Monday, February 20, 2006

Bush Announces Magic Energy Source In Colorado

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

We have noticed this for years, whenever Bush appears at any factory to announce a break through or success, it then closes, goes bankrupt or fires much of the staff. Once again, he did this at a lab which does energy research. 22 scientists fired the week he comes to boast about them.

From AP:
Saying the nation is on the verge of technological breakthroughs that would "startle" most Americans, President Bush on Monday outlined his energy proposals to help wean the country off foreign oil.
And who was "startled"? The people at this lab!

From Brad Delong:
The senior biochemical engineer had worked for the laboratory for 22 years, converting biomass, such as trees, into fuels and chemicals, such as ethanol. His computer was disabled and his phone turned off; a manager escorted him out of the building at 3 p.m. "How do you expect, after 22 years, to wrap everything up in a few hours?" Mohagheghi said, adding that he lost his job and some dignity that day. "I didn't deserve to be treated this way," he said.

The layoffs came after President Bush's State of the Union address Jan. 31 sparked optimism at NREL. The president said Americans were addicted to oil, and he vowed funding for renewable energy research. Bush plans to visit NREL on Tuesday to reinforce his dedication to renewable energy.
Just like NASA, Bush announces a huge new initiative and then cuts the budget and staff. Now the Mars merry-go-round is flatter than the Texas Panhandle and of course, Bush knows the energy research using biofuels is a waste of time and effort. But to keep the wolf from his political door, he has to pretend we will all grow a megamillion acres of "sawgrass" which will magically fuel our vehicles! Here is Bush, again:
"Our nation is on the threshold of new energy technology that I think will startle the American people," Bush said. "We're on the edge of some amazing breakthroughs — breakthroughs all aimed at enhancing our national security and our economic security and the quality of life of the folks who live here in the United States."
These pitiful programs are breakthroughs? Shows exactly how badly things will be going in the future.

If the only thing we grew was this weed, after growing, harvesting and processing the entire crop, we will be able to fuel less than 3% of our fleet of cars and trucks! Corn has lots of energy stored in it which is why I feed it to my horse, Sparky, in winter. Gives him a lot of pep. Neigggh.

But growing it uses lots of fossil fuels. This is why they concocted the fantasy of running America's giant fleet of giant vehicles on sawgrass which has very little caloric value and trust me, this means very few calories per lb to be turned into instant fossil fuel! The laws of conservation of energy can't be tipped over like the fantasy of tipping over cows (which is nearly impossible unless one is the Hulk and even then, a dicey matter!).

Trees have tremendous caloric values when you burn them because they store many years of sunlight and water within themselves and when burned or processed, all this energy is released. Sawgrass grows where the soil is poor and it is a poor grass, my cattle or horse would starve to death if all they ate were this poor sustitute.

The whole sawgrass mantra is to do the old bait and switch. Namely, we are supposed to take the bait and they switch us onto the track called "to be eliminated or enslaved". If we are serious about cutting back buying fossil fuels then we should be seeing severe building codes whereby only houses like mine are built in the Northeast, for example, namely facing the winter sun to catch the natural heat and to cope with the severe west winds which are the primary winds in winter, etc. But of course, there is no call for this nor for downsizing our gargantuan vehicles (and our gargantuan bodies!).

No one wants to hear that our way of living must and will end. America just went through one of its biggest building booms in our history and 99% of what was built is nearly useless in the future. This sad state of affairs will become all to obvious in the not too distant future.

But then, I say this all the time. Bush is lying to us, watch what he does, not what he says and obviously, he agrees with me about this biofuel garbage. He just doesn't want any of us to know this.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Africa's Poor Get No Benefits From Oil We Pump Out

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Nigerian citizens attack another oil rig. Chad, another forgotten African oil country, can't seem to get any of that oil wealth to the people there, either, and also has insurrections and riots. Ditto Iraq, for that matter. Meanwhile, we scream about Venezuela sharing the oil wealth successfully with the lower classes there! Go figure.

From the BBC:
Nine foreign oil workers have been seized by armed militants from a barge in Nigeria's Niger Delta.
The group, including three Americans, two Thais, two Egyptians, a Briton and a Filipino, were on a pipelaying barge.

A Shell facility near the Forcados export terminal was also set on fire, although the blaze was extinguished.

The attacks come a day after a militant commander told the BBC his group was declaring "total war" on all foreign oil interests in the Delta.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta gave oil companies and their employees until midnight on Friday night to leave the region.
Geeze, you would think this would make headlines in America! Yup. Nope.

I have watched with fascination as this rebellion unfolds. The USA corporations work hand in hand with the despots ruling Nigeria. Between them, they have turned the country into a wasteland. This is their plan for America. Let everything rot, loot the people and steal as much of the resources as possible and leave it a total mess. This is why we have to shut down K Street and I am happy Cheney is taking a forwards approach to all this by shooting a lobbyist. Heh. Power to the people, Cheney!

From the NYT:
Such is reality under a World Bank-supported program that was supposed to harness this impoverished African nation's oil wealth for the benefit of its poorest citizens. A $4.2 billion oil pipeline has generated $399 million for Chad since mid-2004, but the spending of the money has been seriously marred by mismanagement, graft and, most recently, the government's decision that a hefty share can be used to fight a rebellion.

And now the approach, once envisioned as a model for the development of other African countries, seems to be on the verge of collapse. In recent weeks, Chad seriously weakened a law that dedicated most of its oil revenue to reducing poverty and reneged on its deal with the World Bank. In response, the bank suspended all its loans to the country.

What is happening in Chad, a Central African country twice the size of France, is an important test of the idea that international institutions like the World Bank can influence governments of poor countries to spend newly tapped riches on their people instead of using the money to further entrench themselves in power.
OK, the money goes only to the rich and politicians and tools of the corporate state, they cut back services to the poor and the middle class, they tax only the lowest levels of society, they drive the country very deeply into debt and then tell the poor people there, all the money from their resources have to pay off these stupid loans, and what country are we talking about, anyway?

The USA! Whoopee! Please, dear readers, attend carefully. WE ARE CHAD. The New York Times and all the other American corporate tool media are very careful to call the properly elected President of Venezuela "a regime" as if he took over the way all our tools take over: violently, using the CIA and American military! His election was much fairer than our own twisted elections! Do we call Bush's rule a "regime"?

Well, bloggers do! But the media, no! And why do they hate the freely elected President of Venezuela so much?

He is sharing the oil wealth and not driving his country into bankruptcy! Gads! Chavez, could you run for office here? Pretty please?
High-level talks in Paris to resolve the crisis with Chad ended inconclusively this month, though World Bank officials still hope for a settlement that preserves the government's promise to use its oil money to build schools, clinics and roads rather than to support an army that has recently experienced a rash of defections among rebellious officers.

As a rising tide of oil money flows to poor African countries in the coming years, the bank will have little choice but to grapple with its role.

"It's not clear at all how to get your hands around it," said Paul D. Wolfowitz, who became president of the bank last summer. "But I think to stand back and say the whole thing is a dirty business and we in the World Bank don't want to have anything to do with it is very shortsighted."
Isn't it just an odd coincidence that the World Bank is being run by an American war criminal who helped launch a dirty war for oil in Iraq? This pious fool is concerned about using oil money to build schools?

Maybe he could visit Texas and explain this to them! Hahaha. Texas schools=bottom of the barrel. Ditto oil exporting Louisiana! Third world conditions mirroring Africa's suffering! How about visiting Venezuela and seeing how real democracy works, Wolfie?

Or, for that matter, visit Iran. Of course, we hate both countries. We want them to be helpless and stupid, run by corrupt tools, traitors working for Shell Oil or Exxon.
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Friday, February 17, 2006

China Quickly Closing Deal With Iran---Will Develop Oil Fields

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As expected, China takes the initiative and forges more deals with Iran. Europe, who buys a lot of Iranian oil, played hardball with the Iranians at the behest of the American imperial planners who think diplomacy with a nail studded club is the way to prepare for the downside of the Hubbert Oil Peak. A big problem: China has nukes and rockets. We keep forgetting this fact.

From the Washington Post:
China is hastening to complete a deal worth as much as $100 billion that would allow a Chinese state-owned energy firm to take a leading role in developing a vast oil field in Iran, complicating the Bush administration's efforts to isolate the Middle Eastern nation and roll back its nuclear development plans, according to published reports.

The completion of the agreement would advance China's global quest for new stocks of energy. It could also undermine U.S. and European initiatives to halt Tehran's nuclear plans, possibly generating friction in Beijing's relations with outside powers.
By "isolating" Iran, they made it ludicrously easy for the Chinese to fill the vacuum. No competition! Ideal conditions for making a deal.

Of course, we could break this deal the Hitlerian way: by attacking the Iranians. Hitler always complained about how everyone was hemming in Germany and interfering with Germany and all he wanted was some Lebensraum and security. This involved killing millions of people and putting the rest in chains but then, what can we say? We are the same.

Why Europe went along with this farce puzzles me. Are they that stupid? The entire reason why Iran turned hard edged was because the USA invaded Iraq and openly talked from day one of "the Axis of Evil" that was Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Iran and Iraq hated each other's guts so why they were lumped together, we would have to ask AIPAC, the Israeli lobbying group that owns much of our political system.

The arrest of the traitor, Franklin, who was feeding top secret military information to AIPAC, stopped some of this conspiracy. He handed over papers concerning Iran. Valarie Plame was working the Iranian angle, too. This is all so typically messy.

One other nation interested in knocking Iran down is Saudi Arabia. They are actively encouraging this and they are one of several key countries buying our mountain of debts. This is why Iran is playing a smart game, just like Putin. By defying Europe and America, they are triangulating, forcing Russia and China to finally move in the open and choose sides and of course, they have to side with Iran because to do otherwise would be suicidal.

An iron rule of history is, any empire that takes over the planet instantly causes all potential rivals to side with each other so they can remove the new rulers.

From Marketwatch:
Bears romped through energy stocks this month, trouncing share prices and raising questions about whether the outsized earnings that made Big Oil the star of the 2005 market have run their course.
But investors who bow out of the sector might just rue the day they did.

"The momentum investors are out of the stocks because of the drop in energy prices. But the fundamentals of the sector are still very robust," said Art Smith, an industry analyst at John S. Herold in Houston. "We've seen corrections before. This is just another one."
Crude oil futures for March delivery closed at $59.88 a barrel in New York on Friday -- a 12% downturn so far this month. A mild winter and bulging fuel stockpiles are the main culprits, spoiling big bets last fall that energy prices could only go up in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Isn't it pitiful, our oil prices are totally weather dependent? Right now, Wall Street is betting against a war with Iran. They know we can't afford it so they are ignoring Bush and the neo cons yelling for war.

And I think they are wrong. Bush, unlike Wall Street, sees the hard core figures. He and his oily friends in Saudi Arabia know the Ghawar fields are in trouble. He also knows the next hurricane season just might dwarf the last season. He is willing to force world oil prices back up if this means we take all the Middle East and make it our bitch to use as we will. For we have to have something to sell to China!

And China needs this oil so we need to be the agents pumping it and transporting it to China. And China is determined to not let this happen, no way they want us to have a grip on their necks. They aren't that dumb.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sir Edmond Hillary of Everest Fame Files Lawsuit Against The USA For Refusing To Save Glaciers

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The first man (thanks to his Sherpa's guidance and wisdom) to conquer Mt. Everest is helping a consortium of ecology groups to sue the USA over global warming. Their latest petition to the UN is, American pollution is destroying many glacial parks in the USA as well as other lands.

From the BBC:
"The effects of climate change are well-documented and clearly visible in Glacier National Park," said the petition's lead author Erica Thorson from the International Environmental Law Project.

Globally, glaciers have lost an average 6m in height in 20 years
"Yet the US has not taken action to protect the world heritage of the park by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to its obligations under the World Heritage Convention."

Straddling the US-Canada border where the province of Alberta meets the state of Montana, Waterton-Glacier was the first region in the world to be declared an International Peace Park.
Of course, the UN just asked us to close Gitmo, too, and we just refused.

When the UN asks Iran to not make nukes, we yell "You have to do this because the UN ordered you," but whenever the UN says bleep to us, we yell, "Shut up! Go away! Blue helicopters!" In other words, we cherry pick what we want to obey, sort of like Cheney and Bush with the law in general. Commit a crime then have the cops collude to cover it all up again.
The Sagarmatha petition is supported by Everest pioneer Sir Edmund Hillary, who said: "The warming of the Himalayas has increased noticeably over the last 50 years... this has caused several and severe floods from glacial lakes, and much disruption to the environment and local people."
Yay, Sir Hillary! A great guy. He, like myself, watches with horror as Nepal falls apart. Like my family, he knew the royals who were machinegunned down so brutally (the story the evil uncle who is now king is total hogwash!) and he mourns the destruction of Nepal and the many stresses ripping it apart these days.

If the glaciers melt once and for all, all the great rivers that were the birthplace of many great civilizations, will dry up and become mere seasonal rivers like the ones in the desert. I remember how various rivers in Arizona like the Santa Rita would run year round, the Palo Verde used to have huge cotton woods lining the banks, all are dry as a bone now except during monsoon season.

And so it will be with the Ganges. The Colorado River still gets snow melt from the Rockies but human use causes it to dwindle until it is nothing coming out into the Gulf of California. The snows are failing in the Rockies just as they are failing in all the glacial mountains even as excess snow blankets other parts of the planet. This oddity is another sign, global warming's changes of the atmosphere are altering the amount of solar energy heating high elevations. Anyone who has lived above 9,000 ft like I have in my own childhood, knows that when the sun is out, it gets very hot very fast even though it is very cold. So long as one is in the sun, it is hot. Wind blows or walk in the shade and brrr.

Global warming seems to have concentrated moisture so where it rains, it really rains and elsewhere, the sun blazes down. From

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions increased by 2.0 percent in 2004, from 6,983.2 million metric tons carbon dioxide equivalent in 2003 to 7,122.1 metric tons in 2004, according to Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States 2004, a report released today by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The 2004 increase is well below the rate of economic growth of 4.2 percent but above the average annual growth rate of 1.1 percent in greenhouse gas emissions since 1990. Emissions of carbon dioxide and methane increased by 1.7 and 0.9 percent respectively, while emissions of nitrous oxide and engineered gases rose by 5.5 and 9.6 percent respectively. U.S. greenhouse gas emissions per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fell from 677 metric tons per million 2000 constant dollars of GDP in 2003 to 662 in 2004, a decline of 2.1 percent, meaning that American industry because more greenhouse gas efficient.

The release comes just over a week after a United Nations conference in Montreal where the United States refused to join any talks for imposing binding limits on emissions of greenhouse gases.
Many people are now suing the USA over our ridiculous overuse of fossil fuels. From
The people of the Arctic filed a landmark human rights complaint against the United States, blaming the world's No. 1 carbon polluter for stoking the global warming that is destroying their habitat.

The Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC), representing native people in the vast, sparsely-populated region girdling the Earth's far north, said they had petitioned an inter-American panel to seek relief for Canadian and US Inuit.
Islanders, people living in any lowland ouside of Florida, people suffering from increasingly frequent droughts, everyone is beginning to sue our country because our actions are destroying their homes and their livelyhoods. It is destroying ours, too, only we are all acting like Cheney, being sour pussed about it and thinking it is everyone else's fault for being the the way when all we want to do is kill things for fun.

The lawsuits the North East started to stop the Midwest and South from burning a zillion tons of coal for airconditioning because it is killing our trees, killing our lakes and rivers and killing everything, we had to drop it because the Supreme Court thinks killing everything via pollution wasn't thought of by George Washington so it is OK. Gads.

Arrest the Supreme Court. Rats.

I am still very angry that my poor oaks and maples will have to endure yet another ozone alert summer, vicious droughts and wild storms dropping 7" of rain in a few hours time.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bush Isn't Going To Replace Oil Pumped Out Of Strategic Petroleum Reserves

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush decided it was pointless to replace the oil we ran down this winter. I always thought the SPR was a stupid concept, pumping oil out of the ground only to put it back into the ground again! If we are having "hard times," the plan should be rationed fuel, not pumping in and out, oil that shouldn't be pumped in the first place. A top scientist claims we hit the Hubbert Oil Peak mid December last year. I agree.

From Reuters:
Congress is requiring the Bush administration to add almost 300 million barrels to the U.S. emergency oil stockpile, but the White House on Monday did not seek money to buy the crude in its proposed budget for the 2007 spending year sent to Congress.

In sweeping energy legislation signed into law last year, Congress required the administration to boost capacity of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to 1 billion barrels from its current 727 million barrels.
I got this from From the keep up with all the updates concerning the Hubbert Oil Peak. From Princeton, Prof. Deffeyes:
In the January 2004 Current Events on this web site, I predicted that world oil production would peak on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005. In hindsight, that prediction was in error by three weeks. An update using the 2005 data shows that we passed the peak on December 16, 2005.
He goes on to note that Saudi Arabia keeps claiming they will up their oil pumping again and again with great fan fare which is then echoed stupidly here in America on TV only the rate of pumping has gone DOWN the last two years there.

No you should know why prices are so high and not coming down! All it took was Saudi Arabia losing 2% of their capacity to change the world from an oil glut situation to an oil deficit situation. The North Sea oil wells are running out rapidly. Over 600 men have died over the years, providing this oil for the rigs have a tendency to collapse when under stressful storms, they blow up or the helicopters transporting people crash, etc. Like coal, the oil we consume often is mixed with blood, metaphorically speaking.

Actually, the oil flowing out of the Middle East swims in oceans of blood and pain!
So what are the policy implications? Numerous critics are claiming that the present world economic situation is a house of cards: built on trade deficits, housing price bubbles, and barely-adequate natural gas supplies. Pulling any one card out from the bottom of the pile might collapse the whole structure.
Of course. The Punch and Judy show we watched in DC today on nearly every front including the "I shot the Lawyer but not the trial judge" Cheney was whimsical and unedifying. No one talked about anything important. Everyone patted each other on the back and assured each other, all was well, there is nothing a little tweeking and of course, with solemn faces, promises to stay within some sort of budget, this is so sad.

I was in despair for the last 30 years as Americans raced after the will-o-whisp of easy money, easy living when we should have been ants, preparing for winter, working hard. Look around where you live. Are your winter windows facing south? Are the walls more than 8" thick with insulation (hint, the number of houses with that is slightly above zero)? Can you walk to work? Room for a veggie garden and some chickens? If the public wells stop pumping, do you have water?

So many things to consider.

America gambled. We hoped to reel in a big fish, Iraq, and claim all that oil for ourselves so we could sell it and make a lot of money from the Europeans. This is rapidly slipping through our fingers. And our naked attempt at repeating this with Iran has been firmly squelched as of today by the Chinese. Going into that country=World War Three and we won't win it, either.

Bush got away with killing New Orleans. Some people were yelling at Chertoff, Bush's foreigner executioner, the skull faced man who presided over the doom of so many innocent civilians. From Associated Press:
Acknowledging delayed aid and fumbled coordination, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Wednesday the federal response to Hurricane Katrina fell far short of providing immediate help to the Gulf Coast that could have saved lives.

Chertoff's Senate testimony came the same day a House panel released a scathing report concluding that deaths, damage and suffering could have been decreased if the White House and federal, state and local officials had responded more urgently to Katrina.

"There are many lapses that occurred, and I've certainly spent a lot of time personally, probably since last fall, thinking about things that might have been done differently," Chertoff told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee about the Aug. 29 storm.
Within about two days BEFORE the hurricane, I thought of a zillion things Chertoff could have done and I yelled about it all here on my own blog. This psychopath needed months of people yelling at him to think up some of the things he should have done spontaneously and instantly. So, Congress is yelling at him today but no one is firing him. He still is in charge of eliminating us. I cannot fathom why the vast majority of Americans aren't really scared by this! What if the New Madrid Fault blows again? This is going to happen, sooner or later! What if California finally releases all that pent up pressure from the Pacific plate? Will happen, the only question is , this year or in five years?

In the old days, Chertoff would have been long gone. Why the lassitude these days? One by one, "excess" cities will be removed and not replaced. The refugees will scurry about, seeking shelter, note how little interest there is in the fact that many were evicted from hotels today, survivors of the hurricanes this year? The news of the lack of interest in recharging the oil pumped out of the strategic reserves is proof our ruling class feels they must hide things from the masses. So they report it on the back pages and hope the readers or watchers only note the glitzy, loud, persistant commercials. Buy useless or hopeless junk! Buy now!

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Mexico's Biggest Oil Field Hits Hubbert Oil Peak, Europe Demands Russia Give Them Control Of Russian Oil And Gas

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Already, danger signs from Mexico as their greatest oil field, Cantarell, signal the possiblity that it is not only past peak but in danger of a sudden drop off in production. Nearly all the oil there is sold to the USA which continues to guzzle gargantuan amounts of oil. In Europe, at the G8 meetings hosted by Russia, the Europeans and Americans demand Putin let them run Russia's oil and gas fields for ourselves. Putin smiles and and says 'Don't call me, I'll call you."

From the Wilderness:
Mexico's huge state-owned oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, may be facing a steep decline in output that would further tighten global oil supply and add to global woes over high oil prices, the online edition of the Wall Street Journal reported.

The potential decline faced by Pemex, also could undermine US efforts to reduce dependence on Middle East oil, and complicate Mexican politics and financial stability.

An internal study reviewed by The Wall Street Journal shows water and gas are encroaching more quickly than expected in Cantarell, Mexico's biggest oil field, and might cause output to drop precipitously over the next few years.

Currently, Cantarell produces 2 mln barrels of oil a day, or six of every 10 barrels produced by Mexico, and is the world's second-biggest-producing field after Saudi Arabia's Ghawar.
When the Great Permian Extinction happened, and it was, like all following extinctions, very rapid, the earth was covered by a tremendous amount of rotting biomass both in the oceans and on land. Instead of merely slowly filtering down, slowly piling up, nature usually is very thrifty and various organisms eat or dissolve whatever organic matter dies leaving relatively speaking, not much behind. And it tends to be used again by plants, for example, which grow using the fallen debrie of previous plants after worms and bacterium digest them all.

In the great catastrophe of the Permian Extinction, 90% of all living things died very quickly, the earth became very hostile and tons of mud and sand and very briny seas covered over the sad remains of a once teeming earth. This pile of dirt/salt/sand has been, over the last several hundred million years, been compressed into oil and gas and we seek them out and squeeze it all out again, leaving empty gaps which we pump water into so the salt domes won't collapse and to pressurize the oil so it comes out to the last drop.

I just got a call from a friend who tells me his TV set pundits are all saying we are going to see a world oil glut! Whoo hoo. I roll my eyes. This is the sort of lies one expects from our rulers who need to deceive everyone so we won't change now and save our skins. The plan, I assure you, is to enslave the vast majority of humans and put them to work as serfs and slaves. They know all about what is going on and pray we don't figure it out.

Mexico, like Saudi Arabia, have just announced they are upping production. This is sheer insanity. Neither country benefits from doing this in the long run. Note how Russia, flush with oil money, isn't upping production despite the pleas of the other G8 (means "Gee, we ATE everything!").
Finance ministers of world's wealthiest nations sounded the alarm over the cost of energy on Saturday and urged greater international cooperation to ensure stable supplies.

Ministers from the Group of Eight industrialized countries said in a communique that global economic expansion was strong but at risk because of high and volatile energy prices.

"We need to develop a civilized strategy which will reliably secure the world with energy at reasonable prices and with minimal damage to the environment," Russian President Vladimir Putin told the ministers.
We are all so civilized, aren't we? This is why so many oil nations are either in flames, degraded or their people in chains!
The diplomatically worded G8 communique made no reference to the Russian gas supply spat but officials said they were keen to see the Kremlin allow more foreign investment in its energy sector and loosen the grip of the monopoly supplier Gazprom.

The standoff with oil-rich Iran over uranium enrichment has also served a reminder of how vulnerable supplies can be.

Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin appeared to cede some ground when he told a post-G8 news conference Russia might eventually end state-controlled Gazprom's gas export monopoly.

"In the future, access to the export pipeline will become equal. I am not ready to say when that will happen," he said.
Don't call me, I'll call you. I think this is funny. Russia will allow us to buy their oil resources, eh? But China can't buy any American oil companies? What is this about open borders and free trade and anyone can buy anything? I see some really funny contridictions here.

The Europeans want to surround Russia with NATO bases and sneer at Russia but also want to some into Russia and insure they run the joint so they can suction off all of Russia's oil as cheap as possible. What a grand scheme, a great plan! If they could only install someone as dumb as Bush! Alas for Europe, Putin's IQ is bigger than a fence post.

I see all over the news, breathless tall tales about using "biomatter" to make fuel for cars. We can make fuel out of any biomass, that is what oil is, after all! Rotting corpses of living things! Already, we are destroying our forests by logging them, this removes much of the biomass built up by trees so the soil never gets "richer". Right now, they lop off the tops and side branches and leave them on the ground so erosion and runoff won't destroy what pitiful mulch has built up but if we need biomatter to burn as fuel for cars, they wll harvest literally everything including the weeds.

This is how we fish the oceans now with vast nets that kill everything everywhere and the biology of the seas are now collapsing and we are not stopping, we are increasing the consumption and now everything is dying rapidly, it looks like the Permian there, now!

Just as the collapse happened.

Will we suck up all biomass and burn it so we can live in bubbles and drive our fat carcasses around inside of big bubbles? We know the ending of this sorry story!

The Permian extinction tells us very clearly.

Here is yet another story, Chevron telling us, we can't be energy independent: From Ireland News;
Bush in his State of the Union address earlier this month pledged to cut US dependence on Middle East oil by 75% by 2025.

“Quite frankly, I think these comments reflect some misunderstanding of global energy supply. I believe Middle Eastern oil can and must play a certain role in the system,” Robertson said. “Saudi Arabia’s massive resources will continue to promote international energy security and serve as a moderating force in balancing supply and demand.”

Robertson said singling out the Middle East for a reduction in US oil imports would be difficult, since oil was a commodity traded on the open market. What’s more, he said, that would require more expensive oil imports from elsewhere.

“All it would end up doing is raising prices,” Robertson said.

Chevron is also lobbying heavily against proposals floated in the US Congress to raise taxes on oil earnings, after oil companies made record profits as a result of skyrocketing oil prices.
Since American voters have little say with the sham elections we run these days, lobbying to shift taxes onto the backs of the voters is easy as making mud pies in a rainstorm.
“We’re working very hard to make sure these don’t come into law,” Robertson said. “I think we’ll be successful.”
The billionaire oil company reps and foreign governments like Saudi Arabia openly bribe our "elected" officials who heed them much more closely than they heed us.

So long as the oil overlords can whip the religious right wing nuts into line, they will be able to loot us at their leisure and then spit us out like so many dead seeds. Spitooie. And where is McCain? Shouldn't he be denouncing oil barons who are bribing Congress?

When pigs jet overhead.
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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Schott Glass of Germany To Build Hyper-heat Solar Electrical Power Plants

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Schott Glass Werk is launching a new super-heating solar energy system that produces electricity. This is one of many possible projects that will be started in the next ten years if there is any money for it which is why I am so concerned about America running up huge debts to buy junk.

From Reuters:
People will soon cool their homes with power from the searing desert sun, according to companies investing in a little-used solar technology.

Deserts are becoming hot spots for solar thermal power in which futuristic troughs concentrate the sun's rays and create steam to run power-producing turbines at power plants. It is a different technology than rooftop solar panels.

Tiny experimental plants built in the 1980s in California ran into problems when energy prices dropped.

But as oil, natural gas and electricity costs soar, companies are racing to build commercial solar thermal plants that are the size of conventional power plants.

"Now the industry starts again," said Burghard von Westerholt, head of thermal solar for private German specialty glass company SCHOTT.
The system is pretty simple, actually. Using tubing inside parabolic mirrors, the water heats to 400 degrees C and then is used as steam to run turbines. Schott's homepage for this technology:
To generate these high temperatures the solar radiation is focused linearly on the SCHOTT PTR70 Receiver by means of parabolic mirrors. Thermal oil flows through the receiver and is heated to about 400°C. A 50MW power plant requires a collector field of 60km receiver length and about 360,000 m² of mirror area. As a result of the maturing of the technology and the desire for safe energy supplies, the planning and construction of solar thermal power plants is increasing throughout the world. As of 2005, three new power plants will be constructed in Spain and the USA alone.
The history of parabolic solar heating systems is very entwined with my family since astronomers at Mt. Wilson observatory first played with it way back when my mom was a child there and my grandparents spent many days up at the observatory, working.

My grandfather first worked there when transportation was via mules.

Dr. Abbot rigged up a parabolic solar hot water heater up on the mountain. As is typical of all astronomers, he loved to tinker with things and this was one of his pet projects. It was wound up every hour at the base which meant climbing up and down the steep stairs, everything on observatory mountains are steep, I spent my childhood hiking up and down zillions of stairs as well as steep mountainsides in the thin atmosphere, sucking for air. Anyway, he would trot up and down, merrily, winding up the counterweight timer. This was the sort of thing he could rig up since this is the same way older telescopes could be run so they could track with the stars they were focused on.

This set up is probably one of the first modern water heating devices of this nature, namely, that tracks the sun and uses a parabolic mirror. After Abbot retired, no one used it and the only curious people to view it in later years was my own father who asked why it wasn't used and the staff confessed, no one wanted to hike up and down the stairs to wind up the gears. Soon afterwards, the director of the observatory sold it for scrap, to my father's regret.

It is no surprise to me that Schott has worked at a similar system since the Schott business in Germany and my dad go way back, to WWII, when my father rescued the Director himself as he fled the fighting on a bicycle with his wife in tow.

My father stopped him and asked him his name and when he heard it, he said (auf deutsch)"Hop in, you are just the person I am looking for," and talked mirrors and lenses the rest of the way, ignoring the noise of battle just beyond the hills.

So when my father became enthusiastic about setting up a large parabolic mirror solar array, it was natural for Schott to find it interesting, too.

I am very happy conditons are such, a large system is now being set up! About time! It would be a horrible disaster for our great-grandchildren if we suck out all the oil and gas and waste it! So the time is now, not next century, to change. But we need more than just a series of such systems, we need an integrated hyper-structure to cope with comfortable living in the future!

This is why combining geo-thermal heating/cooling systems with Passive solar heating/cooling homes.

Whatever systems we end up using, all of them cost more than oil at $12 a barrel. The fact of life is this: the costs of this cheap oil were hidden from view, often deliberately. The downside has been terrible. Just like, in hot summer times, the ozone levels shoot up and we suffocate not to mention global warming from rising CO2 and asthma from particulate matter.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Exxon Warns Us, We Will Always Need Oil From Other Nations, China Warns They Want 50% Car Ownership

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Exxon mulitbillionaire executives tell us we will always have to import oil. Of course, if we all drive SUVs! Meanwhile, China sets a goal of 50% car ownership by 2050. This means, if the population stays relative to the USA, they will own many more cars than we since there are four times more Chinese than Americans. This process will accelate the effects of the Hubbert Oil Peak by many magnitudes.

From ABC News:
The United States will always rely on foreign imports of oil to feed its energy needs and should stop trying to become energy independent, a top Exxon Mobil Corp. executive said on Tuesday.

"Realistically, it is simply not feasible in any time period relevant to our discussion today," Exxon Mobil Senior Vice President Stuart McGill said, referring to what he called the "misperception" that the United States can achieve energy independence.
From Bush and his oil buddies on down, I see a peculiar form of fatalism. "We can't change our lifestyles or how we transport ourselves so we might as well relax and keep pumping that good ol' oil!" is sheer insanity. Instead of conserving the world's natural resources for important uses since it is needed to produce many medicines and paints, containers, materials, oil has many non-burning up uses and here we are, burning it up at a mad rate! This is also destroying the environment. Using oil for other purposes impacts the environment but burning it is destroying the eco-system in a number of deadly ways, the most important being the relentless rise of CO2 and ozone levels rising during summer.

Pretending we are helpless babies and can't change won't change the Hubbert Oil Peak. It will happen whether we bother to install saner transportation/heating systems. I heard yesterday that the TV pundits are telling the gullible that Saudi Arabia is going to increase oil production by 20%! Indeed. When the Golden Goose flies around the world in 80 days.

Already, just to maintain present production, Saudi Arabia has to pump tremendous amounts of seawater into the empty chambers where the oil sat for 200 million years. Ten years ago, the Saudis pumped 10 mil barrels a day, now it is 9 million. They upped it to 9.5 mil but that is still less than in 1989.

The Gwahair oil fields are the oldest "great discovery" oil fields on earth and this isn't some bottomless pit. It isn't tapping into the earth's mantle. Time to change is here. And now. And the Chinese are shoving us along with this news: From Xinhua net:
He Chuanqi, head of the research team who compiled the report, told Xinhua that to attain this goal, China should follow two stages of social transformation. It should first turn into a city-based industrialized society from the present agricultural one, and then step into a knowledge-oriented society with rural and urban areas developing at the same rate.

By 2050, 80 percent of the urbanization work in China will have been completed, the researcher said.

He added that the social transformation will also bring great changes to peoples' life-styles, as 80 percent of the population would have access to information industry services, 50 percent could afford overseas travel and 50 percent would own private cars.
We will have some serious competition for all that oil. I suspect the Chinese feel, why let the Americans suck up all the oil? We might as well party, too!

And so they shall. We set a very nasty example here, when world oil was cheap, we ran out and tried to consume as much as humanly possible. We decided, it was OK to pretend this very limited resource is unlimited. This brainless mindset set the scene for an epic destruction of the environment and a squandering of our grandchildren's patrimony.

Indeed, what we are bequeathing them is a badly designed, poorly set up society that needs very cheap energy to function and on top of this, a mountain of debts so they can't borrow money to retrofit this mess so it can be even slightly functional.

One last news tidbit: Japan just bought Westinghouse's nuclear plant division. The Chinese wanted it but failed to get it. And this all dovetails into the whole screamathon over Iran's nuclear power plants. America is losing control of everything, one itemm after another, thanks to our giant trade deficits with absolutely everyone.

And high-tech Germany has a big trade surplus with the world, too. It is socialist, isn't it, with strong unions? Heh. Unlike us, racing to end up like Bangledesh.
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

IMF Demands Iraqi People Pay Them Full Price For Oil

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The IMF has seized the oil revenues of Iraq and are ordering huge price hikes for the oil in the ground. Unlike Venezuela, the Iraqis are now totally disowned. Eventually, the IMF plans to take over America, too. We will pay through the nose when this happens.

From Reuters:

Iraq will gradually increase state-controlled domestic fuel prices tenfold in 2006 to meet International Monetary Fund demands, an Iraq official said on Monday.

The move is likely to spark public protests. Iraq already increased prices by 200 percent in December, igniting protests and creating a rift between the oil ministry and the government over external political pressure.

"We have to meet demands from the IMF, they said the prices should be equal to the prices in neighboring countries," another source in the oil industry said.
The royals in Saudi Arabia nearly lost their heads but for the rise in world oil prices thanks to the Bush wars which we launched after Saudi citizens and one Egyptian attacked America. Isn't that a coincidence?

The plan for Iraq is to turn over the oil profits there to Americans. We will administer the oil in such a fashion so that Iraqis get none of the profits and none of the oil for themselves. They will be divorced from their own natural resources. Like making farmers serfs by taking all their crops except for enough to keep them barely alive. This overlord style of running countries is very unpopular with the victims, witness Nigeria which is spiralling down in to civil war over the depletion of oil only for Americans.
Iraq won a crucial loan accord with the IMF in late December and a $14 billion debt swap with private lenders.

The $685 million IMF standby credit arrangement was the fund's first ever with Iraq and is designed to support the economic program over the next 15 months.
The Quislings running Iraq aren't using this money to build anything. We already have seen story after story about the corruption and venality of all parties involved in this Iraq mess, American companies as well as Iraqi, they are all on a looting expedition, they funnel all this money to their own bank accounts in places like Switzerland.

This is why there are IMF riots all the time. When the bankers want their money they always end up conspiring with the corrupt rulers, often put in places of power via American military force or conspiracies, and to pay up always involves squeezing the peasants in a thousand, nasty ways.
Former oil minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Uloum protested against the increase in December and was ordered to take one months leave by the prime minister. Uloum tendered his resignation, which was accepted in January.
He saw the writing on the wall. Under Saddam, the oil blackmarket was encouraged because it was the only way to do business while under the American sponsored boycott, it was one way to earn foreign credit.

Now it is out of control since everyone is in a scramble for themselves. There is no national unity nor a nation, for that matter.

Kind of reminds me of America.
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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bush Pushes For War With Venezuela

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks to our out of control trade deficit and total dependence on foreign oil reserves, we are now thrashing around, trying to start wars with anyone sitting on oil wells. Once again, the target is Venezuela. Nothing irritates our overlords more than the thought that any oil pumping country gets to keep the profits so the people can get services and build a better country. Look at how the oil overlords are systematically destroying America! Why would they want to allow any country to thrive?

From Reuters:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned on Saturday he could shut his government's U.S.-based refineries and sell oil to nations other than the United States if Washington decided to cut diplomatic ties, as relations between the two countries continue to worsen.

Chavez said he did not want to take such measures after he expelled a U.S. military attache earlier this week on spying charges and Washington responded by ordering out a Venezuelan diplomat in a tit-for-tat retaliation.

"If the U.S. government wants to break relations, then they have to take that decision over there, over there. I could easily order the refineries we have over there closed," Chavez told a large crowd of supporters.
You know, when Israel is caught again and again, spying on us, we don't demand they stop nor do we recall their ambassador or remove Israeli citizens who run Homeland Security. Nothing at all happens except for a parade of politians running to the Israeli lobby to apologize for catching them and promising we will ignore their syping in the future much more carefully.

Well, Venezuela doesn't have a powerful lobby here so they can't play that game. Instead, we spy on them and then use the uncovering of traitors betraying Venezuela, a crime. We demand Venezuela apologize to us for catching our spies! Of course, everything is backwards when it comes to the USA and those who sell us oil.

We are like bank robbers buying gas so we can make more heists. We itch to shoot the gas station owner and not pay. After all, we are well armed! We have nukes! We have the biggest gibbering military on earth, why can't we just hold up gas stations, too?

Venezuela sells most of their oil to the USA. Just this last week, Bush yapped about how we are going to cut purchases from Saudi Arabia by 75% which caused them to yank our leash very hard. All they have to do is call a Fatwa on us and we are history in the Middle East. This is why they can attack us with impunity when it serves them and Bush like when Bush family friend, bin Laden, worked with Bush to drive America into a vast war for oil.

In public, the US government has to pretend we don't lust for Venezuela's oil which is why we keep our little conspiracies hidden from view as we try every trick in the book to undermine and destroy Venezuela's government. The Pentagon already has trumped the CIA which is under legal controls to not assassinate world leaders, now we are using robots to assassinate people and don't be surprised if this is attempted against Venezuela's popular President.

Our refusal to change the way we use energy is at the root of all this. From Associated Press:
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld pushed Saturday for unity in the fight against terrorism, telling a meeting of the world's top security officials that "a war has been declared on all of our nations and on our people."

Rumsfeld pushed U.S. allies to increase military spending to defeat the threat of a "global extremist empire" he said terrorists hoped to create.
See how this is going to be a world war? We want everyone to be hyper-armed because of terrorism? Isn't that insane! Even as we openly encourage an arms race, we race to disarm potential victims of our quest for cheap oil or at least, we get the oil profits channeled exclusively to the very rich in America and Europe.
"The Cold War wasn't won through fate or good luck — freedom prevailed because our free nations showed resolve when retreat would have been easier, showed courage when concession seemed simpler and more attractive," Rumsfeld said.
The fake story that we won the Cold War because we were hypermilitary and military spending is what made us victorious is insanity.

Russia went bankrupt fighting Muslims. They ran out of money! And the USA can't boast on this front, we are way out of money now and the new Bush budget gives more and more money to the military while cutting services to Americans, a total repeat of the Soviet State. We have a military that eats over $500 billion a year and our budget deficit is ....over $500 billion a year! So guess what?

We are following the Soviet path, perfectly. Even to the point of spending futile dollars on Eastern European backwaters, trying to hold them down for our empire.

Which is pissing off Russia, an oil pumping nation! The alliance of several big oil countries are slowly forming around China. China, unlike the USA, pays cash for oil. The USA has to first get loans from China in order to purchase our oil which terrifies our leaders which is why we want to buy that oil from ourselves, and this means war.
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tribe In Pakistan Blow Up Pipeline And Shoot Rockets At Troops

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

So long as Pakistan is run by a Quisling overlord installed by the CIA, it is OK for them to have nukes but the country teeters on the edge of chaos. Today, mountain raiders blew up another gas line and when troops came in to fix it, they shot rockets at them, forcing them to flee. Meanwhile, the Pentagon plans more wars based on using Quislings to serve our empire stealthily.

From the BBC:
Tribesmen have blown up a gas pipeline in Pakistan's troubled southern province of Balochistan, officials say.

Armed militants also fired more than 200 rockets at a major base belonging to the Pakistani security forces in the area, they said.
Across the planet, tribal people who live where the energy is being sucked out of the ground are getting angrier and angrier, watching their patrimony dissappear while they get to be poor. As the price of energy skyrockets, the need to cheat the very poor who live where it is, grows. The chief offender is the American empire which uses more energy from poor tribal areas than any country on earth.

When Bolivia or Venezuela, for example, have real elections and a native from the lower classes is elected, they end up taking over the energy systems and use them to extend health care and education, for example and nothing, absolutely nothing enrages the imperialist more than the idea that some desert tribe has wealth.

When the Saudi Royals took over the oil wells there, we raged. But then Faisal was "unexpectedly" murdered and voila! The status quo returned except we had to share a percentage with the murderers of the previous king.

The American plan, now that we are definitely running out of easy credit from China, is to revert to the Cold War style of oppressing peasants, namely, to send in assassins, professional spies, buying the services of rulers, dirty tricks, swift palace coups like in Nepal, etc. From the Washington Post:
The Pentagon, readying for what it calls a "long war," yesterday laid out a new 20-year defense strategy that envisions U.S. troops deployed, often clandestinely, in dozens of countries at once to fight terrorism and other nontraditional threats.

Major initiatives include a 15 percent boost in the number of elite U.S. troops known as Special Operations Forces, a near-doubling of the capacity of unmanned aerial drones to gather intelligence, a $1.5 billion investment to counter a biological attack, and the creation of special teams to find, track and defuse nuclear bombs and other catastrophic weapons.

China is singled out as having "the greatest potential to compete militarily with the United States," and the strategy in response calls for accelerating the fielding of a new Air Force long-range strike force, as well as for building undersea warfare capabilities.
China will chop our chicken head off using the sharp axe called "economic advantage". We already lost to China. True, their trade deficit with us isn't like Japan which has a huge deficit thanks to huge trade barriers they have erected, the Chinese trade deficit is due to them having cheaper labor because, as Marx assured us, labor is wealth. The Chinese plan is to never ever confront us directly, militarily. Unlike the comfortable American attitude towards world wars, namely, they are strictly fought far from our own homes, the Chinese have vivid memories of WWII which was fought the longest on their own lands, starting in 1932.
In the 2001 strategy, the U.S. military was to be capable of conducting operations in four regions abroad -- Europe, the Middle East, the "Asian littoral" and Northeast Asia. But the new plan states that the past four years demonstrated the need for U.S. forces to "operate around the globe, and not only in and from the four regions."
Namely, we need to reinvade many South American nations that are one by one, slipping the leash, thanks to China. Just yesterday, the Chinese successfully approached Morales of Bolivia to make a deal concerning the energy systems there. They slyly said they aren't going to provide military aid but we all know how this operates! The Pentagon is very alarmed about this but can't go to Beijing and ask for another $100 billion so they want this assassin/stealth team style palace coup force that can wiz in and murder people like Morales, hopefully paying one of his generals to seize control for us.

Like we did in Pakistan. Aren't we popular there? Our huge embassy there sits in an isolated desert, surrounded by miles of defences so they can't shoot rockets at us and the military scours the land, seeking anyone sneaking up to our embassy to nail us. Meanwhile, we can't walk the streets in that country without millions of people screaming at us and throwing things at us. Hearts and minds!
Yet, although the Pentagon's future course is ambitious in directing that U.S. forces become more versatile, agile and capable of tackling a far wider range of missions, it calls for no net increases in troop levels and seeks no dramatic cuts or additions to currently planned weapons systems.
Lovely. The plan is to use rockets and missles and spies to protect America from all the outraged tribal people who hate our guts because we send in teams of assassins and coup supporters who destroy democracy and steal natural resources! Only this doesn't work as Atta cheerfully showed us.
For example, the active-duty Army will revert by 2011 to its pre-2001 manpower of 482,400, with the additional Army Special Operations Forces incorporated in that number, defense officials said. The Air Force will reduce its strength by about 40,000 personnel.

Moreover, the review's key assumptions betray what Pentagon leaders acknowledge is a certain humility regarding the Defense Department's uncertainty about what the world will look like over the next five, 10 or 20 years, as well as its realization that the U.S. military cannot attain victory alone.
Alone. Nope, we conspire with the shredded remains of the huge British "sun never sets" empire, the parts that have overwhelmingly Anglo/Saxon settlers who have completely destroyed the natives, those places support the American Empire's struggle to steal from peasants who are darker skinned or speak other languages.
"Things get very fuzzy past the five-year point," Henry said of the review in a talk last month.
We can't peer five years into the future? What ails them? Blind as bats, they set us off in a direction that isn't going to end with America ruling the world. The Brits thought they could do this with the Expeditionary Forces using many natives, often moving them from Nepal to Africa and Africans to China, to hold onto power with minimum cost to the home islands. Then WWI broke out and the system had to be scrapped.

From the Olympian:
The Pentagon is seeking broad congressional authority to spend tens of millions of dollars on military assistance to unspecified foreign countries or "indigenous forces," authority that traditionally has rested with the State Department.
Here we go, off the cliff. No longer does the State Department, using the CIA, pull coups and do assassinations, now our military gets to decide if and when they do this sort of dirty stuff.

So why are we walking down the exact same path Britain strolled, straight into WWI and WWII? Isn't this a wilful blindness to history that can't be tolerated?
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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bush Talks Big On Biofuel And Windmills Then Cuts Their Funding

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Republicans continue the "talk like liberals act like assholes" plan. Nearly every declaration in the latest Bush Speeccch was a blunt lie. Now, Bush is either backpedalling like crazy and falling on his rear end, or sticking his pink tongue out at us and laughing as he does the exact opposite. Like cutting staff and funds for wind and biofuel research the same day he claims this will be the wave of the future!

From the New York Times via Facti, one of our readers::
Congress and the administration have at times sent conflicting signals about their priorities, further complicating Mr. Bush's prospects of pushing through his proposals.

The Energy Department will begin laying off researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the next week or two because of cuts to its budget.

A veteran researcher said the staff had been told that the cuts would be concentrated among researchers in wind and biomass, which includes ethanol. Those are two of the technologies that Mr. Bush cited on Tuesday night as holding the promise to replace part of the nation's oil imports.

The budget for the laboratory, which is just west of Denver, was cut by nearly 15 percent, to $174 million from $202 million, requiring the layoff of about 40 staff members out of a total of 930, said a spokesman, George Douglas. The cut is for the fiscal year that began on Oct. 1.
Last I looked, Congress is a bunch of craven idiots spending money like there is no tomorrow, money on war, and the are the same party and same mind and same modus operandi as Bush. So this is not an example of Congress not coordinating with our dictator, it is Congress quietly killing anything that interferes with the corporate wolves feasting on our carcasses!

Namely, they do not want us to be "free" or "self sufficient" or anything, they want us trapped and forced to work for nearly nothing and get as little back as possible while they live like emperors and kings and can laugh at us.

Bush and Rove knew perfectly well, they were lying last night. They knew this was a TV show, not serious politics. They knew they would get the support of all the media whores who would trumpet Bush as some dawning hero instead of the Yellow Dwarf (refering to an old fairy tale of a dwarf wizard who disguised himself).
Representative Joe L. Barton of Texas, the chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, even seemed to contradict the president's alarms about high energy prices. "America runs on energy that is both abundant and available at prices we can afford to pay," Mr. Barton said in a statement.
Um, Bush himself said that high energy prices were OK and he was happy with the market setting the rates and he was utterly indifferent as to how many people suffer from this. After all, what are they going to do? Go to their Diebold polling places and vote?

This all goes back to the idea that we have a democracy which is a lie. We don't.
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Mysterious Oil Producing Nations Force Bush To Apologize For State Of Union Address

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It didn't take even one day for the real rulers to reel in Bubble Boy! They ordered him to retract the bizarre statement that we will reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil by 75%. So the harem slave boy immediately obeyed. Yes, massster. Gads. Arrest Bush. He is a traitor to our great nation.

From Knight Ridder:
One day after President Bush vowed to reduce America's dependence on Middle East oil by cutting imports from there 75 percent by 2025, his energy secretary and national economic adviser said Wednesday that the president didn't mean it literally.

What the president meant, they said in a conference call with reporters, was that alternative fuels could displace an amount of oil imports equivalent to most of what America is expected to import from the Middle East in 2025.

But America still would import oil from the Middle East, because that's where the greatest oil supplies are.
Gads, all those Americans who think this wailing, weeping, drunken canaba boy, this "please stick it to me again" kissing, hand holding, prancing, mincing little autocratic baby is standing strong and protecting us...HAHAHA.

Please. Another proof who runs America! Bush's minions won't trumpet this news across the country so 90% of the people will be clueless just like they were when Bush had to kiss the Chinese and apologize, on his knees, not once but thrice! Over the spy plane incident which was never mentioned in the news after the kow towing was finished.

Here is an example, suggested by one of my readers, of another diplomatic disaster that was caused by blustering diplomats misjudging their relative power. From the BBC:
India has summoned the US ambassador to Delhi after comments he made over India's relations with Iran.
US Ambassador David Mulford had warned that a deal giving India US nuclear technology could collapse if India does not back a UN motion against Iran.

He was told his comments were "inappropriate and not conducive" to US-India relations, India's foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Mr Mulford earlier said his remarks were taken out of context.

The US State Department said Mr Mulford was voicing his "personal opinion".
After this blunderbussing, did Bush recall the ambassador? Heck, he can't recall what he did from 1972 to 1975! Why didn't the media scream, back in 1999, Bush was unqualified to be President when he asserted he was suffering from amnesia? Huh? Brain dead=America dead, guys!

Here is Mr. Amnesiac himself, squirming while his arms are being twisted by the oil giants: From Associated Press:
President Bush defended the huge profits of Exxon Mobil Corp. Wednesday, saying they are simply the result of the marketplace and that consumers socked with soaring energy costs should not expect price breaks.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Bush also addressed oil's future, offering a more ambitious hope than in his State of the Union speech for cutting imports from the volatile Mideast.
Yay! We get to suffer the full blown effects of high fuel costs and eat dirt! Way to go!

Americans want a magical solution to the Hubbert Oil Peak. This reminds me of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." We have Mickey Bush as the Foolish Apprentice trying to fix things only they get monumentally worse. Greenspan is the magician and he will wave his wand and all will dissappear. Poof.

All of our wealth, our country, everything. Way to go.
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Bio Fuels: Yet Another Insane Idea, It Won't Work At All

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Biofuels is a totally insane idea. Unless we are planning on never eating any meat and eliminating about 70% of the world's people through starvation or slavery, it won't fuel a zillion SUVs driving aimlessly around this planet and don't even think about the mess this will make, creating desertfication from overharvesting, soil depletion, salinization of the topsoil from irrigation and burning the stuff, creating more global warming!

From the BBC:
President Bush has said alternative fuels to compete with petrol could be produced within six years.
Speaking in Nashville, Mr Bush said that scientists were close to a breakthrough on making ethanol from materials such as grasses.

Technology, he hoped, would help the US "reduce if not end" reliance on Middle Eastern oil in his lifetime.
Time to talk reality here. I own pasturelands. I graze large mammals on my fields. The horse, the oxen, they are superbly efficient consumers of the frail amount of energy grass represents. Any other use of grass is increasingly inefficient. For example, my ox team, after grazing for much the night, could be yoked up and set to work all day, pulling logs of immense girth, pulling wagons with quite big loads, as big as any tractor could pull, only slower. My patient, loving boys, once set in motion, stolidly would march forwards, chewing their cuds since they store their energy supply in a fore-stomach. The horse, more nervous, much faster moving, pulled much less weight but speed is Sparky's forte. Descendant of the mighty warhorses of Austria, mountain bred, he can tool along in deep snow, happy as a lark, snow spraying up from his chest as he charges through tall snowbanks.

The energy stored in grass is miniscule. The energy stored in trees is tremendously higher per square inch because the trees soak up many years of solar energy and compact it into a tough fiber called "wood". And oil, coal, gas are all super-compressed solar energy with millions of years of solar energy in a very small, very efficient package.

The sun continues to pour energy upon our planet and various living things store it in various ways and in death, enrich the planet further but for one element: humans. On every level, we are consuming the solar resources 1,000,000 times faster than the ecosystem is replentishing it. The renewable systems that represent a true steady-state can sustain us but now within a giant bubble wherebe we can live like emperors. This is the fatal flaw to all the "solutions."

Chris, Danny and I lived without modern systems for many years. Our refrigerator turned on when the cold north wind blew and in summer, I stored everything that needed cooling in a deep hole in the ground, lined with steel. People used to laugh when I would kneel on the ground in the center of our tent complex and open a heavy lid and pull out of the ground our ingredients for dinner.

The energy used to pump water, once we got a well and didn't have to carry it in containers from much further away with Duke, our sled dog pulling them up the hill in winter or melting snow on the woodstove, the pump's name was "Danny" and using his muscles, he would patiently sit on an overturned bucket twice a week and pump 100 gallons into the big holding tank, using the Victorian handpump we installed. Baths were communal affairs, everyone taking it in turn, in between these, hand washing was done.

I burned many personal calories, doing chores. Like 80% of humanity, I had to do the labor if I wanted something. Things most Americans take for granted since energy does it for them, invisibly.

People imagining we will burn grass for oil don't bother to think things through. Grass growing regions are, nearly universally, located in places where the grass grows only 1/2 the year! Here, on the farm, any hay harvested goes into the barn to be doled out during the winter. With Chip and Dale, my huge ox team, they ate 250 bales a winter. This is a lot of hay, I assure you, as the person who moved the bales around for the boys.

The places that can grow hay year round don't get rain year round. They nearly universally have a rainy season then a dry season! Even if the grass grows, it is universally at a much slower rate per month than the winter/summer regions. Usually, in a good year, up here we get three hay harvests but this is getting harder to achieve since the average is two t in bad years, and with global warming, they are getting worse and worse, only one harvest of any note will end up being the norm.

Namely, we are seeing increasingly dire droughts up here in the north! For the last year, Illinois and Indiana, for example, had a terrible drought. Last summer, the rains failed us from end of July to hurricane Katrina in September. Then, just in time for harvesting the hay, it rained like crazy in October, one week, 10" of rain, in one day, 7" of rain that washed away our road in the mountains and did a lot of damage to many villages.

To harvest hay, you need sunshine because the hay has to lay out in the sun to dry before packaging or it rots. All the farmers harvest their hay in unison. This is universal. In old Europe, the hay harvests were festivals as extra hands traveled from village to village, assisting in the harvest. They walked, of course, with the hay rakes on the shoulder. So the hay harvest would start in the valley and move up the higher elevations. When done, the hay harvesters would walk back into the valleys and by then, the next wave of hay harvesting was beginning down by the riversides.

Reeds in the swamplands were harvested heavily for roofing material. None of these cultures burned hay for energy. It was much too precious to waste in this fashion. Ever burn hay? It generates very little heat. A pile of twigs are superior. My big pieces of ancient oak create tremendous energy. Grass barely qualifies as tinder!

Imagine great machines rolling across the plains, slicing off the slender leaves of grass, compressing it and then spitting it out as heavy bales to be moved by huge machines to places where it is compressed further, each stage using tremendous amounts of energy. When it finally is pumped into a tank to be burned, it has consumed more energy than it will produce when the SUV lurches forwards and turns its wheels.

Why aren't we doing this now?

Well, those rolling fields of grain or grass are already being consumed! By humans, horses, cows, sheep, you name it. We do produce excess corn which does store tremendous energy but this is because modern corn growing techniques hinge on using tremendous amounts of ancient energy--natural gas--in farming, especially in fertilizing the soil. Remove the natural gas being wasted on fertilization and corn can be grown only sporatically, once every four years, maximum, in between, one must grow nitrogen-fixing plants like alfalfa. Our medieval ancestors figured this out.

Chinese peasants fertilized their fields using ducks and chickens, released to finish off the crop, the birds would happily fertilize everything using their very effient vegetable burning tools called stomachs. My chicken's fertilizer is very potent, once I let it sit for two years! My duck's water tank, I would flush into the garden every few weeks and the vegetables were very prolific for it. In winter, the sheep were penned in the gardens and their piss would fertilize the soil so the cabbages the next summer would be gigantic.

In mediveal times, many lawsuits heard by the King's Court were over who got the right to pen the community sheep in winter! It was considered tremendously valuable and as an experiment, I tried it and discovered why!

I believe we can build a culture that is sustainable, comfortable and reasonable, but it won't look anything like our present system, not even slightly. I want precious energy reserved for processes like glass production, a very important thing indeed, for steel smelting, for example. I do hope we remain in the Iron Age! But all the other excesses will end up being curbed. We need modern medicine but we don't need cars. Cars are killing us. I used to bike in Manhattan and it was a daily battle with the belching behemoths. Subways are good, cars are evil. My son got asthma from car fumes in NYC.

Desertfication: overharvesting, and you know, this will inevitably happen, means the grass grows less and less and as we cut the trees and grasses, they can't provide us with that sponge/blanket of moisture and it gets drier and drier and they grow less and less, we see this very clearly in Brazil and Indonesia, just for example. I see pictures of Cambodia or Burma, for example, and am shocked at the increasing level of desert there where once jungles flourished.

The people who domesticated corn, for example, built up suddenly some tremendous societies that built huge, elaborate temples. But the cutting of the jungles increased year after year and the land got less and less fertile as the farming expanded and they made ritual human sacrifices hoping this would fix things but instead, desertfication set in, the rains failed, the harvest failed, the society failed. And over time, the jungle too over again.

This happened to Cambodia, to all jungle civilizations. None lasted more than 300 years thanks to this desertfication process.

Seemingly, we plan to try this out, yet again, on an epic scale.
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