of the cold war, the other side blinks first.
In other words, will they side with Iran and fight the USA in WWIII? Well, one way to find out is to stick our heads into that guillotine, right? We are the ones skating on thin ice, dragging Europe into this morass. We are the ones provoking things by constantly meddling in Iran's internal affairs. Imagine if some foreign country with resident agents went around America, corrupting politicians, stealing Pentagon secrets, removing American jobs to their home base overseas, wouldn't we want to eject them? Especially if they were getting multibillion dollar "aid" packages? And pushing us into a war we can't win?

Of course, the NYT won't talk about the Franklin affair. That would mean looking under some very ugly little rocks.
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Chinese Claim Success At Creating Super Conducting, Non-circular Nuclear Fusion

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Faustian quest for eternal energy continues. The Chinese have, since the death of Mao, made it a number one priority to make China self sufficient with new energy technologies. This quest for the Holy Grail is also fraught with grave dangers.

From Xinhua net:
It was learned from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) that it will have completed the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) which aims to explore infinite and clean energy resources of nuclear fusion by this March or April.

By then, Hefei will become the first institute in the world to have built an all-superconducting non-circular section nuclear fusion experiment facility, which is generally known as an artificial sun.

The energy resource crisis has begun to threaten the world, as oil, coal and other types of non-renewable energy resources will be used up in a century. Scientists recommend the extraction of deuterium from sea water and the ignition of nuclear fusion of this element in temperatures as high as 100 million degrees Celsius. In nuclear fusion, deuterium abstracted from one kilogram of sea water will be able to produce as much energy as that of 300 liters of gasoline.

Invention of a facility that can withstand the temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius and control deuterium and atomic fusion to ensure steady and continuous energy output equals to invention of an artificial sun, which can provide infinite and clean energy like the sun, as sea water is virtually inexhaustible.
The ultimate energy source is the black hole which spins at a terrific speed and all matter is crushed unbelievably. Interrupt a black hole by crashing another one into it and you get spectacular explosions that rip apart whole galaxies and sends energy tornadoes across hundreds of trillions of miles, thousands of light years. Whew.

And we are sorely tempted by the Dark Arts, the lure of eternal energy flowing, alas, this is what the Universe is all about and our fates: for if energy is eternal, then this means all will be consumed in the fiery furnace of a new Big Bang.

Aside from all that, the work on fusion isn't all that innocent. The energy we attempt to harness is truly a dangerous genie. Any interruption can cause an eruption. Malicious humans, nuclear war, meteors from space, earthquakes, sheer neglect, and of course, the unknowns that multiply as the system is made ever more complex: these are why we can't access this energy on this planet.

If we built colonies on other objects, then maybe yes, for then it wouldn't matter if the system collapses and everyone dies, it won't mean the end of all living things, a serious matter we can't ignore.

Our desire of energy is, like all gross appetites, never ending and never assauged. As soon as we build a system providing energy, our lust for more exceeds the provisions. This iron clad rule of human nature won't change if we have endless energy and of course, this merely puts off for a short while, the end of humanity.

We are a successful organism which has to either leave this planet or destroy it. If we want to live in a bubble, we can build bubbles but not on this delicate, lovely and possibly singular entity. Until we find other earths, we have to assume this is the only one and act accordingly.

Except this collides with the greatest force on earth: greed.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bush And Europe Wants War With Iran But China Doesn't

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush has dragooned Europe into supporting increasingly violent actions to stop Iran from protecting their own borders from imperialist invasions from Europe and America. His threats to bomb Iran collide with China's growing influence there and with China bidding up the world price of oil because they have a fist full of dollars, a trillion dollars, to bid with and they intend to make this a very expensive auction indeed.

From Associated Press:
European powers, supported by the United States, rejected Iran's request for more negotiations on the Islamic republic's nuclear program, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice saying Wednesday "there's not much to talk about" after Iran resumed atomic activities.

As European countries pushed ahead with efforts to have Iran brought before the U.N. Security Council for its nuclear activities, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused them of trying to deprive Iran of peaceful technology.

"We are asking they step down from their ivory towers and act with a little logic," Ahmadinejad said. "Who are you to deprive us from fulfilling our goals?

"You think you are the lord of the world and everybody should follow you. But that idea is a wrong idea."
Relentlessly, Bush pushes Iran into the role of Evil Empire (tm) but he is missing quite a few necessary elements. One is, Israel got nukes, keeps them hidden, conspires with the USA to keep them hidden but still let the world know, they might have them, and they do this to stop invasions like the one that ran over halpless Iraq, destroying the entire country's ability to exist as a country. Pakistan not only got nukes, far from being punished for it, gets sophistocated weapon systems from the USA which enables them to spend like fiends on military stuff due to money lent by the nearly bankrupt USA, money we get from.....China

China has partial veto powers over us now. Our rulers think Japan can scrub our money problems by taking on infinite debts but we are seeing the limits of that for no system is infinite. China has very definite plans for the Middle East and one of them is to cage the oil there. From Xinhua net:
Arab countries have become the major source of China's oil imports, the Ministry of Commerce said on Wednesday.

In the first 11 months of 2005, China imported 50.52 million tons of crude oil from Arab countries, accounting for 44 percent of China's total oil imports, the ministry said.

The overall bilateral trade volume between China and Arab countries totaled 46.38 billion U.S. dollars, up 39 percent year on year. China's exports to Arab countries were 21.44 billion dollars, up 36 percent, and imports were 24.94 billion dollars, up46 percent.

Arab countries have become China's eighth largest trade partnerand the seventh largest market for China's exports and imports respectively. The ratio of high-tech products in bilateral trade has been increasing, the ministry said.

China's direct investment in Arab countries totaled 390 millionU.S. dollars, and Arab countries funded 1,067 projects in China, involving total contractual value of 1.52 billion dollars.

China and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf are negotiating matters on building a free trade area. The two sides expect to sign an agreement by the end of 2006, the ministry said.
I am putting in the entire item, this is a message direct from Hu and Wen telling us where they intend to place their latest Go stones. Smack right where we want to put ours.

Unlike us, they are not using military force, they are too smart for that. They are placing them in friendly places, making friends with people we have utterly alienated or pushed around brutally for years and years. Not much good blood there for us, just lots of blood. Speaking of which, the Chinese decided today they should announce yet another important Go move. From Xinhua net:
Chinese top leader Hu Jintao and top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) KimJong Il held talks in Beijing, exchanging views on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common concern,and reaching important and wide-ranging consensus.

Kim, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK, paid an unofficial visit to China from Jan. 10 to 18 as Hu's guest. During his stay in China, Kim visited Central China's Hubei Province, South China's Guangdong Province and China's capital Beijing.
In the American news, it is all about how the Chinese sponsored talks have failed, well, what about them cookies? We deep sixed the talks so China deep sixed us in the Korean sector. They, like me, understand the latest signpost in the plan to dominate America will be passed in the next few weeks: $1 trillion in American debts owned by them!

This is dreadful. And hilarious at the same time. In order to pretend we are prosperous, we were forced to ship out all our jobs to drop prices at home so we could buy more with less money since we are earning less money. This created a dual vicious circle of needing to send more jobs out as energy prices soared so we could pretend we were doing OK but this means more money for the Chinese foreign exchange kitty and imagine China, the hour we drop bombs on Teheran, dropping $1 trillion dollars on the foreign exchanges.

Think the panicky Japanese stock market today was a laugh riot, imagine Europe and America and Japan's shock when our entire currency collapses in one day? Mmmm?

Our attempts to get China to railroad Iran at the UN, to disarm them so we can invade just like we did to Iraq, oh, wouldn't Hitler have loved such a system! Forced international disarmament of any country he wanted to loot? Well, China was cut out of contracts in Iraq but they have much bigger ones in Iran and they won't let us cheat them twice. Already, our saber rattling has caused world oil prices to go up $10+ a barrel and rising and the Chinese have said nothing about that for I think they plan to let it rise until we scream "uncle" since we are the ones who are cleaning out inflation by shipping jobs to China so the Chinese can turn this screw forever.

As the earlier article points out, they are doing a great deal of mutual business with the oil pumping Middle East and intend to do more and intend to control our interference and they will pay whatever price the oil sheiks ask for and they know Russia wants expensive oil so it is OK with them since they have been planning to use alternative fuels since the year of Mao's death which is why my dad was one of the very first people asked to come to China back when Nixon opened China's borders.

Solar energy is one of their goals, nuclear power is another. And defeat of America is the top goal. Trust me on this.

UPDATE: From Reuters:
A disruption in Iran's crude oil exports because of a dispute over that country's nuclear program would further crimp the already tight global oil market and lead to higher petroleum prices, the head of the U.S. Energy Information Administration warned on Tuesday.

"The market is so tightly balanced, clearly, we can't afford to lose a large supply of crude to the market," EIA chief Guy Caruso told Reuters in an interview.
Yup. Trade sanctions. That is what we will impose on Iran...Hahahaha. Gads.
Economic sanctions, which could affect Iran's oil exports, are possible but thought to be unlikely.

Iran, the world's fourth biggest oil exporter, has warned that global crude prices would go higher if the United Nations imposes sanctions.
Hey, when are we going to impose trade sanctions on the country that did attack us on 9/11? Saudi Arabia?
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Friday, January 13, 2006

Nigerians Attack Oil Rigs, Closing Them Down

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Once again, desperate Nigerians attack an offshore oil rig, shutting it down. It is increasingly dangerous in Nigeria. We just want to pump the place dry leaving destruction in our wake. The Nigerian people object to this plan.

From BBC News:
Shell has cut its Nigeria oil output by 20% after a pipeline explosion and the kidnapping of four foreign oil workers.
It is losing 226,000 barrels a day after shutting its EA platform in the southern Delta region and closing the pipeline feeding an export terminal.

Royal Dutch Shell shares fell by 0.9%, or 16p, to £18.35 in morning trading.

The disruption helped push oil prices to new three-month highs on Thursday, but prices have since fallen back, with Brent crude trading at $62.50 a barrel.
Since the sole reason Shell is in Nigeria is to remove as much oil as possible as cheaply as possible so the Shell Oil executives and investors can "capture" as much profit as possible, this means leaving the country degraded, debased and poor. The grinding poverty, the lack of simple infrastructure, the corruption and mendacity of the rulers put in power in Nigeria by the same oil executives, means insurrections and riots will happen.

More and more, the Nigerians are directly attacking the great oil platforms themselves.
Keith Myers, an expert in African oil and gas exploration at Chatham House, told the BBC that Shell is in a difficult position.

"At the end of the day Nigeria has 124 million people and only pumps so much oil and gas.

"The value of that oil is about 80 cents for every Nigerian, so the expectation is much higher than can ever be delivered."
Well, anyone looking at Venezuela can see what happens when a socialist takes over and uses the oil wealth to help the mass of people, building clinics and roads, extending schools and civilized infrastructure! It can be done and should be done but first, the people doing this have to defeat the imperialist oil companies operating under the umbrella of huge military operations like the USA.

We are having the warmest winter on record. It is like late spring outside today. Not normal at all on any level. Brush fires are breaking out again in Oklahoma, too. The pundits yelled that a warm winter means oil will drop in price, drop and drop so why is it at $62+ a barrel? Eh?

Russia's Putin realized making rich megabillionaires via oil profits was bad for Russia and he is rapidly changing that, a la Chavez. Meanwhile, China and India enter into join oil agreements. From Xinhua Net:
According to NDRC, the Indian delegation met with major China players Thursday, including China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC), and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

Aiyar said China and India have agreed to strengthen the exchange of information when bidding for oil resources in a third country in order to realize mutual benefit.
China has been working hard on treaties and joint ventures with the big next door neighbors. Since China's energy use has shot up, this has all be initiated by China. One wonders if China will, like the USA, start trying to overthrow governments or place Chinese stooge dictators over oil pumping countries. Heh.

We got away with doing this for years and years. Now we are into naked invasions. And it isn't working well, is it?

Meanwhile, California is pushing solar energy, setting a great example to the rest of the sunny states: From Yahoo:
Hoping to make California a world leader in solar power, state energy regulators Thursday approved some $3 billion in customer rebates over the next decade to encourage people to install solar panels on their roofs.

The goal is to get Californians to install equipment capable of producing 3,000 megawatts of solar electricity on 1 million homes, businesses and public buildings over the next 10 years. That is enough energy to power about 800,000 homes.

"The California Solar Initiative is the largest solar program in the country, and I hope it will be a model for other states," said Dian Grueneich, a member of the state Public Utility Commission. "The program will be a major source of dependable and environmentally friendly electricity."
Better than a rebate program, how about requiring all homes to have this over the next 20 years with the cost of the program coming out of a utility tax? Then, even poor people will get it eventually.

Heck, we have to have a 100% solar panel on every roof program or else. Not some feeble one or three houses but every house in America. Some panels will produce more efficiently than others but overall, they will boost the energy on the grid significantly and will be there when the price of other fuels shoot up much faster. Better now than later, I say.
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Friday, January 06, 2006

The Japanese Military Is Training To Fight China Using American Forces For 99% of the Battles!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Japanese news today is all about how their troops are now training to work (behind) with American troops to repell the Chinese from disputed islands Japan wants for it's growing empire. Banzai, everyone!

From the Daily Times:
Japan’s military is stepping up its defence of islands also claimed by China and will propose talks with India on diplomatic and security issues as part of attempts to counter China’s growing military might in Asia, a report said Saturday.

The report came days after Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso said Beijing poses “a considerable military threat” because it has nuclear weapons and is boosting its military spending. China called the remarks irresponsible and groundless.

According to Japan’s largest business newspaper, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan’s Self-Defence Forces will conduct joint exercises with the US Marine Corps in January and develop short-range torpedoes tailored for combat in shallow waters to strengthen its ability to repulse a possible Chinese invasion of the disputed East China Sea islands.

Japan envisions a scenario in which China would invade the islets, called Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan, the newspaper said. About 125 Japanese troops will be sent to San Diego, California, in January for joint exercises with US Marines simulating a landing on an occupied island, the report said. Self-Defence Forces officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the report, but have earlier said the two countries plan joint training by the end of March. The Nihon Keizai also said Japan will propose bilateral talks with India on diplomatic and security issues - and on holding regular visits by their respective defence ministers - in part to discuss ways to curb China’s growing influence in Asia.
Curbing China by going to war is real nifty, no?

As I have warned again and again, the Japanese Imperial Forces are latched onto the American military. They will give us all the money we want so long as we spend it on making our military the enforcement arm of the Japanese Emperor. Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

Isn't this lovely?

The 125 Japanese troops will come in after we do all the fighting and occupy the islands. Whoopee. Iwo Jima in reverse time! There was a fascinating Japanese show on Japanese TV this fall called "Zipang" whereby some Japanese trained by Americans suddenly fall into a time wormhole and end up in WWII and they persuade the Japanese forces to surrender because, "We are going to show you how we will take over America and rule the world!" Gleefully, they do this.

Guess what?

Arg. This will be the first shot of WWIII. Unlike the previews in the Middle East, this is nuclear power in a direct confrontation with two other nuclear powers, Russia and China. Of course, the clever Japanese will try to bribe Russia to stay out an thus, trump China. What will Russia do? Make America stronger? Make China more powerful?

The choices of Vladimir! Indeed, the judo expert chess playing KGB lawyer who admired the Prussian spirit will triangulate something out of all of this but just remember: all great wars start over trivial things and escalate suddenly if historic forces are at work.

And the forces at work here are truly tremendous. WWIII will start in some trivial way and suddenly explode into nuclear exchanges and the majority of the war will happen in less than 24 hrs. The survivors will finish it over the following 10,000 years using spears and arrows.
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Another Hubbert's Oil Peak Event: Kuwait's Biggest Oil Field Is Failing

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Kuwait admits biggest oil field's output is dropping. This is yet another indication of the Hubbert Oil Peak. Now they lie about how rapidly it is falling. Remember, Gulf War I began because they slant drilled into Iraqi oil fields to mask the decline.

From the Kuwait Timescourtesy of the Peak people:
It was an incredible revelation last week that the second largest oil field in the world is exhausted and past its peak output. Yet that is what the Kuwait Oil Company revealed about its Burgan field. The peak output of the Burgan oil field will now be around 1.7 million barrels per day, and not the two million barrels per day forecast for the rest of the field's 30 to 40 years of life, Chairman Farouk Al-Zanki told Bloomberg. He said that engineers had tried to maintain 1.9 million barrels per day but that 1.7 million is the optimum rate. Kuwait will now spend some $3 million a year for the next year to boost output and exports from other fields.

However, it is surely a landmark moment when the world's second largest oil field begins to run dry. For Burgan has been pumping oil for almost 60 years and accounts for more than half of Kuwait's proven oil reserves. This is also not what forecasters are currently assuming.

Last week the International Energy Agency's report said output from the Greater Burgan area will be 1.64 million barrels a day in 2020 and 1.53 million barrels per day in 2030. Is this now a realistic scenario?
They always lie when they can but since they belong to OPEC, they have to show current pumping rates. We have tried to make an end-run around OPEC by invading OPEC countries and then using their votes to get what we want. Unfortunately, the people of Iraq have interfered with this scheme somewhat.

Nearly everyone's head spun when it was announced by American Quisling puppets that Chalibi, the neo-cons' favorite con man, has taken over the Oil Ministry. Obvioiusly, we intend to hang on to this valuable realestate in Iraq no matter how many American or Iraqi dead it takes. Stay the course and all that rot.

When Saddam first snarled about attacking Kuwait years ago, it was because the debts incurred with his crazy war with Iran had risen so high, he couldn't pay for them easily and his buddy in Russia was on the economic ropes thanks to the thankless Afghanistan invasion (ouch, historians will have a field day with the resonances from all this!) so they wanted money from Saddam, pronto.

And oil prices were dropping because OPEC nations were pumping way over their share, driving down prices, so they could have gold bathtubs and French mistresses, etc. Then Kuwait, seeing their oil drop in volume, began "slant drilling" on the border of Iraq, giving Saddam a causus bellus that was stronger than the American excuses for war this time around.

Well, the party is drawing to a close in the smaller OPEC nations! Even as they build bigger palaces and go skiing in the desert in summer, the whole edifice is collapsing just like the pilgrim hotel in Mecca. Russia isn't part of OPEC but is an "observer" who of course is playing the OPEC game better than the originals. They are the "swing state" vis a vis oil production since they do both oil and gas and do so directly with Europe, China and Japan, the three other industrial powerhouses.

Despite a short period of instability, they have reasserted control over the vast lands of the Russian Empire and are slowly re-evolving into a super power, thanks to their budding alliance with China. (We lost the Cold War)

I lost the link but I read yesterday that Iran's Prime Minister was attacked near the city of Zabol which is Sunni territory. Evidently, his driver and bodyguard was killed. This isn't a big news story so I can't vouch for it, just one of the many rumors running around in the Muslim media. We can't trust any media these days, all of them push and pull news to suit them just like the NYT showed yesterday with the toady article burnishing Bush's image followed immediately by the outraged reporter demanding the real story be published.

Getting real news is very tricky stuff. I can easily imagine Sunnis trying to kill the Shi'ite leader of Iran. The murderous forces being unleashed in the Middle East are just getting into gear. As the oil begins to be less and less (ahem, like, right now!) the violence over who gets control of an increasingly valuable resource will skyrocket.

Of course, with the USA in front of the wolf pack, leading the way.
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Putin Plays Judo With Europe: The Ukrainian/Gasprom Battle

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Russia is led by a ruthless, brilliant man while America is run by a dithering idiot. This week, Russia was emboldened enough to play hardball with former Soviet states. All he had to do was squeeze the gas pipelines going to through the Ukraine. All of Europe shuddered.

From the New York Times:
Ukraine conceded today that it had withdrawn natural gas from its pipeline system that Russia said was intended for export to Europe, but it asserted that it had a contractual right to the fuel under an agreement with the Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan.

Both Russia and Turkmenistan export natural gas to Ukraine, but the flow of fuel from Central Asia passes through Russian pipelines before it reaches the Ukrainian border.

A dispute over pricing and transit fees between Russia and Ukraine, which led to a brief disruption in gas supplies, has set off alarm bells in Western Europe at the peak of the winter heating season. Europe imports about a quarter of its natural gas from Russia, most of it passing over pipelines on Ukraine's territory.
You ain't whistling Dixie! Gads.

Alarm? How about hysterical fear? Russia just purchased the former Prime Minister of Germany. No sooner than he left office, he ran off to Russia to offer his services. Makes one wonder. Hmmm. The New World Order gets to be organized by the most diligent, hard working people and this means the Chinese, of course.

It is amusing, watching this drama unfold.
Meanwhile, the political fallout from Russia's brief gas embargo on Ukraine escalated in Europe and the United States. Austria and other Central and Eastern European countries agreed to seek to diversify their supplies away from Russia. In Washington, the State Department spokesman criticized Russia's use of energy as a foreign policy tool. The shutoff in Ukraine came three months before a parliamentary election here.
Hahahaha! Hahahaha. What can one say? How on earth is Europe going to get other sources of gas? From Uzbekistan?


And this is what the Hubbert Oil Peak is all about. Any country with a big military, nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles which just allied itself with another, even bigger military, population, industrial giant with nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles and if one of them has lots of gas and oil and the other a billion pissed off people, guess what?

Everyone else better duck. Down low.

I love reading the really boring Chinese diplomatic announcements. They are a goldmine of information and if one wishes to detect the various stones being set down on the International Go Board, this is where one looks, at the lovely work of the very intelligent, devious Chinese diplomatic hordes.

This week's little prize is this: From
China and Russia held talks in Beijing Thursday on issues related to holding large-scale cultural activities in the coming two years, a move to strengthen bilateral strategic partnership.

The Russia Year in China scheduled for 2006 and the China Year in Russia for 2007 were declared in a joint statement during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to China last year.

The two goodwill programs will cover a wide spectrum of areas including culture, education, economy, political systems and traditional customs.

The China-Russia talks on the goodwill programs were co-chaired by Chinese state councilors Tang Jiaxuan and Chen Zhili and visiting Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, who is also president of the organizing committee of the Russia Year in China.
Europe wants to side with Ukraine in defying Russia, denying Russia access to the Black Sea ports? Want to station troops in all the former Soviet States?

Well, China will definitely love to get all that gas and oil. So if Europe doesn't want it, they can poke Russia in the eye and have the energy gluttons in all the earth give them gas. Wait, didn't Europe ship the USA gluttons gas this fall thanks to Mother Nature rapping us on the noggin?

Putin's punching Europe and America in the nose is quite popular just like Hu and Wen slugging it out with Japanese war criminal worshippers. From the BBC:
One sign of what Russians make of it comes from the BBC Russian Service website which is full of hostile comments about Ukraine.

This for example: "For Ukraine the price of $230 is payment for its 'democratic choice'. Why should Russia pay for that choice? You want to join the West? You want to join Nato? Go ahead!!!... If you change course, the price will change. That's normal. That's how all your Western friends behave. So stop crying and howling... At the end of the day the Ukrainian people always has a choice - the West, where no-one is waiting for you, or with us."

Or this with reference to Russian claims that Ukraine has diverted gas meant for Western Europe: "A thief should go to jail. If [Belarusian President Alexander] Lukashenko stole gas from Europe, then the EU would not remain silent about the fact that its gas was being stolen."
As energy supplies tighten, nationalism is on the rise. In Nigeria, attacks on the oil lines happen frequently now and instead of increasing nationalist attitudes, the rulers there are cleaving to the foreign powers sucking up all the natural resources and leaving a corpse behind.

But Russia has different plans. Now that they are no longer on the economic ropes, they are beginning to flex some muscle. No longer the sick man of Europe, they are holding the true future in their hands: controlling the supply of in ground resources.

Just like Schroeder of Germany, it seems Americans working on international trade are considering working for Putin, too. From MSNBC

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered former Commerce Secretary Donald Evans, a close friend of President Bush, a top job at Russian state oil company OAO Rosneft.

A person familiar with the details of a recent trip Evans made to Russia said the offer came at a meeting Evans had with Putin last week at the Kremlin. This person spoke only on condition of anonymity because no public announcement has been made.
Bet it won't happen now that some shocked interpeter blew the whistle. I bet the White House will find out who this person is and well, spy on them, of course.

Putin is a huge judo fan. He said, "This is my basic life philosophy." I have done judo. It means taking the ki, the energy, of one's opponent and by curving the arc of attack, one can easily and without much strain, indeed, meditatively, toss the opposing party overhead and flat onto the ground. Bush doesn't need anyone to toss him to the ground, he falls down all the time all by his lonesome. It is amazing he can even walk at this point! Knowing this, why do the spooks and spies and agents and all the foolish idiots surrounding Bush, how can they stand it? They must have at least one person in all the CIA or NSA or State Department who knows what judo is and can see we are being thrown down on the mat, the more we throw punches, the more we belly flop.

We lost Russia.

We lost China.

We got Japan who is draining us dry of all factories and locking us in eternal debts we can't discharge. And Japan is itsy bitsy and can't fight a war since the people have stopped producing excess sons, and we lost half the planet, two of the few nations that can send humans into space, nuclear rivals we should never had let become best buddies, all because we have a drunken sot trying to wrestle with a KGB judo champion.

Even the movies couldn't make Bush into an Inspector Gadget, winning by being an oaf.
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